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Stay hydrated and healthy with this herbal cold brew tea set, for 25% off the price of the items combined! This fun and functional organic gift set includes a Cold Brew Bottle in the color of your choice and a box of 12 single-serving loose leaf tea packs of Organic Chill Out Cold Infusions - a caffeine-free hibiscus mint blend. This full-bodied herbal tea will quench your thirst day or night, and the cold brew bottle makes fresh tea simple for modern lifestyles.


  • Over 25% OFF off the retail price!
  • Steep & Go Cold Brew Bottle makes cold brew tea on-the-go
  • 12 single-serving packs of Organic Chill Out hibiscus tea
  • No Flavorings
  • Packed in a cute gift box

For more info on cold brewing tea, download our free e-book DIY Cold Brew Tea Lifestyle Guide.

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Price: $20.95

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I'm obsessed. I carry mine around all day. It's the best way to remind myself to stay hydrated with healthy bevs, rather than sugary "iced teas" from the grocery store. And it's way more cost effective too! Why did no one think of this before??—Kat B
I bought 2 of these for avid tea drinking friends like me. They loved them! I am jealous...may have to buy one for myself next time. I really like giving The Tea Spot gifts to friends...keeps everyone smiling :) and healthy...—Kelly
I've never been a bit tea drinker, but wanting to cut back on the amount of soft drinks I consume, I decided to give this kit a try. As for as the steeper, it does fit most water bottle however, while shaking the leaves it tends to leak. I can't drink while the steeper is in because I wind up with a mouthful of leaves. So, I remove the device once I'm done steeping. As for the teas themselves, I'm more partial to the Chill Out tea. The Keep Fit is very bland to me. Has it helped me reduce my soft drink intake? I use this at work and it has. Minimum was 2 cans throughout the course of the day and now I barely finish half a can.—mzdov
I purchased 2 of these and they are wonderful. They tea is super yummy and the steep & go makes it so easy to make cold brew tea daily. Great item!—Hafeza
I wanted this to make iced rooibois tea and it was terrible-- the leaves got through the filter, into the water, and even got through the mouthpiece cap, which made drinking very unpleasant. I returned it, but if you're only planning on using it for larger-leafed teas or don't mind leaves in your mouth it might work better for you.—Deborah
The service and excellent quality products are superb. The cold brew bottle is easy to tote & the teas are healthy & delicious. I used to drink soda on the run, but now I am hooked on the health benefits of these teas, the speedily delivery of products and superb service. Thanks Tea Spot !—Jill
Ordered this for myself over the holidays. I use Dasani bottled water and had no issues with leakage or fit. This is a great way to spice up the recommended water requirements we need each day. As others mentioned a device that will work on reusable water bottles would be a great addition. (like Brita)—Mark Feschuk
I was reading up on antioxidants & came across this product. Ordered one & I love it. It's a fast & easy way to make a fresh bottle of tea and sneak some real antioxidant power in.—Sabine Renault
Love this kit! I purchased this kit to introduce myself to loose leaf teas. I love how easy it is to make iced tea with this! Just a bottle sprinkle in your tea; pop on the mouth piece, and you're good to go. The teas that come with this kit are also very nice! I've discovered the "chill out" tea is very good for upset stomachs which is great!—Holly Raiche