Chamomile Tea

Calming & Dreamy  

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This timeless herbal tea consists of simply gorgeous chamomile flowers. This naturally caffeine-free tea is an excellent refresher, with soothing and calming effects, making it the perfect nightcap. The light golden brew has a soothing aroma and light sweet taste. It even makes a refreshing thirst quencher when served as iced tea.


  • Premium chamomile flowers
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Bulk 1/8 LB ~ 35 servings
  • Bulk 1/2 LB ~ 140 servings
  • 100% Naturally Caffeine-Free

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
6-7 min
Per 8 oz. water

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile comes from a flowering plant in the daisy family. Both fresh and dried chamomile flowers have been made info teas for centuries and are thought to help alleviate a number of common ailments, such as:

  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Muscle twitches
  • Wounds, burns, and scrapes
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, and diaper rash
  • Stomach problems such as menstrual cramps, stomach flu, and ulcers
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free
  • Gluten-free
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    I never knew I liked Chamomile tea until I tried this one. I'm now addicted to it and enjoy a cup every evening before bed. It's my relaxing down time.—Debbie F
    This tea tastes like I'm sitting in my comfy sweats at home on my couch, even though I'm at work! This tea is way more fresh and pure than anything you would purchase at the store. I absolutely love this hot with some honey. This tea helps me to mellow out with its soft, calming flavor.—Stephanie
    I love the subtely sweet taste of chamomile. I drink all my teas unsweetened. I add chamomile to give my teas a little sweetness. It's also wonderful alone. —Cindy
    This Chamomile is my favorite I have ever tired. It's soft like sunshine. If you are thinking about trying it then you should. —BadBunny
    LOVE this tea. I typically drink this tea at night or right before a bath and it relaxes me completely.—mia
    This Chamomile tea is perfection! Nothing beats a nice hot cup of this tea to relax with after a long day of work and running the kiddo to activities! —Till
    My only experiences with chamomile in the past were bagged chamomile teas, which tasted very herbal and medicinal. Which was okay, but something I'd only drink because it was late at night and I needed something with no caffeine. This chamomile is so much better. Lighter, and has a more floral, mildly fruity taste with the herbal notes much more subdued. Very enjoyable.—Patrick
    I first tried this in the sampler. I was so impressed the day I received the small amount I had to order more. I drink one two cups every night. Its so relaxing and the best chamomile tea I've ever had. —Michelef525
    This tea warms you from your head to your toes and just calms you. If ever I have trouble relaxing before bed this is the key. It is calming, and just helps you clear your mind.—rparker
    Beautiful tea. Everything about this camomile tea is beautiful, including aroma, taste and presentation. I enjoy multiple cups daily. —~Bree
    . . . but it doesn't. It looked as if someone sat on the package. It had tons of fine residue and not too many flowers. The taste was mediocre -- no better than store bought bagged chamomile. Other of their teas I like a lot. I won't be getting this one again.—JD
    I received a sample of this tea with my last order and fell in love. Once you try this chamomile, you'll never get that bagged imposture from the grocery store again. This brews up so beautiful and yummy. Sweet, honey, floral, soft,'s just dreamy! I am writing this review as I place my order for a full sized shipment.—CJ
    Chamomile Tea- This tea has been one of my favorite tea's for many years. I've always loved to drink a hot cup of Chamomile as a night cap. However, until now I've only drank processed tea's. Since purchasing loose leaf tea I got rid of all my processed tea's. The aroma and taste of this fresh brewed tea every night very calming.—Cyn
    Smooth, comfy, just love it i mixe it with my ginger tea! wow its truly heaven! Thank you The Teaspot—Sophia Loren
    I love this tea! It's delicious and helps with stressful environments and sleeping. I do think if there was one thing to knock it for would be it would be ideal if it was the German chamomile (Matricaria chamomile),but Egyptian chamomile ain't half bad! Be sure to steep for at least 10 minutes covered for full effects!—Julian
    I love this tea. It smells so good. Just opening the package makes me start to relax. My favorite tea to just sit and relax with after a stressful day.—Lisa
    The best chamomile I have ever had. I didn't think I even liked it until I ordered it for my husband. We have a cup of this every night. Soothing, relaxing!!—Gail and Carl
    Just brewed up my first cup of chamomile tea ever, and it is so, so good. I was looking for a good caffeine-free tea, as I have a hard time sleeping with even the smallest amount. I'm so happy to have found the perfect nighttime tea!—Brigette Sumeraj
    I have had a hard time of sleep for some months and I would like to stop this with chamomile tea but I would like to know where in Ghana can I get to buy. Does Anyone know where to get one?—Isaac Boakoh
    We LOVE this tea - my husband and I drink it every morning, and it's so beautiful w/ its pretty yellow flowers, and it tastes so good too!—Amber
    Perfect bedtime tea! It's delicious and it makes me drowsy every time. This is a must-have tea!—Kristina
    This stuff is pretty great. It's sweet enough to not have to add anything to it. Has a pineapple aftertaste, which is really good.—Michelle
    I drink a cup of this tea every night before bed. I can't get to sleep without it now! Love the fragrance and the great flavor. It's not too sweet like some other chamomile teas can be, it's hearty and bold and all around just so so great! —Peggy
    Super sweet & fragrant! No sugar or honey needed. A huge step up from the bags I was previously using. I'm digging this new treat before I go to sleep.—Judy
    This is just wonderful. When I first saw the buds, I didn't really know what to expect. It didn't look that appetizing. But after I brewed it... mmm! It smelled like a mix of honey and pineapple, and it tastes just like that. It honestly tastes like the tea was sweetened, but it isn't! It's incredible, and I'll be enjoying this as often as possible (especially for the great price!)—Chris Brendel