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This brew has a rather interesting flavor. The citrus and rooibos is only barely detectable in the aftertaste. The body is mostly vanilla and obviously a very fresh very high quality vanilla. It is actually creamy like a creamy ice cream. It remind me a little of orange sherbert mixed with golden french vanilla ice cream. –Umbreona
This tea really is an Orange Julius in a cuppa tea. It's lovely hot and positively perfect over ice. This is the tea I try (and always succeed) at converting my tea bagging friends to loose leaf tea with. Once they've tried it they are hooked and want to try other loose leaf teas. A must try! –Katie
I was a little slow to come around to the teas with pretty names but after reading a few reviews I was curious...OH MY GOSH! I wanted to swim in this tea after my first sip. I drank the whole pot, hid the tin JUST in case someone else wanted tea. Wonderful hot with a touch of honey and amazing after it cools over ice. I am SO hooked! –Rhonda