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A very delicate and smooth tea with a finish of coconut. Superb and definitely worth the price. –Valerie
I can’t stop drinking this tea! It’s so light and yummy. I always have a cup in the morning to start my day, and then right when I get home from work. I really love it iced in the summer, or after a workout. I highly recommend it! –Zoelle Markowitz
This is definitely my favorite tea of all time. Amazing flavor...well worth the price. –Katie
Best tea I ever had. –Lori Kondro
My new favorite tea!!!! I love it! I put a tablespoon of blue aguave sweetner and it's perfect!!! I usually have to drink most tea with milk but not this one it tastes creamy already!!!! Never want to b without it!!!! –Mary Martinez
It wasn't my cup of tea. I think that it has to much coconut taste and not enough tea taste. That's just me though, as I don't much like flavored type teas. –Thomas Kirkman
Over all it was very smooth and creamy, but I wish it was a little more coconutty!! –Cory Tanner
Because I don't like coconuts, I wouldn't have every tried this tea if it hadn't been for getting a free sample of it. But I must say, it is DELICIOUS! The light coconut flavor ads a sweet creamy flavor, without being overpowering. I'll have to buy more of it now! –Megan Swartz
Dont waste ur money, cant even taste the Coconut for $20.00 for 4 oz in NOT worth it. (From The Tea Spot: Sorry you weren't satisfied with this tea Sue. I hope that you'll give some other teas of ours a shot!)  –Sue Shattuck
This tea grows on you. I enjoy it on the first sip then by the time I'm to the bottom of the cup I'm ready for another. First two times I bought 1/4 lb this time I bought 1 lb. Love this tea. This is one habit I don't mind having for life. Thanks for such great tea! –Karen L'Heureux
This is now my favorite tea! Its so silky smooth and refreshing. I can taste the coconut just fine-its perfection and delight all in a cup! –Katherine Daniel
I love this tea! There is just the right amount of coconut in the blend. For me personally, it is not a tea that I can drink all day long like I can with the dragon green tea, but rather a tea that I drink to treat myself. –Robin Stanley
Creamy? Yes. Coconu? Subtle--you have to have a good imagination. It grows on you. Don't expect to be bowled over with coconut. The back flavor of coconut milk but not coconutty. Milky, minimal coconut. Change the name to milky coconut fantasy! But I like it. –Cay
I want to say firstly that I love the free samples you give us Tea Spot! I would not have picked this up on my own but I got it as a free sample with my Rooibos and it is actually very delicious. It is so good that I will almost certainly need to buy some in the future. It has a sweet creamy body with a short lived spike of wonderful Oolong flavor mixed with a very creamy coconut milk aftertaste. If you do not like bitter drinks then this is for you as it has NO bitterness at all. If you love a mild but lingering sweet coconut flavor then this tea will absolutely delight your taste buds. I definitely recommend giving this tea a try. –Umbreona
I have to admit the tea is very good, but it is also extremely expensive. I bought a sampler for $5. I didn't realize how little tea I would get. The amount I got for $5 is just enough to make about 5 cups. That's $1 per cup! –Max
I love this tea!! I drink it with milk or without depending on how I feel. Though, only a little milk is needed to accentuate the already creamy tea - in fact too much can easily overpower it. I find that I can brew the same leaves about 5 times and still get a good cup of tea. That being said, it is my favorite to drink while studying, as it relaxes me and reduces the stress of upcoming exams and assignments. –Kirstie
Am I crazy or do detect a "buttery" flavor...it is decadent! The coconut flavor comes out AFTER swallowing...it is the best "aftertaste" ever! –Linda Povlock
This tea is quite distinctive and worth savoring every sip :) I nearly ripped the packaging trying to get to my Coconut Milky Oolong. The cup on the first infusion was delicious, but not at all what I had expected. The oolong is definitely present, as well as the tropical essence of the coconut. I notice the flavors in phases, milky first, coconut second and then a sweet fruity finish. I imagine that others' palates sense the milky and coconut flavors, since they are clearly the most dominant, but might miss the final finish. The fruitiness is more subtle than the milk or oolong essences, but certainly noticeable...and in a positive way, since it is highly unexpected and pleasurable to taste. –Kerra
i have tried about 6 different teas and this is the best one yet.i love the smooth favor.i have even shared it with my church family and the love it so you will be getting alot of orders.all i can say it I LOVE THEM ALL AND I THANK GOD I TRIED THIS TEA IT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD :) –Barbara Penn
Wow this tea is wonderful. I definitely taste the oolong while sipping, and then a very present hint of coconut upon swallowing! It's like a coconut-y aftertaste, and it's divine. I want to drink this tea every day. Maybe I will. It's kind of pricey for that, but it's so good, maybe I can get over it :) –Rachael Kleinsorge
My new favorite tea. It has almost a buttery scent to it in the tin and a lot of subtle flavor. Totally worth the money. –Kari Ross
Wonderful lighter summer tea. Slightly strong coconut-ty taste, but a great balance. Smooth to drink. Highly recommend. –Tami Hannon
Thank you for the sample of Coconut Cabana. It is absolutely delicious...so smooth. I love the smell of the coconut...not over powering...just perfect. I will be buying a tin of this tea. So glad I found this website-you ladies do it right!!! –Shirlann Wilkinson