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Super sweet & fragrant! No sugar or honey needed. A huge step up from the bags I was previously using. I'm digging this new treat before I go to sleep. –Judy
This is just wonderful. When I first saw the buds, I didn't really know what to expect. It didn't look that appetizing. But after I brewed it... mmm! It smelled like a mix of honey and pineapple, and it tastes just like that. It honestly tastes like the tea was sweetened, but it isn't! It's incredible, and I'll be enjoying this as often as possible (especially for the great price!) –Chris Brendel
Perfect bedtime tea! It's delicious and it makes me drowsy every time. This is a must-have tea! –Kristina
This stuff is pretty great. It's sweet enough to not have to add anything to it. Has a pineapple aftertaste, which is really good. –Michelle
I drink a cup of this tea every night before bed. I can't get to sleep without it now! Love the fragrance and the great flavor. It's not too sweet like some other chamomile teas can be, it's hearty and bold and all around just so so great!  –Peggy
Just brewed up my first cup of chamomile tea ever, and it is so, so good. I was looking for a good caffeine-free tea, as I have a hard time sleeping with even the smallest amount. I'm so happy to have found the perfect nighttime tea! –Brigette Sumeraj
I have had a hard time of sleep for some months and I would like to stop this with chamomile tea but I would like to know where in Ghana can I get to buy. Does Anyone know where to get one? –Isaac Boakoh
We LOVE this tea - my husband and I drink it every morning, and it's so beautiful w/ its pretty yellow flowers, and it tastes so good too! –Amber