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English Breakfast with a twist! I love the addition of Pu'erh tea in this blend... coupled with the Assam it gives the tea a rich and robust body that I can't find in other breakfast blends. –Dan Rogers
I was a 5 cup-a-day coffee drinker until one of my friends introduced me to this great tea blend. I start my morning off with a cup of the Bolder Breakfast tea and I don’t need another one until after lunch. I thought I was an incurable coffee addict until I tried TeaSpot teas, and now I’m hooked on loose leaf tea. –Annie
Replacing my morning cup of coffee with this kick in the pants wake-up call has made me more focused and stable throughout the day...Bold complex flavors with a sweet aftertaste, add a dash of soy milk for extra creaminess and WOW...who needs coffee... –Leslie H.
With my last order you packed in a sample of Bolder Breakfast. Chocolate in tea does not even sound possible to me ... sort of like stuffing a salmon with fried chicken ... two very good things that should be separated by plates or time or referees. Due to the fact that the Tea Spot is home to Earl of Grey and my latest evening tea, Meditative Mind, I decided to give it a shot. Perfect. It was perfect. You sold me. I will never doubt Tea Spot again—honest. As for chocolate in/with/around/close to tea ... I'll only trust you with that. –Mike Gaffney
Maybe I'm too much of a purist. As I don't like black Pu'erh, I thought it tainted this breakfast tea a bit too much. 2 stars. –Bill Buchanan
LIke other reviewers mentioned, this tea has replaced my morning coffee (and I didn't think any tea could do that). A very robust, full flavored, and well rounded tea--LOVE it. –Shelly
I am hooked! This is the best tea ever. –anne delano
This is a tea with guts: strong and full-bodied -- but not bitter -- with just a hint of chocolate. Try it blended half and half with Climber's High. It's wonderful! Add a touch of cream and it's even better. This is one of those "staple" teas: I keep it on hand to lend its strength to other teas. It produces some wonderful blends. –Carole Hawkins
On a whim I decided to give up coffee for a month. The first few days I was fine with English Breakfast tea and Irish Breakfast tea, but after a couple days I really missed the rich flavor of coffee and regret my rash decision. Then I bought some Bolder Breakfast coffee, and I'm no longer craving coffee! This tea is wonderful with flavored creamers, especially Pumpkin Spice. The hint of chocolate makes this tea addicting! I have a feeling that even when my month "fast" is over, I'll still choose this tea most mornings. –Megan Swartz
Who'da thunk chocolate and pu-erh would be so good. But the earthiness supports the chocolate and the chocolate kind of lightens the pu-erh to make a perfectly balanced cup –Marlena
My favorite Tea Spot tea! I have to buy it by the pound. :-) I always have a "double" (16 oz. in my nice, big mug or go-cup), sometimes twice per day. Amazing flavor! I like to add some stevia and milk, and I love the energy it yields and the health benefits... and, of course, the stellar, full, delicious flavor. –Erika Schreck
I am in love with Boulder Breakfast! The chocolate flavor is just as described - an essence. It is there, but subtle. I used to drink both coffee and tea, but favored coffee for 25 yrs,- until trying this tea 5 months ago. I haven't been back to coffee yet. It is now one of the only 2 teas I'll drink. I have to buy a couple lbs. at a time for fear of running out. Do yourself a favor and get a $10 handheld milk frother. This tea is best steeped in a separate steeper so that you can froth the milk or half & half in your serving cup while it steeps. Pour/release the steeped tea into your frothed milk and it is better than any latte' I've ever had. A touch of honey added to it makes a great dessert. It also blends well with Pu'erh 50/50. –Erin
I Love This! It's my new fave iced tea. It has a nice cooling effect. Wow! –Cay
My absolute favorite tea! I disagree that it tastes like coffee, which I hate the taste of. I think it is wonderful! Rich and earthy. Sweet and warm. Simply fabulous! I also add stevia and milk. For whatever reason, I don't like it iced. (Give me mango-tango for that!) I even take this tea on vacation with me. With no sleep and two active kids, a cup (or two) is all I need. I also buy it by the pound. TRY IT! You won't regret it. –Amy L
This is the best breakfast blend ever. I like it with a litlle milk. Sweet and alittle boldness behind it. Buy it you'll like it. –Alex Flamm
I'm disappointed. I was very excited to try this tea but it only resembled drinking a cup of lipton tea. –Allyson Carter
I am not one to write reviews often, unless its absolutely horrible/wonderful. Well, this tea is AWESOME. This is coming from a person who thought they hated tea, and a total coffee drinker. I am completely converted to this wonderful tea. I put just a little bit of honey and a splash of milk in it. It's perfect. –Michelle Walstra
This tea is hands down the best tea I've ever had! I got it originally as a breakfast tea, but have come to love it so much that I have it in the morning, afternoon, and evening! I just can't help myslef!! –Mark Tellehan
Definitely one of my favorite teas. You can taste the earthy undertones of the pu-erh and the sweetness of the chocolate, but both are subtle and compliment the malty flavor of the black tea blend. Great with a splash of milk, and goes awesome with breakfast. –Jonathan Reid
Best. Tea. Ever. –Carolyn Covalt
Got this in the sample size because I wasn't sure I'd like it but oh my! It just blew me away. I love a good strong black tea and the added richness from the chocolate in this blend was so tasty. Must. Order. MORE. –Belinda Messenger
I really like this tea - tried it in a sampler and have to get a tin - I have a cup before work every day - when I saw that it had chocolate in it, I turned my nose up - but you have to try it - the chocolate taste is so so subtle, but delicious - wonderfully balanced!!! –Marie Levesque
I had this tea for the first time at a Crepe restaurant in Old Colorado City. I've been hooked every since! –Danny Wellman
I agree with other posters that this tea is the best breakfast blend ever. I also agree that it is best with honey and a touch of milk. I don't like stevia in tea. Aftertaste. If I am going low cal I much prefer splenda. Either way, here is one more addition. Stir your mug of tea (any kind) with a cinnamon stick instead of a spoon for one full minute. Not only does it give you a flavor boost, but cinnamon is now considered a super food as it is so high in antioxidents. One stick will last a week for me. Enjoy! –Samuel Gibson
I love The Teaspot! A combination of Bolder Breakfast and Meditative Mind got me through law school. :) –Jen
Just the smell of this tea is intoxicating. It's delicious, and satisfies my afternoon chocolate craving. Perfect with a touch of honey and a splash of milk. –Kristen Osborne
Smells great, but due to the comments on this website I put it up to such a high expectations when I actually tasted it... it was meh. good, but over the top. –Essam Mohammad
I gave up drinking cola (after 20 plus years of 1 to 3 cans a day) and switched to this tea in the mornings and love it!!! I do not even add sugar or milk to it, just drink it straight. I love it hot but on hot afternoons will drink it cold. I am so glad I found The Tea Spot online and ordered!!! I was not a loose leaf tea drinker before but now that is all I drink and I know it has helped me lose weight (plus exercise and trying to eating right). –Laura
I gave up drinking cola (after 20 plus years of 1 to 3 cans a day) and switched to this tea in the mornings and love it!!! I do not even add sugar or milk to it, just drink it straight. I love it hot but on hot afternoons will drink it cold. I am so glad I found The Tea Spot online and ordered!!! I was not a loose leaf tea drinker before but now that is all I drink and I know it has helped me lose weight (plus exercise and trying to eating right). –Laura
Boulder Breakfast is AWESOME...I describe it as being similar to coffee, it is very rich...I like mine with a lot of cream almost like a latte and it is SOOO good! –Nicole Kohler
Such a lovely addiction! Smooth as silk. Can't imagine starting my day without it! –Cynthia Graves
Wow, just tried some of this today and I'd say hands down it's already one of the best black tea blends I've ever tried. Very smooth and faintly sweet. –Danniel Riojas
Try adding cinnamon sticks while brewing. "Good and good for you!" - Bill Lannon –William Lannon
Great tea. smooth chocolate taste drank this tea all week and have enjoyed this very much. great coffee replacement. –Emmanuel Bermudez
I received my sample of this tea and..well...oh...my...gosh! It was incredible!! Tasted great and packed a punch!! Yummy and wow!! –Carolyn Franks
I received the Bolder Breakfast tea as a free sample. Tastes great, full flavor, no after taste. I'm definitely going to order some. –Scott Wytosick
I just got this loose leaf tea as a sample. I was unsure about the chocolate but it was amazing. It has a hint of chocolate as you sip, not in taste, just aroma. The tea itself was full bodied but not bitter. This is my new favorite thanks to a sample. It works. I will definately purchase this. TY Tea Spot! –Crystal Wall
I love this mixed with a pinch of spearmint tea. Great start to the day? –Judy Young
This is hands-down my favorite tea ever! My day is not complete if I don't have my cup of Bolder Breakfast! –RHONDA ROSE
I love this tea! It's so rich and flavor infused. That taste of dark chocolate makes it even more a treat to drink. –Cheryl Schroeder