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I got a sample of this with my last order and loved it! It's much smoother than the other assam, and has a very malty aroma! –Elise
So, I've been trying so hard to kick my coffee habit, because of the jitters it gives me. It's been very, very difficult, since I love coffee! I've tried so many breakfast teas, none satisfying as my coffee ritual. That is until now, this Assam is fantastically smooth, I add a touch of half n half, along raw raspberry cream honey= a heavenly morning! Our family also enjoys the traditional Assam as well. –Katie Jester
This is a very soft Assam. If you love the classic (super strong and malty) Assam stick with that. The Tea Spot offers a classic Assam as well as this one which is pretty sweet and mild in comparison. This one is quite good, nice for an afternoon cup  –Kimberly Smith