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I decided to sample this because of its name and I must say I am impressed. I was not sure what to expect but it tastes really good. The best way to describe this tea would be to say that it tastes like sweetened dark chocolate brewed over cherry wood. It is almost literally like drinking a dark chocolate covered cherry. It has a VERY mild bitterness and a LOT of excellent flavors. If you like chocolate (come now my fellow ladies, you know you do heehee) and like cherries then I would recommend giving this a try. I also think this makes a stellar gift for Valentines Day or a great drink for Christmas. –Umbreona
My husband opened this tea and said it smelled like a good cherry pipe tobacco. Everyone in our family had to have a turn sniffing it. He brewed me a cup and I really love it. It's aptly named, and absolutely delicious. –Kristina
Had fixed a tall cup of cherry bomb at work after lunch and it went room temperature before I was able to drink it. Poured it over ice and loved it! Trying to decide if I prefer it hot or cold now. –Nedra
i just ordered this with my last order from the tea spot, and i loved it so much it was gone in a week and i am patiently awaiting my delivery of the pound sized bag that i had to order. this is similar in taste to the boulder breakfast but then you get a subtle kick of cherry in the mix, which i love. it is a bit sweeter than the boulder breakfast (but not too sweet!) –Nicole Kohler