7-Day Tea Cleanse

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Whole Leaf Detox Tea Sachets

This set includes a 7-day supply of five detox teas to help your body find balance. (That's 35 tea sachets!) We’ve developed a tasty way to encourage the body’s natural cleansing metabolisms and resistance to stress, to complement a healthy diet and exercise routine. Steeping instructions for each tea are included, making it easy & delicious!

Rise & Chai: This power-packed chai fuels your morning with a rich Pu’erh blended with turmeric & fennel.
Tea Break: Our herbal coffee alternative gives a deep warming feeling of coffee, while soothing the soul.
Citrus Boost: Hot or cold brew this lemony green tea for a sustaining lift, before or during activity.
Flat Belly: Naturally sweet peppermint hibiscus blend that will curb afternoon cravings.
Twilight Rose: End your day on a soothing note with the calm of chamomile, rose, and peppermint.


  • 35 generous single-serving tea bags
  • Biodegradable pyramid tea bags
  • No sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring
  • Net wt. of tea: 3.5 oz (98 g)

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I was very disappointed that this cleanse came with no instructions or information. Very poor.—Jx
I tried the 7 day tea cleanse and loved it! I’m usually not a huge fan of tea but each one was delicious and I felt great! Look forward to doing it again!—Sarah
I tried this cleanse without high expectations but I was in love by the second tea on the first day. The flavors are amazing and don’t need a sweetener. I have ordered 3 more! I stopped after the seven days and I feel so sluggish, tired and weighed down . This stuff works! —Shalese
I have been doing this cleans for 4 days and absolutely love the teas. So refreshing! I reordered more today.—Carolshene
I love all of the teas in this kit. I feel like I have more energy and have lost 3lbs since I started a week ago. On top of enjoying the tea I believe it is helping me drink more water and it gives me something to look forward to 5 times a day. I have replaced my morning cup of coffee with the Rise & Chai. I reordered the kit right away. I think this is something I will keep doing indefinitely.—Alida
I LOVE this set! The tea is delicious and you don’t have to even add anything to make it drinkable. Definitely would recommend to everyone based off taste alone!—Dbirrellrn
I was introduced to the tea cleanse from my local gym, tougHer and my p.t. Alida. I love the cleanse, I felt better overall after doing it. My family got the stomach flu and I swear I didn't get it as bad because I was doing the cleanse at the time. I'm bummed I can't have the tea with the barley in it but that didn't stop me from doing the rest of the cleanse and buying another one. I could drink these all the time!!—Btuck
This product does what it says for me. I drank it based on the times (previous version) 7, 10, 3, 6, 9, with a matcha smoothie for lunch. I was regular and felt less bloated, which made me feel more energized. I am going to try this new version (without times) to see if it has the same effect.—QueenB4Life
I found this kit through a Google search after deciding to try the Flat-Belly 7-Day Tea Cleanse. It shipped quickly (important when you're psyching yourself up for a week-long cleanse) and I was delighted with the attractive and convenient packaging. Each tea had a self-closing bag with a label that indicats which time of day tea is to be brewed, full instructions and ingredients. I'm a newbie to loose-leaf tea so that alone was invaluable! The teas themselves were absolutely delicious, especially the 10 AM and evening teas. I thought I'd desperately miss my flavored coffee but I didn't. Will be back for more of my favorites in bulk!—Cate
I love all the teas in this collection. It's a great way to try new teas. I love the way they are packaged. The package tells when to drink them and what is in them. Only thing that I wish the packaging had is ziplock. Have to use a paper clip. —Cindy
I received the kit which included the Tuffy Steeper as a gift from my sister! I have enjoyed the freshness of the loose leaf and the steeper is perfect. The best part was the ritual of brewing a cup five times a day, looking forward to it, and taking the time to enjoy! I ordered another box two wks later, and an individual package of the 3PM Flat Belly- my favorite! Cinder—Cinder
This is a great assortment of teas, regardless if you are using it for a cleanse or just to enjoy. I do find the combination of these teas throughout my day has curbed my appetite. I'm considering ordering each tea individual so I can have a larger quantity on hand. —Shelly