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Take a personal moment with this soft and lustrous all-in-one tea mug, designed to maximize your nurturing. Whether you choose to steep it loose or use a tea bag, the Satin Tea Mug will help you make a perfect cuppa every time. This ergonomic system comes equipped with a precision stainless steel tea filter basket and a saucer which doubles as a lid to retain heat while you brew your tea. This artisan handcrafted mug has a beautifully glazed satin finish in colors inspired by nature — sand, sage, and stone.


  • 16 oz Ceramic Tea Mug
  • Fine Stainless Steel Tea Infuser
  • Lid doubles as a saucer
  • Notch accent for tea bag tags
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Do NOT Microwave the metal infuser
  • Lead-free, Cadmium-free, BPA-free

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Price: $26.95

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The satin tea mugs aren’t only cute and chic but awesome! Easy to clean, love the tea slit and the metal steeper. This cup is my daily go-to!!! —Mia
I am very pleased with the Sating Tea Mug: It has 16 oz. capacity and that size is right for me. The fine stainless steel tea infuser can be used to infuse more than just tea; And, that fact provides an extra benefit. The V notch at the back of the mug, just above the handle, makes the use of a tea bag quick and secure. I definitely got a good bargain with the purchase. My wife likes it and steeps tea when I am not using it.. —Gum Gully
I'm a mug girl. I really, really like a good hearty mug. I recently made the switch from way too much coffee every day to less coffee, more tea. I've actually gone almost a week with no coffee. And I credit that in large part to the ease of use and cuteness of this mug. It is so adorable. I get compliments on it every day at work. It's multi-functional (loose leaf or satchet), and honestly it just makes me happy. I'm kind of raving about this thing. <3—Julie
This mug is amazing. It is the perfect size and I love the wide handle you are able to put your whole hand between the mug and handle to feel the warmth of the tea. I have not had the overflow problems others described, I brew exactly two cups and no overflow —Meyer
I received this mug the other day and truly love the shape, feel, size and appearance of this mug. The filter is perfect and doesn't let the tea leaves escape. I agree with the other reviews about the tea bag notch, I have to be careful not to overflow because of that, so it would be absolutely perfect if it didn't have that notch. The green color is beautiful and am tempted to get the blue one too because I enjoy it so much! Thank you!—Beth
I absolutely love the feel of this mug, both the texture and the shape! The infuser is super fine, so it steeps even the most dusty herbal teas nice and clean. I'll be getting them in every color. The one I have so far is called "sand" which is a nice beige, like cafe au lait.—Mia
I have cast aside all other mugs for the “Satin Tea Mug”; I love everything about it!—Henry, NYC
I love this mug! I love the colors so I bought every color. The tea basket is amazing. It wide enough to allow me to steep Yerba Mate, Rooibos , or even fresh ground coffee well without the tea leaves getting stuck in the basket. The only thing that drives me crazy is that I keep making messes by not paying attention when pouring my hot water to the top and it pours out the V indentation in front of the handle. I know I should pay attention, but I am unconsciously just trying to push the limit by brewing as much tea/coffee as I can by filling the cup to the top. This is a minor issue but if I were to make a design change, that would be it (get rid of the V indentation). —AidenNM
I Love this cup especially the stainless steel infuser, and it is this infuser is why I love it!!!!!, I love being able to infuse/ brew Yerba Mate, 7 AM tea , Roobois and even my fresh ground coffee well and without difficulty but.... I can not tell you how many times I have overfilled this mug and it had leaked and made a mess from the V indent in the mug above the handle. I still make that mistake, even this morning unfortunately, even though I have had this mug for several months now. Thank God for paper towels!! But I will still rate this a 5 star even though that V in the cup is so-o-o annoying because it brews my tea and coffee so well. —AidenNM
My mug just came in the mail today and I love it. It's a perfect size, delicate and the saucer and steeper feature is really awesome. The filter works wonders for loose tea. Love my new mug!!!—Tea Lover
This is the sweetest mug I've ever owned... perfect size, awesome tea filter and such a great texture and feel. It's making a daily morning tea drinker out of me.—Sasha