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By popular demand, STEEP & GO now has its own reusable eco-friendly bottle so you can cold brew tea on-the-go! In just 10 minutes you'll have fresh iced tea packed with antioxidants and great flavor. Free from sugar and preservatives, you can rest easy knowing exactly what you're drinking - simply fresh tea! Just add more water for added infusions and value. Bonus Tip: Cold brewed tea doesn't get bitter or oversteeped - just smooth, tasty, & refreshing!


  • 20 oz bottle made from Tritan™
  • Cold brew tea filter with sports cap
  • Travel-friendly
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe (Top Rack)
  • Fits standard cup holders
  • Works great with most green, white & herbal teas. Best Cold Brew Teas

How to Cold Brew with the Bottle:

  • Place 2-3 pinches of loose leaf tea or 1 single-serving packet of Cold Infusions tea INSIDE the bottle
  • Fill bottle with water, then screw filter on
  • Shake to mix leaves
  • Wait 10 minutes, pop lid, & enjoy!

For more info on cold brewing tea, download our free e-book DIY Cold Brew Tea Lifestyle Guide.

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Love the idea of the bottle, love that it is BPA free and dishwasher safe (although I always hand wash it). However, the caps do not screw in properly which causes leakage when shaking or drinking from the bottle. I end up having to unscrew the caps and drinking from the bottle itself and not sport cap. —RMc
love the steep and go and cold brewing tea. I love brewing my blood orange smoothie and feeling like i am enjoying a creamsicle—barbaratea
This is a good product for mixing Steep & Go cold tea. I had hoped I could use it when adding fresh fruit or herbs to my water, but the neck is very small, and also it's hard to clean. So if you want a bottle you can use to mix and take cold infusions tea, it's probably great. I will look for another bottle to which I can add fruit/herbs or even tea leaves. —PKD
I was so excited to get this bottle. I read all of the reviews and decided there were more good reviews than bad so I went ahead and bought it. The sports cap is much larger than I thought it would be and I find it very hard to drink from. You have to really squeeze the bottle hard to drink from it. The part of the sports cap that you put in your mouth is an inch wide and it fits awkwardly in my mouth. I was surprised that nobody else mentioned this in a review. I am disappointed in the sports cap and feel it's a poor design and a missed opportunity to hit an out of the park home run with this product. —Amy J
I was so excited about this bottle. I just found this website, and thought I was in tea Heaven. The teas that I've gotten are great, but I wish I had never spent $16 on this silly bottle. First of all, it doesn't work. It worked once, but after that, I get nothing but a mouth of tea leaves whenever I take a sip. The instructions aren't clear. At first, I was putting the tea leaves in the filter to hold them, and have the tea seep through the holes. That worked fine, except to drink it then, I would have to undo the top and completely clean out the filter to be able to drink it. The first time I did this, it worked perfectly. The second time, it got tea leaves it. So I put the tea leaves into the bottle directly and then tried to drink it through the filter, more tea leaves in my mouth. This is such a waste of money. It's honestly easier to just brew tea and then transfer it to another bottle to take on the go. I'm so disappointed. The tea is great, but I'd stir clear of their "steepware"—Catherine
The product works! I like that the bottle isn't clear, but has a gray tint. I'm giving the product 4 stars because the mouth piece drips some. Otherwise it's perfect and a great addition to my steeping products.—KT
Great way to have your cold brew on the go! I love this bottle and the loose leaf tea I put in it. You can even travel with it. You just need the tea and water! This is a must have of tea lovers! —Bad Bunny
Who knew that taking tea on the go could be so easy. I love being able to drink tea all day using the Steep&Go Bottle! Its so easy to put one of the cold infusion packets in the bottle, add the filter and go! —OuttaTime
I've been waiting for a product like this that let's me put my own ingredients into my iced tea and be sure it's pure—Sam
I don't know how I lived without this before... I first saw my friend using it and had to ask "what was floating in her water?" Turns out it was tea! Being an iced tea girl myself, cold-brewing has transformed my daily tea obsession. Every night I throw in some of my favorite loose leaf tea, currently, Sugar Tamer, add cold water and let it brew overnight for me to grab in the morning. Love this thing!—Elizabeth
This has been a game changer for me. I now drink tea ALL day long! I can refill this bottle with water 4 or 5 times before the leaves are spent. I primarily LOVE Japanese green teas cold brewed, and occasionally cold brew hibiscus when I need a caffeine free option. Both are so hydrating. Love this cold brew bottle! —Jessie Stewart
This bottle works just like it says it will for my favorite green and oolong teas. I usually put my tea leaves into the bottle first thing in the morning and drink the tea all day at work. It works for black tea too, but I have to leave it overnight to get a good strong brew. I love that I can throw this in my purse and bring my favorite tea everywhere with me! —Teresa
It's a great idea, but it really falls short if you want a great tumbler of tea. You have to use so much tea to get a good strength infusion, and you can't just wait 10 minutes for it to brew. This is an overnight steep to get a good strength. Cleaning the tumbler after a brew is problematic... I don't have a garbage disposal, so I can't just rinse the leaves out into the sink. I have to bang the bottle over the trash can to try to get the leaves out, and that doesn't really work. Half the leaves don't come out. I've started filling the tumbler with water and emptying the contents into a coffee filter over the sink to get the leaves out, then I can throw them away and wash the bottle. The only thing that differentiates this from your standard sports bottle is the filter cap. It keeps you from drinking your leaves for the most part. I've never been able to pull the cap and filter apart, though, and I know there are tea leaves up there...I can see them. Can't get them out. I feel like I wasted my money with this product. —Deb
I was really excited to get this, but I do not like getting a mouthful of tea in my mouth when drinking. The leaves go right though the tiny holes of the filter. Hate this product for this reason. The cap leaked all over me no matter how hard I tried to tighten it. I also have one for a regular water bottle and the fit is awful with leaking and getting mouthfuls of tea. —buddy
I really liked this at first and then one day I was in a hurry and forgot to put the filter basket in before screwing the lid on and now I cannot get the lid unscrewed! My husband tried everything. I do not understand why this was designed like this! Always put your basket in before screwing the lid on or you will be buying another filter top!! The only tea I drink in this bottle now is the matcha powder.—Wendy
I really loved this bottle. But after a short while it started to get dents, and after a few months the dents turned into cracks which leaked... I've bought two bottles, because I liked it so much, and had the same problem with both. If you don't mind buying a new one every few months, this is great (definitely outlasts regular water bottles), but I ended up getting the Urban Tea Tumbler, which has proved much more durable.—Jason
I love this product. It makes great cold tea, and filters the leaves out fairly well. There is one MAJOR flaw with the filter/cap. If the adapter ring is screwed on to the bottle, then followed by the cap, without the filter basket being inserted, you can't separate the cap and the adapter ring ever again in order to properly reassemble the filter cap. I did this after washing the cap, filter and bottle after the first use. So now I can't put the filter back in the cap and it is basically useless. While it was my mistake when reassembling, it shouldn't be possible to assemble the cap and adapter without the filter, or there should be a way to detach them again. I'll buy another one, and be more careful, but this is a serious design flaw.—Jes
I own two of these and for the most part I am satisfied with my purchase. The only drawback is it is hard to clean out the tea leaves after use.—B. Rob
My bottle arrived within 48 hours. It was securely but not excessively packaged, and came with a small printed card providing clear user directions. The first thing I noticed was that the bottle is easy to grip & squeeze. The second thing I noticed was the simple and elegant design, consisting of just two parts: a filter connected to a sports cap & the bottle itself. Simple designs are a relief to me: I have the mechanical IQ of a sweet potato, and dislike having to think about assembling or disassembling anything. I took the bottle along when I went for a spin to run errands, and I didn’t have to worry about where to put the thing – it fits comfortably into my car’s cup holder. It also should fit easily into most any backpack bottle pocket. Within less than a week, the bottle pays for itself. You don’t need Starbucks etc. anymore for your tea, and you also can brew your own energy drinks. Being able to control your energy drink like this is a splendid thing: aside from the cost benefits, you know exactly what you’re putting into these drinks.—Ray Cavanaugh
I love this thing! I'm not always a fan of hot tea, and this has opened up my eyes to a world of possibili-teas. Sorry :) I had to. But really--it's easy to clean, effortless to use and I'm smitten. You can't go wrong. So far, I especially like it with the Keep Fit organic tea. —HikePNW
I've had this bottle for almost a year now and I adore it. While the bottle is easily dented (or maybe I'm just too rough with it), it's great for quickly putting together a cold brew to take on the go. Now that I have it, 90% of my tea is cold brewed in it. Especially in the summer. I've never had any issues with drinking the leaves or leaking that wasn't user error.—Katrina
My inner hipster really wants to love this. It looks pretty amazing, but I have a hard time sucking the tea up through the top. It does not come out easily unless I unscrew the top a little, and then it leaks. I have three of them, and one is a little easier to use, so maybe I just got two bad ones? —Misty R
This bottle is relatively easy to use and clean. Bottle brushes do have a bit of a hard time getting in there. I have had to get a Silicone funnel to help with putting the tea in the bottle because I want to use more than the fit tea. It is durable :) I plan on getting more :) —D McCraw
I was super excited to receive this bottle. Since it has arrived in the mail, I have carried out on every errand and used it around the house. It's a great way to have a cold tea while on the go with three little ones. —Julia
I love this thing. Toss some tea leaves in, add water, shake it, wait a bit – and then spend the rest of the day explaining to co-workers just what the heck it is you’re drinking! The confusion of bystanders aside, it’s convenient, easy, and I haven't had problems with tea leaves coming through the filter or leaking. Glad they got an option with a reusable bottle!—T.
The bottle works well and the leaves look cool through the smooth clear bottle. —Kat
When I first got the cold brew lid I searched high and low for a reusable bottle to affix it too, but with no success. I hate disposable plastic bottles, so the lid sat unused and forgotten. I was THRILLED when this bottle came out. I use mine everyday. I bought a second one for my girlfriend to use as well. It's the easiest way to drink looseleaf in a tea-bag world. It is easy to clean, and the material is high quality.It can be a bit difficult to get tea leave into the bottle, but not enough to be a problem.—Kyra
I am so glad this bottle became available! I love how well it works with the Steep & Go. I brought it camping and it worked so perfectly. It cleans easily and works like a charm. I might order one to keep at work!—Brianna Liestman
as soon as I received this, I was excited to use it. so, I made my first bottle of cold tea and was not impressed. with every sip I took I also got a mouthful of bits of tea. I can't see myself using this again and would not recommend this to a friend.—Bobbie Opay

This product includes a reusable cold brew bottle & cold brew tea filter. Dishwasher-safe. BPA-free. Travel-friendly.