Dark Roast Oolong, Organic

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If you’re looking for a roasty oolong tea, you need look no further. Large, wiry tea leaves produce a deep amber cup, with a rich flavor. Dark Roast Oolong’s warm and earthy aroma is reminiscent of a late harvest wine. The complex flavor profile has hints of honeysuckle and roasted barley and nuts. Expertly dark roasted, this oolong could convert even a coffee lover to loose leaf tea.

The origin of this tea is in the beautiful craggy Wuyi mountains in Fujian Province, China. The high altitude, high humidity climate makes an ideal environment for growing flavorful tea. This Chinese oolong tea is USDA certified organic.

Oolong teas are often very sophisticated in their aroma and flavor, and enjoy a well-deserved reputation as such, as well as for their many health benefits. And there are some weight-loss bonuses to oolong, above and beyond tea’s natural fat-burning mechanisms.

Bonus Infusions:

When you re-steep the leaves 2 times, as suggested, this premium oolong develops in its flavor profile and becomes mere pennies per serving!


  • Premium Organic Oolong Tea
  • Origins: China
  • Oolongs may aid in weight loss
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Bulk 1/8 LB ~ 28 servings
  • Bulk 1/2 LB ~ 110 servings
  • AND leaves can be re-infused 2-3 times!
  • Caffeine: Medium

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
2-4 min
Per 8 oz. water

Oolong Tea

  • Uplifting, yet reduces Stress Hormone Levels
  • Increases Focus and Mental Awareness
  • Aromatherapeutic
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Fat-burning
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free
  • Tea leaves destined to become oolong teas are “bruised” to allow the release of some of the polphenol oxidase present in the leaves. Oolong teas are allowed to ferment for less time than black teas before they are heated and dried. Consequently, the catechin, theaflavin and thearubigin levels in oolong teas are generally between those of unoxidized green and white teas and completely oxidized black teas.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    I found the Dark Roast Oolong, Organic - Bulk makes an excellent sun tea when iced and served just as it is without needing sweeteners or any other additives.—Del Keener, Rhode Island resident
    This is a wonderful tea. It has a nice, rich, roasted (not smoky) flavor, and is great in the morning, early evening, cooler, rainy weather, or whenever, really. It tastes and smells like a tea version of honey-nut cheerios.—Rhobi
    The best oolong blend I have found anywhere. I drink at least a cup every day.—David M.
    I just love this tea. It is sooo good Definitely will be purchasing more!—Kris
    I am not actually the person drinking the tea just the one that buys it but I can say that my wife loves it. I drink green and she drinks black all good in the tea world. Another point is I like this company and what it supports.” Life is good”—working on it
    I love this earthy, slightly nutty oolong. It's a favorite morning tea for me. —Sailtracysail
    Received this tea as a free sample and since I love oolong, I was excited to try it. The tea brews to a deep amber which is certainly lovely to look at, however the taste is disappointingly flat and one dimensional. The first infusion does not taste like much of anything except Kukicha (twig tea) without the nutty richness or depth that tea has. Nor does it leave your mouth with anything to savor once you've gotten past the inital hit of singed woodiness and pucker-roasted tang. My tastebuds say this could be any ole' black tea, and not great black tea either... or else oolong that couldn't make the grade and was roasted to give it a new life as something people would pay money for. As far as I am concerned, everything that makes an oolong an oolong has been roasted out of this tea. Sorry not to give it a better rating. I should add for the record that the second infusion does yield more mellowness and sweetness but is still too bland and characterless for me to recommend the tea as a whole.—Sophie
    Deeply satisfying. I also make my own blend with black Assam, the taste of which makes me oh so happy.—Gina
    Out of the several samples I received, I liked this dark Oolong the best. It has a good smooth taste with a little nutty influences. Even on the second steeping it is as wonderful as the first ... the nice rich, dark color that is full of flavor.—Will
    This is just a plain, good cup of tea. Its earthy, smooth and mellow. No fancy flavorings, just a true cup of delicious tea.—Monica
    This tea with some local raw honey is a winning combination. Try it, you won't be disappointed. —JD
    good tea —alllie
    Very good, I replaced my coffee with tea! —Amy
    Comfy tea. Smooth flavor. I did not find it to have the zing of Iron Goddess Oolong or to have quite the appetite curbing effect. But tasty, comfy.—Jo. Po.
    I am primarily a green tea drinker, but now and then, I like an oolong for a leisurely, relaxing brew. In the past, I used to buy it in the stores, from some of the larger, well-known companies, but after trying this, I think I am converted. It's a very nice, robust oolong taste, and if you like oolong teas, you will like this one a lot. It's also more economical than getting it at the stores, because if you use biodegradable sachets to make your own tea bags, one sachet can be refrigerated and re-used at least 3 times to make 3 separate pots of tea. Just adjust your steeping times slightly longer. I will definitely be buying this again.—Simon
    Amazing! Just purely AMAZING! The flavor is perfect, the smell is delicious and not to mention it suppresses my appetite to the fullest. It also gives me a great amount of energy..and with four kids (two under 3, its a must have! I highly recommend this tea.—Bobbie
    Too bland for me. I was hoping with the dark roast it would have more flavor. Pu'erh remains my favorite, but I'm working my way through the others.—Joan P
    Not my favorite. Not as smoky as i would like and not enough flavor. Very bland.—Dawn P
    My absolute favorite of all the teas. Enough caffeine to keep me going without the negative side effects. Excellent iced.—Jan Walsworth