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Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. For those of you that love brisk, malty breakfast teas here's a good one to try. A 4 minute infusion with water just off boil yields a rich, amber liquor with full body and semi-sweet and malty undertones. Great on it's own or with a splash of milk.  –Robbie C.
Wow. A straight-ahead, hit you between the eyes, black tea. Strong, aromatic, but no acidity. If you want a BLACK tea, this is it! I'm drinking it every day for breakfast :) –Nancy
An excellent "Irish Breakfast" tea. Great with milk. Don't know if this is the way to judge them, but I love it when the color of an Assam tea is a little reddish when you add the milk - and this one totally is! A great price for an Assam tea. –Melanie K
I drink this tea with a little milk as well. The flavor has a sweet aftertaste. Very rich and smooth. –Emil
Nice, malty, classic Assam. and I have to agree, this is an amazing value. Thank you Tea Spot! –Rosa
I'm on a roll with this one. It's become my go-to breakfast tea lately, and I can't get enough. The slight astringency wakes up my tastes buds in the morning and I feel like it clears my throat too. Along those lines, I keep thinking a wedge of lemon would great with it. Maybe tomorrow morning... –Janet Duncan
This is an excellent Assam. The flavor is very malty and bold. I agree with other posts that say this tea stands up well to milk and sugar, but I think it's even better without them. This makes for a great straight iced tea in the summer –Garret
This is the best pure Assam tea I've ever tried - and the price makes it even better. I first bought it at the Boulder Farmer's market, and I'm glad I can still get it online. Drinking this tea first thing in the morning is like wrapping yourself in a warm velvet blanket. I love it best with milk and sugar. –Amelia
I've eliminated tea bags from my grocery list after finding the tea spot. this has turned into my morning tea, my "regular" tea...it is the most like your tea bags, only MUCH much better! but similar if you are used to black tea bags, then you will be pleased with this –Nicole Kohler
Smooth, wonderful full bodied black tea. This is a little heavy for me for a summer tea, but is great for the other three seasons. –Tami Hannon