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Rate It!

LOVE this tea. I brew at least a cup a day in the summer, and I make huge pitchers of it iced for parties. ALWAYS a hit. –Betty Shafer
This is the standard I compare all other green teas to. It's great, I make it all the time, and even non-teaholics like me love it! –Chris Brendel
Smooth and Sweet!!! Smells enchanting! I made it iced, and my guests drank it ALL. Some took this over the white wine... Can't wait to taste the other Teaspot Greens :) –Angela C
I've been addicted to this tea for years. You have to be careful to follow the brewing instructions on the tin. Too hot of water or too long brewing, and the tea will become too bitter. That being said, I also get twice as many re-steeps than the tin states. –Mike
Kept me going through long winter days when I lived in Vermont... super relaxing without being sleepy –Lauren F
The smell of this tea is good. However,on the tin there is a list of ingredients, among them strawberry and rhubarb nature-identical flavorings. Which is euphemism for artifitially flavored. Never will buy this again!!! –mark meltzin
You know, I always like the taste of this tea more than the smell. I usually open a few tins to decide what I'm in the mood for and I usually have to force myself to brew this one. When I do, I really like it hot and iced. Yep, I just went and sniffed it again...that being said I love green tea with fruit flavors and this one brews up a winner. –Jyl
My first tea from The Tea Spot. I'm hooked - this tea is fabulous! –Diane Cochran
Amazing tea! Smells great, and has turned me into a avid tea drinker. –johnnyBIG
Typically, I'm not one for blended teas, however, a coworker gifted me with a tin of this tea, as I love green teas, and I gave it a shot. It has now replaced my typical daily tea. It's a great "introductory tea" for people who typically do not drink green tea. The subtle fruity notes add brightness that's heightened by the richness of the base teas. It's a perfect way for me to take a few moments to escape during the work day without leaving my cubicle. –Stephanie Sturm
Honestly the tastiest green tea I've ever had Introduced my friend to it and she placed an order the next day! I can not beleive it took me 32 years to find LOOSE LEAF TEA –Nicole Kohler
This tea has become the favorite of the office. We go thru almost 2 gallons of it a day :) –Nedra
What we have here is tea drinking bliss. It hits you with a sweet Sencha flavor that lacks all bitterness and is so smooth it can just slide down your throat like sweet cream. This is then followed by a powerful but not unpleasantly strong Strawberry after taste that sticks with you for minutes after your sip.

If you like Strawberries then you will LOVE this. If you like Sencha then you will ADORE this. If you like both then you will be in paradise. –Umbreona
This tea is pleasant, light, and refreshing. –Brant Goble
Write a review... –Maria Uspenski