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This new American black tea blend combines bold flavor, rich color, & full body with hints of chocolate. This robust breakfast blend is made from our favorite strong black teas from high altitude estates in China, India and Sri Lanka. We have combined these black teas with pu'erh, an aged black tea from Yunnan China, and dark chocolate essence. This tea yields a rich, dark liquor and a warm, well-rounded flavor that takes very well to milk and even better in the form of a tea latte. The high caffeine content and robust flavor makes this the perfect tea to help kick your coffee habit!


  • Award-winning #1 top-selling tea
  • More caffeine than other teas, half of coffee
  • Ideal morning boost: Makes great lattes!
  • Good for oral hygiene & other health benefits of pu'erh
  • Satisfying, robust, dark chocolate flavor
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Tin 3.0 oz ~ 46 servings
  • Bulk 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • Bulk 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Caffeine: Very High

Ingredients: black tea, pu'erh tea, calendula flowers, sunflower petals, dark chocolate flavoring

Alternatively, try our Bolder Breakfast tea sachets.

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
3-5 min
Per 8 oz. water

Black Tea

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free

  • Pu'erh Tea

  • Significantly Reduces Cholesterol
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Hangover Relief

  • Black Tea is known to banish fatigue, stimulate mental powers, and raise energy levels. It has been shown to reduce stress hormone levels and acts as a nerve sedative, frequently relieving headaches. Black tea contains a number of vitamins considered essential for maintaining health, including Carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, has antioxidant and protective properties, Vitamin B1 and Panothenic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

    Black Tea also contains antioxidants which may help to protect your body from the ravages of aging and environmental effects. Because they are allowed to ferment completely before drying, most black teas are especially rich in those polyphenols which have been shown to be effective against dementia in aging as well as AIDS related dementia. These compounds penetrate the blood brain barrier and have also been found to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

    Black tea is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can be topically applied to cuts, bruises and burns, and is famous for its sunburn relief and has been shown to have a positive effect on preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Breakfast Tea Latte
    Steep 2 heaping tsp BOLDER BREAKFAST tea leaves in 16 oz. boiling water for five minutes, to make an extra strong tea latté base. While tea is steeping, foam ¼ cup milk, either with an automatic whisk, or a milk steamer or foamer. Spoon the foamed milk, dividing evenly, into two 10–12 oz mugs. Pour the ready Bolder Breakfast brew over the foamed milk in each mug and serve immediately. Makes two lattes.

    Bolder Mushrooms
    A slight smokiness achieved using a wok as a smoker makes this mélange of mushrooms the perfect topping for the whole wheat pasta or thick Japanese ramen noodles. Make sure your exhaust fan in the kitchen is in good working condition since this cooking method can produce some smoke.
    INGREDIENTS: SMOKING MIXTURE: ½ cup dry rice; ½ cup brown sugar; ½ cup BOLDER BREAKFAST, 2 TBS crushed black peppercorns; 1 TBS whole coriander seeds; 4 slices fresh ginger root; 4 cinnamon sticks; 1 bay leaf; 1 tsp whole cloves. MUSHROOMS: ½ pound (8 oz) assorted mushrooms, washed and dried (suggestions are shiitake, chanterelles, portobello, brown cremini, or, garden variety white, in proportions to your taste); 4 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped; Olive oil to coat mushrooms; Reduced sodium soy sauce to taste; about 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper. GARNISH: Fresh chopped chives or thinly sliced scallion greens.
    PREPARATION: Line wok with foil and place the smoking mixture (rice, sugar, tea, peppercorns, coriander, ginger root, cinnamon, bay leaf and cloves) in a mound in the center of the foil in the wok. Quarter or halve mushrooms, depending on their size, to bite–size pieces and place in a bowl. Toss lightly to coat with the garlic, olive oil and soy sauce. Grind a good dose of black pepper over them and mix lightly to distribute the pepper evenly. Set a wire rack in the wok and place a tight fitting lid on top of the wok. Heat wok over a high flame until wisps of smoke appear when you briefly lift the lid. Reduce the flame to medium. Quickly place the mushrooms on the rack in the wok and replace cover. Smoke about 5 minutes (less if you prefer a less smoky taste). Remove mushrooms and place into a bowl to let stand at room temperature. Adjust seasoning as needed with salt and pepper to taste. Top cooked whole wheat pasta or ramen noodles with the mushrooms and sprinkle the dish with chopped chives or thinly sliced scallion greens. Serve immediately. Yields 4 Servings.

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    I first had this tea at a restaurant and loved it so much they gave me The tea Spot name so I could order my own! I drink this during the week to help get me going. The chocolatey flavor and aroma is magnificent! So much so that I buy this one flavor in bulk—Wendy
    This is a balanced blend of black teas. Black teas are my favorite to wake up to. the hint of chocolate flavor is the right amount. This tea is bold yet very smooth. A great tea to wake up to!—Paige
    This is a fabulous morning tea. It tastes very much like a cup of coffee! If you want to go a healthier route this is a great tea. It also helps manage my appetite I noticed. Great way to start the day!—Jill Hammes
    I used this to make homemade boba tea. The chocolatey flavor was perfect for that purpose. I'd highly recommend it. —Laura
    I love this tea with a dollop of honey and milk. The smell of the undertone of cocoa is great and perks up my day.—Erica
    I dislike flavored teas -- period. Even jasmine! This is, for some reason, an exception, and I'm not even a huge chocolate fan! I add it to my green or pu ehr or black tea to get just the right comforting warm morning flavor. I've bought it several times and keep enjoying it!—dale
    This tea is wonderful hot or iced! I mix it up with a little honey and milk when hot and just honey when iced; that touch of sweetness from the honey brings out the hint of chocolate!—Jody
    This is one of my cherished favorites. I love it in the morning as a coffee replacement. —Karyn
    I ordered a sample of this to see if I would like it. I normally drink black tea so I wasn't sure if I would like Pu'erh. It was very tasty. It has a black tea taste with subtle notes of chocolate. It's already gone and I wish I would've ordered more. —Interpretermom
    This is absolutely my favorite tea. I really love the chocolate finish to each sip. Pairs well with English muffins and honey for breakfast or in the evening after dinner. I guess I’m not effected by the “Super Shot” as stated in the title because I can also have a cup before bedtime and still sleep like a baby. Enjoy anytime. —Texas Girl
    This is my go to tea every morning. It has enough body and complex flavor and a little kick to get my day off to a good start. It is especially good with a splash of alternative milk or cream. Try it and you'll be hooked.—Ashley Yogi
    I like this better than straight puerh, which tends to be too strong. Not one of my absolute favorites, but still a good tea.—Moodleminski
    I've been buying this in bulk from the Tea Spot for years. Great balance of flavors, delicious alone or with milk. Hint of chocolate is balanced with puerh, so not too sweet.—LC
    The chocolate in this tea is incredibly over-powering. It is almost to an extent that it tastes like chocolate flavoring in water. I personally enjoy my tea without any added sweetener because I like to embrace the natural flavors within the tea leaves. If you enjoy very sweet tea, I recommend this to you but once I'm through with this bag it will not be bought again.—Alesia
    I absolutely love this tea! It is a wonderful alternative to coffee on mornings I want something more flavorful. Has a wonderfully rich flavor, I recommend to absolutely everyone.—Jessie
    I recieved this as a sample. Although I'm not a fan of flavorings(purist)I discovered pu'erh because of this sample and it's now part of my collection. So try those samples!—gina
    This may be my favorite tea ever. I don't even need to try anything else. It is amazing. Yes it smells and tastes like chocolate. And if you let it steep extra long, it gets even better. —Sam
    Delicious tea that I love to start my day. I add a little milk to round out the flavor. —Tea nut
    This smells so good and chocolately but did not taste like it smelled at all, was disappointed.—Kris
    I love this blend , I have never experienced a chocolate flavor in my tea blends. But this blend was amazing, I truly loved the light hints of chocolate it was amazing!—jade
    A nice morning tea with just a hint of chocolate is the perfect wake up beverage for me. I steep two teaspoonfuls in 16 ounces of boiling water and drink from a huge ceramic mug. When the pot is empty it's back to the kettle for more water with no loss of flavor. Since I found Bolder Breakfast I no longer have coffee in the morning unless we are traveling. I am working on my 2nd pound of this blend and it never seems to get tiring or boring to drink.I do think you might have missed a good marketing meme. You should have called it Boulder Breakfast ;)—RACjr
    Love this tea...notes of chocolate and yet a balanced dark tea without the bitter tannin aftertaste that some darker teas it—vinny
    This is one of my favorite teas. The black tea blend is smooth, and the smell of chocolate wafting up from the cup is homey and inviting. I love dark chocolate, so this blend hits all the right notes to start my morning.—Cyrki
    A very, very good tea - just the right mix of black, pu'erh and chocolate tea. Awesome taste and very smooth.—Sarah
    LOVE the hint of chocolate in this tea. My favorite on weekend mornings to just sit,sip and thoroughly enjoy! —Barb S`
    I really have fallen in love with this tea! such an awesome blend.....good morning to me!—Missy
    I'm a "through & through" tea drinker. I consume a few cups of tea every day, esp. black tea. This tea mix of Boulder Breakfast is absolutely delicious. It smells of chocolate but doesn't taste bitter (if it is your fear). Strong tea, perfect for a morning, doesn't stain teeth. I first ordered 3 oz to try, and now I am ordering a whole pound because it's that good. Highly recommend.—Katjushy
    I love this tea! Just a subtle note of chocolate and is really great with a hint of spearmint.—Brian
    I received this wonderful tea as a sample when I bought the Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea, and I enjoyed it SO MUCH, that I order a tin! It's DELICIOUS!!! It's helping me to break my coffee habit! I have one cup of coffee in the morning, and the rest of the day, I drink Bolder Breakfast Tea! It has a rich, dark color and flavor. You could smell the chocolate! I love it!—Annsie
    I really don't care for pu'erh tea, but in this blend it is very nice. I'm not a coffee drinker, but this is similar to coffee in having a dark, roasty flavor. The chocolate is a nice edition. I like it in the morning and in the evening. —Corey
    I got this as a free sample and immediately ordered a tin of it. I love this tea! It's bold, smooth, delicious and energizing. I'll be drinking it every morning!—SarahDV
    This tea has a deep flavor and satisfying flavor. I put a little bit of milk and stevia in it. I use to drink a lot more black to feel satisfied but this one is much stronger so I like it better. Also I like loose leaf teas much better than tea in bags. —Teaobsession
    I first tried Bolder Breakfast while looking for a coffee substitute for someone else who had to lay off ff that brew temporarily. I recommended it, and continued to drink it myself -- not necessarily as a coffee substitute, but as a pick-me-up in the afternoon as well as a sweet and pleasant (no-calorie) after-dinner drink. It's a great blend for any time of day. Try it! PS And I am drinking less coffee since I started drinking BB.—Mari
    First time trying this tea and here are my thoughts. Personally I didn't care for the aroma when sniffing in the package but I continued to make it. I usually drink my tea black with a little sugar but decided to add a bit of milk to this tea. For me, with the milk and sugar it was unique in flavor and I actually did enjoy it. My husband drinks his tea totally black but unfortunately he felt it wasn't quite the tea for him. While I will have this tea myself until finished I may not reorder it in the future but it is a very interesting tea, possibly an acquired taste.—Sandy
    Wonderful robustness and hint of chocolate. —Sailtracysail
    I received a sample of this with my order and I immediately purchased a bulk size. This tea gives me a great boost in the morning that I feel like I've had a This tea is bold but very smooth. I especially love that I can steep more than once and that gives me a bigger bang for my buck!! A must try.—NeNe
    This is a beautifully balanced tea that is not too sweet even with the chocolate flavoring. I especially love how the chocolate plays off the earthy pu'erh tea. —Tea Lover
    Received this as a sample, and I will definitely be ordering more! Nice smooth flavor, not bitter. I like to add a little milk. The chocolate is not overpowering - just enough that you don't need to add any sweetener. Can't go wrong with this one!—mellen
    Let me start off by saying that I'm a pretty avid tea-drinker, and I received this as a sample in my last order. Also that I HATE pu'erh tea (I've always thought it tasted like an old, used, soggy cigar), and I rarely really enjoy black tea. I usually find it too bitter (although I enjoy tea spot's Qu Hao Silk and it's been an AMAZING and cheap replacement for Teavana's Golden Monkey black tea). Now, that said, I steeped a generous teaspoon in about 5oz of boiling water for 3 minutes, and when it was done I topped my 8oz cup off with cold milk. It wasn't an exact science- I know my teacup is an actual cup, and I filled it a little more than halfway with water. I added a bit of sugar as well, but the end point here is that I am VERY impressed by this tea. The mallow and the chocolate really smooth out the bitterness and acidity of the two teas. I personally probably won't go buy it in pound-sized bulk (even though it's not terribly expensive), but I'm surprised to say I think this tea will make a future appearance in my collection. I'd also HIGHLY recommend this as a gift for anyone who enjoys black teas, flavored coffee or coffee with milk, and a rich, dark, somewhat malty flavor.—Szwik
    I love this tea! I drink it every morning! I have completely stopped drinking coffee and creamer because of this one! Absolutely delicious!!!—Mel
    My mother bought this tea for me a year ago. I simply love the bold taste and the high energy it gives me. If your constipated, this tea will definitely get your bowels moving.—Chiquita
    This is my favorite all-around tea. Full black tea flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, and dark fruit. Bright and lively with the warmth that chocolate can give and full bodied. This weekend I surprised myself by making it iced. Wonderful iced tea, too!—OptiKen
    I have tried several types of Black teas, I ordered a few samples from the Tea Spot. I love, absolutely love the Boulder Breakfast Blend. I also loved the Assam samples so I ordered both I cannot decide between the two. Finally teas that really replace my coffee. The Boulder Breakfast is malty with some sweet notes and it is strong, the way I like it, the Assam is strong, malty and very smooth. I just can't decide between the two. I will have the Boulder Breakfast in the mornings and the Assam Afternoon to early evenings. Both these teas just hit all the right notes for me. —Kay
    I got this tea as a sample and used it in my steep and go bottle. It was delicious! Great tea flavors with a hint of a wonderful dark chocolate flavor. Rich and satisfying-almost made me feel like I was eating a luscious piece of chocolate. Would love to try hot.—Cyn
    This is one of my favorite teas! The chocolate notes are perfectly balanced with the black tea base, and the pu-erh lends such a silky texture. This will always be my go-to morning elixir!—Laura
    This is hands down my favorite tea! At first I was hesitant to try a chocolate tea, but I have not looked back! It is earthy and robust. Definitely does not need any sweetener added. Excellent in the morning! I have ordered it time and time again! —BT
    This is hands down my favorite tea. The chocolatey flavor and aroma are amazing. It's the prefect way to start the day!—Johnice
    I've been looking for a tea to help me kick my high-fat, high sugar coffee habit - you know those green & white cups add up. Finally ordered this and I am in love. No sugar, no milk, full flavor! I brew it extra strong and even my husband who is more of a coffee addict than I am enjoyed this tea. No bitter aftertaste, rich dark chocolate without the sugar side-effects. I am hooked. —Rhed
    I love this Pu'erh blend. It is one of my favorite teas! My friends who don't like Pu'erhs like this tea.—Tracey
    I decided to give up coffee for several reasons. I used one cup of Bolder Breakfast in the morning in place of my coffee and I will never go back. The dark chocolate flavor is to die for!—Nicole
    This is by far my favorite tea. It's excellent hot or iced. A couple weeks ago I made my own cream tea with tapioca bobas with this stuff. Sooooo good. You won't be disappointed.—Danny
    I love, love, love this tea! I tried it on a whim several years ago and have been drinking it ever since. I have decided to order from the website now, as my local store isn't carrying it anymore. Their mistake! Plus, I love that this is blended right here in Colorado! You have a fan for life. Can't wait to sample some of your other teas.—Joan
    I make a pot and enjoy it throughout the day. Chocolate without the calories. So delicious. This is now my go to tea when I need a boost or want to curl up with a great story on my kindle—Mare
    This was my very first order as a newbie with The Tea Spot. I can't say I love it the best because I love my green tea but it is great when I periodically want a change. I normally drink it with a splash of cream and a little coconut palm sugar. It does remind you a bit of coffee without the undesirable effects that come with it. Yum. —Deborah
    From the moment I first opened the tin I could smell all of the rich aromas. What a great way to start my day. I love to add a dollop of whole milk.—Erin B
    I like strong black tea in the mornings. There isn't anything wrong with the tea but the chocolate is too strong for me. I've tried blending it down with Assam and it's tolerable. Once again it's strictly a personal preference about not having chocolate in my tea.—Adreanna
    I am a black coffee drinker in the morning, but this tea has converted me. I liked Earl Grey with milk and sugar on occasion, but had never met a tea I could drink plain. That is, until I met this guy. It has such a beautiful smell-I can immediately tell the quality of tea I'm drinking with this tea, and guys, this is top-notch. Thank you Tea Spot for creating such a FABULOUS tea for coffee lovers! —Joy
    The perfect name for tea made and drunk in Boulder! The blend of black tea, chocolate, and other ingredients is perfect, very flavorful and higher caffeine for energy.—Nancy C
    Here's a way to start your day with chocolate...not too rich yet it seems to be a hearty beverage. Hubby was leary, but likes this tea as much as standard black teas.—Katie
    I don't normally like pu'erh and I definitely don't like flavored tea, but I love this tea. It is smooth and deep and takes milk well while holding on to its tea richness. Great way to wake up Try it, you will be amazed. —RGW
    I had my first cup of this wonderful tea. And yes it is a very bolder breakfast. You taste the black tea with a chocolate hit right after the first sip. I will definitely be purchasing more of this start the day off right tea. There are so many wonderful teas to choose from but this will be on top of the list. Kenny.N—kennyniemeyer
    This is my favorite tea. I could drink it every day. Bright black tea with hints of sweet chocolate, it is smooth and has the right amount of caffeine to keep me feeling frisky throughout the day. Good hot or iced.—Perfect!
    Woke up to new snow, the clouds glowing from the rising sun. Got out on the trail through the ponderosas for a few hours. It was really cold! Back at the house I thought of the chocolate flavor of Bolder. Found some whipping cream leftover from Xmas and put it in. Delicious! —dzanone
    Woke up to new snow in the early dawn. Put on layers and layers and hit the trail. The moon behind the clouds illuminated everything with a soft glow. Two miles out, two back. Brewed a cup of Bolder with honey and cream, perfect morning!—dzanone
    I can understand why people who are trying to break the coffee habit would like this tea. It's ok, but not really to my taste. It has too much flavoring and not enough tea taste. I mixed it with a plain black tea and that helped. I won't order it again.—Lynn
    Makes a nice dark cup with great flavor profile. The flavor of pu'erh tea reminds me a bit of chocolate to begin with, so I think it works really well with the chocolate essence.—Johanna
    I love this tea, I love pu'erh and it can be hard to find. Loose tea can be more work but it's great how long a tin lasts. I always think this tea is super smooth and I never use cream or sugar, it's that good. It's one of my top 5s now so I always keep this one on hand. Rarely give a 5, so I was torn on what to rate it, but considering the coupon codes, points, and sales, at those prices I can give 5 stars.—Elle<3tea
    I tried this tea after hearing the benefits of Pu"erh as I was trying to loose some weight. This is just right to get you up and going in the morning.—KT in MT
    So delicious. I love this tea with just a touch of whole milk-it adds to the richness. A new favorite!—Shelly
    Without a doubt, this is my favorite black tea. It has just a bit of chocolate essence that makes it smell amazing and adds a light sweetness, but it's so light that it doesn't take away away from the bold, solid black tea flavor. I also love the tiny hint of smokiness from the pu'erh because it gives a depth and edge to it. I drink Bolder Breakfast daily with a tiny drop of milk or creamer to give it a slightly more rich feel. Between that and the chocolate essence, every cup is a luxury. Thanks for crafting this great tea, Tea Spot!—Kearah
    This tea is one of a kind. It is pure pleasure - real tea, but with another element, similar to chocolate, but not sweet childish chocolate - a hint of really deep dark chocolate, but something else too... Drinking this tea is an experience - it is like, you bring it to your mouth and as you start to smell it and sip it, the moment is not ordinary anymore. Sounds goofy, right? But try it, and you will see what I mean. This is not one of those hit you in the head overly confection-like teas; this is subtle, but so remarkably pleasing. Of all the teas we have ever had, this is far and away our favorite.—Suzanne
    Tried a sample and absolutely loved it. SO delicious you will find it hard to believe that it is good for you! —Re28
    After a stressful day I sat down to a cup of this tea, the warmth and the subtle chocolate flavor enveloped me and I felt calmer. —Rebecca
    This is one of my favorite teas to wake up to. It has a rich, sweet, decadent flavor without being overpowering. It's great both black and with milk, and delivers just the right boost of energy for a breakfast tea.—Abby
    When i tried this tea i quit drinking coffee in the mornings. This tea is absolutely delicious!—Browneyes
    I've fallen hard for Boulder Breakfast. The chocolateyness is prominent when it's hot. But I drink it iced as well. It's great iced. I do not add sweetener. It's good and smooth. It's forgiving if I forget about it and steep it longer than I should. It does not get bitter. I need more. That's why I'm here. —Jennchi
    This is a great tea to drink daily. It is perfect and has a rich traditional flavor.—Hafeza
    I find this to be quite an uplifting tea in the morning on the weekends when I eat a bigger breakfast. A flavorful tea that compliments a good meal. The hint of chocolate just makes me smile with every sip. I drink "black". I find the pu'eh helps to curb my appetite also - aiding to avoid those midmorning snacks. —Jo. Po.
    It's amazing how much it picks up your senses when you smell the loose, unsteeped tea. Then you brew it and it smells ingratiatingly rich and sweet at the same time. Then when you take your first sip, you realize, wow...this is something great! I am hooked on this variety of tea and will definitely keep it in my rotation for years to come. Keep making it Tea Spot! Thanks!—Liz H.
    This wonderful blend of chocolate, vanilla and black tea is the reason I wake up in the morning. —Aquaticzoe
    The Tea Spot was kind enough to send a sample of this along when I ordered my tea filters. I tried the tea using 6oz of boiling water per ~1.5-2 teaspoons of tea for 5 minutes. A mild chocolate aroma from the infusion leads to the same flavor in the tea, which combines with the black teas nicely, the latter having earthy, mellow, but slightly tannic flavors. Presumably the earthy mellowness is from the inclusion of pu’erh, and the tannic-ness is likely from the Ceylon. The chocolate is very well proportioned as not to overpower the tea. This definitely is for someone who prefers a hint of chocolate instead of the chocolate fanatic who wants to forget they're drinking tea. There is also a good caffeinated kick to help you wake up in the morning.—John
    I work at a tea shop where we sell around 73 different loose leaf teas. Several of these are from the tea spot! I was introduced to bolder breakfast when I got hired. I was originally drinking an excessive amount of coffee and I never really drank much tea. I tried bolder breakfast and completely fell in love! It's an awesome coffee substitute because if you add a little honey and sugar, it kind of tastes a little bit like coffee. The chocolate tones in the tea are subtle but so delicious and they come out more when you add a little honey to it. It gives you the caffeine fix you need while still not being as much as coffee. Not to mention how delicious it is! I drink this tea every morning, and now I haven't had coffee in almost a year! If you're looking to replace coffee, this is the tea for you.—Sarah
    Tried it as a replacement for coffee in the mornings, it really tastes better and gives you the energy/focus that you need. The flavor alone convinced my husband that it was wayyyyyy better than his normal cup of coffee!—Sarah
    I tried this tea because it sounded wonderful. I wasn't trying to quit coffee. After a few days of Bolder Breakfast i had a cup of coffee and couldn't believe how one dimensional it was. My first thought was "I've been drinking that?" Boldder Breakfast has layers of flavors and aromas that blend together seamlessly. And don't worry about the caffeine - it's in there!—jean
    Tasted my sample this morning. It is quite delicious. Stronger than any other tea I have tried. I do have to say it has been awesome trying all these teas. I love them all. Haven't had coffee in months.—Vivian B.
    My daughter bought me this tea for my birthday. I love Lady Grey and this is even better. Great with a bit of sugar and half and half.—T
    Upon reading the description of this one, I was a little skeptical about mixing chocolate and tea, but it truly is amazing. The flavors go really well together and the chocolate isn't overwhelming at all—Randi
    Bolder Breakfast was my introduction to Tea Spot teas. I found it (along with Earl of Grey) at a local discount ding&dent grocery, and I gave it a try. I generally avoided breakfast teas, due to being unimpressed with breakfast tea bags commonly available in US grocery chains. This tea has changed my mind, as it has a lovely flavor (with or without cream and a spot of honey), and gives me a little boost of alertness on those mornings I feel groggy. Since I am down to the last 1/3 of my tin, I will be ordering more in the near future. I've also found the tins to be a great value, as I usually get 2-3 steeps out of each infuser batch of tea.—goatherd
    Received this as a sample and will be ordering soon. Absolutely delicious. Great for any time of day. I use it to curb my sweet tooth as is is sweet but not overly so. Highly recommend!—Red
    I usually dislike teas that say "breakfast" in the title, because I usually dislike bitter teas. However, the chocolate and pu erh in this black tea blend saves the day and turns it into something wonderful. I prefer this blend with milk and German rock sugar, but if one prefers a little bitterness with their tea, or particularly likes black tea, would like it plain. —Jen
    I've never liked any puer tea until now! This tastes amazing and gives me a good morning boost of energy, without lingering coffee breath -yay!—Jeanie
    This tea is the perfect start to any day. The addition of chocolate is like icing on a cake. It really gives me the desire to get things done. It is my new daily tea.—Katrina
    Boulder Breakfast tea is quite possibly the best tea I have ever had! I think it's the subtle hint of chocolate and that wonderful earthy taste that makes it so special. It's an absolute treat every time I have some and it smells heavenly too! Thank you to The Tea Spot for creating this little gem --it's a keeper!—Eileen French
    Tastes delicious. I drink tea in the am to replace my coffee and this is definitely strong enough!! —Vivian
    This tea arrived yesterday just as I was thinking about my afternoon cup of tea. At the first sip I knew this was a tea for me! The flavors blend and yet remain distinctive. The chocolate come across and adds a delightful twist. Very pleased.—Mach
    This is the first loose leaf tea I ever tried and it's still as good as the first time. I swear it makes me not hungry at all.—Angie
    I love this tea in the afternoon with milk and honey. I don't like mild tasting black teas, and even with the addition of milk, this tea packs a flavorful punch that is the perfect pick-me-up when I'm fading at work. —Mel
    really hits the spot. great tea.—Phillip Thaddeus
    This is what helped cross over from coffee...never going back. This is a great day starter, and you can get many steeps out of one sachet!!!—Gail
    Definitely one of my favorite teas. You can taste the earthy undertones of the pu-erh and the sweetness of the chocolate, but both are subtle and compliment the malty flavor of the black tea blend. Great with a splash of milk, and goes awesome with breakfast.—Jonathan Reid
    Best. Tea. Ever.—Carolyn Covalt
    Got this in the sample size because I wasn't sure I'd like it but oh my! It just blew me away. I love a good strong black tea and the added richness from the chocolate in this blend was so tasty. Must. Order. MORE.—Belinda Messenger
    I really like this tea - tried it in a sampler and have to get a tin - I have a cup before work every day - when I saw that it had chocolate in it, I turned my nose up - but you have to try it - the chocolate taste is so so subtle, but delicious - wonderfully balanced!!!—Marie Levesque
    I had this tea for the first time at a Crepe restaurant in Old Colorado City. I've been hooked every since!—Danny Wellman
    I agree with other posters that this tea is the best breakfast blend ever. I also agree that it is best with honey and a touch of milk. I don't like stevia in tea. Aftertaste. If I am going low cal I much prefer splenda. Either way, here is one more addition. Stir your mug of tea (any kind) with a cinnamon stick instead of a spoon for one full minute. Not only does it give you a flavor boost, but cinnamon is now considered a super food as it is so high in antioxidents. One stick will last a week for me. Enjoy!—Samuel Gibson
    I love The Teaspot! A combination of Bolder Breakfast and Meditative Mind got me through law school. :)—Jen
    Just the smell of this tea is intoxicating. It's delicious, and satisfies my afternoon chocolate craving. Perfect with a touch of honey and a splash of milk.—Kristen Osborne
    Smells great, but due to the comments on this website I put it up to such a high expectations when I actually tasted it... it was meh. good, but over the top.—Essam Mohammad
    I gave up drinking cola (after 20 plus years of 1 to 3 cans a day) and switched to this tea in the mornings and love it!!! I do not even add sugar or milk to it, just drink it straight. I love it hot but on hot afternoons will drink it cold. I am so glad I found The Tea Spot online and ordered!!! I was not a loose leaf tea drinker before but now that is all I drink and I know it has helped me lose weight (plus exercise and trying to eating right).—Laura
    I gave up drinking cola (after 20 plus years of 1 to 3 cans a day) and switched to this tea in the mornings and love it!!! I do not even add sugar or milk to it, just drink it straight. I love it hot but on hot afternoons will drink it cold. I am so glad I found The Tea Spot online and ordered!!! I was not a loose leaf tea drinker before but now that is all I drink and I know it has helped me lose weight (plus exercise and trying to eating right).—Laura
    Boulder Breakfast is AWESOME...I describe it as being similar to coffee, it is very rich...I like mine with a lot of cream almost like a latte and it is SOOO good!—Nicole Kohler
    Such a lovely addiction! Smooth as silk. Can't imagine starting my day without it!—Cynthia Graves
    Wow, just tried some of this today and I'd say hands down it's already one of the best black tea blends I've ever tried. Very smooth and faintly sweet.—Danniel Riojas
    Try adding cinnamon sticks while brewing. "Good and good for you!" - Bill Lannon—William Lannon
    Great tea. smooth chocolate taste drank this tea all week and have enjoyed this very much. great coffee replacement.—Emmanuel Bermudez
    I received my sample of this tea! It was incredible!! Tasted great and packed a punch!! Yummy and wow!!—Carolyn Franks
    I received the Bolder Breakfast tea as a free sample. Tastes great, full flavor, no after taste. I'm definitely going to order some.—Scott Wytosick
    I just got this loose leaf tea as a sample. I was unsure about the chocolate but it was amazing. It has a hint of chocolate as you sip, not in taste, just aroma. The tea itself was full bodied but not bitter. This is my new favorite thanks to a sample. It works. I will definately purchase this. TY Tea Spot!—Crystal Wall
    I love this mixed with a pinch of spearmint tea. Great start to the day?—Judy Young
    This is hands-down my favorite tea ever! My day is not complete if I don't have my cup of Bolder Breakfast!—RHONDA ROSE
    I love this tea! It's so rich and flavor infused. That taste of dark chocolate makes it even more a treat to drink.—Cheryl Schroeder
    English Breakfast with a twist! I love the addition of Pu'erh tea in this blend... coupled with the Assam it gives the tea a rich and robust body that I can't find in other breakfast blends.—Dan Rogers
    I was a 5 cup-a-day coffee drinker until one of my friends introduced me to this great tea blend. I start my morning off with a cup of the Bolder Breakfast tea and I don’t need another one until after lunch. I thought I was an incurable coffee addict until I tried TeaSpot teas, and now I’m hooked on loose leaf tea.—Annie
    Replacing my morning cup of coffee with this kick in the pants wake-up call has made me more focused and stable throughout the day...Bold complex flavors with a sweet aftertaste, add a dash of soy milk for extra creaminess and WOW...who needs coffee...—Leslie H.
    With my last order you packed in a sample of Bolder Breakfast. Chocolate in tea does not even sound possible to me ... sort of like stuffing a salmon with fried chicken ... two very good things that should be separated by plates or time or referees. Due to the fact that the Tea Spot is home to Earl of Grey and my latest evening tea, Meditative Mind, I decided to give it a shot. Perfect. It was perfect. You sold me. I will never doubt Tea Spot again—honest. As for chocolate in/with/around/close to tea ... I'll only trust you with that.—Mike Gaffney
    Maybe I'm too much of a purist. As I don't like black Pu'erh, I thought it tainted this breakfast tea a bit too much. 2 stars.—Bill Buchanan
    LIke other reviewers mentioned, this tea has replaced my morning coffee (and I didn't think any tea could do that). A very robust, full flavored, and well rounded tea--LOVE it.—Shelly
    I am hooked! This is the best tea ever.—anne delano
    This is a tea with guts: strong and full-bodied -- but not bitter -- with just a hint of chocolate. Try it blended half and half with Climber's High. It's wonderful! Add a touch of cream and it's even better. This is one of those "staple" teas: I keep it on hand to lend its strength to other teas. It produces some wonderful blends.—Carole Hawkins
    On a whim I decided to give up coffee for a month. The first few days I was fine with English Breakfast tea and Irish Breakfast tea, but after a couple days I really missed the rich flavor of coffee and regret my rash decision. Then I bought some Bolder Breakfast coffee, and I'm no longer craving coffee! This tea is wonderful with flavored creamers, especially Pumpkin Spice. The hint of chocolate makes this tea addicting! I have a feeling that even when my month "fast" is over, I'll still choose this tea most mornings.—Megan Swartz
    Who'da thunk chocolate and pu-erh would be so good. But the earthiness supports the chocolate and the chocolate kind of lightens the pu-erh to make a perfectly balanced cup—Marlena
    My favorite Tea Spot tea! I have to buy it by the pound. :-) I always have a "double" (16 oz. in my nice, big mug or go-cup), sometimes twice per day. Amazing flavor! I like to add some stevia and milk, and I love the energy it yields and the health benefits... and, of course, the stellar, full, delicious flavor.—Erika Schreck
    I am in love with Boulder Breakfast! The chocolate flavor is just as described - an essence. It is there, but subtle. I used to drink both coffee and tea, but favored coffee for 25 yrs,- until trying this tea 5 months ago. I haven't been back to coffee yet. It is now one of the only 2 teas I'll drink. I have to buy a couple lbs. at a time for fear of running out. Do yourself a favor and get a $10 handheld milk frother. This tea is best steeped in a separate steeper so that you can froth the milk or half & half in your serving cup while it steeps. Pour/release the steeped tea into your frothed milk and it is better than any latte' I've ever had. A touch of honey added to it makes a great dessert. It also blends well with Pu'erh 50/50.—Erin
    I Love This! It's my new fave iced tea. It has a nice cooling effect. Wow!—Cay
    My absolute favorite tea! I disagree that it tastes like coffee, which I hate the taste of. I think it is wonderful! Rich and earthy. Sweet and warm. Simply fabulous! I also add stevia and milk. For whatever reason, I don't like it iced. (Give me mango-tango for that!) I even take this tea on vacation with me. With no sleep and two active kids, a cup (or two) is all I need. I also buy it by the pound. TRY IT! You won't regret it.—Amy L
    This is the best breakfast blend ever. I like it with a litlle milk. Sweet and alittle boldness behind it. Buy it you'll like it.—Alex Flamm
    I'm disappointed. I was very excited to try this tea but it only resembled drinking a cup of lipton tea.—Allyson Carter
    I am not one to write reviews often, unless its absolutely horrible/wonderful. Well, this tea is AWESOME. This is coming from a person who thought they hated tea, and a total coffee drinker. I am completely converted to this wonderful tea. I put just a little bit of honey and a splash of milk in it. It's perfect.—Michelle Walstra
    This tea is hands down the best tea I've ever had! I got it originally as a breakfast tea, but have come to love it so much that I have it in the morning, afternoon, and evening! I just can't help myslef!!—Mark Tellehan