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This is the smoothest earl grey I've ever have. I think this is the same as the Earl Grey ala Russe that was at the teaspot store, probably their most popular tea. Best tea on their list. –andy
This is the best earl grey tea I've ever had. It's what hooked me on to The TeaSpot teas. First the tin is super cute. Then you open it and the sweet bouquet of bergamot is heavenly. When it's brewed that aroma translates into a wonderful flavor. Bravo! Once you try this, you'll never be able to drink a teabag earl grey again! –MariLisa
The best, the smoothest, the most interesting Earl Grey ever. My wife brought this home one afternoon and I found quickly I could not possibly live without it. Thanks to Pier 1 for offering this exceptional tea for a while so I could locate The Tea Spot on line. You owe it to yourself to take a sip of this captivating, truly excellent tea. To me, the mallow flower adds the really relaxing tones. Dreamcicle? Maybe. –michael gaffney
My mom used to make me drink Lipton Earl Grey at tea time, but this tea bears no resemblance to that watered down drink from my childhood. The TeaSpot’s Earl Grey is robust and flavorful. Two thumbs up.  –Sondra Langham
Wow, I hate to go against the grain here, but I wasn't enamored with this tea. The thing is, I love Earl Grey tea, and this just departed with tradition too much. It's good tea, but Earl Grey it really isn't. A bit more like Orange Peko if you ask me. –Bill Buchanan
I absolutely love this Earl Grey tea. I would actually give up coffee for this delicious tea! The smell the taste. It is wonderful! –Cynthia Zabilla
I was a little hesitant when that first pound of tea got here - had quite a strong citrus scent. Nothing like a taste test, though, and it's quite mellow, not at all too citrusy. Highly recommended. –Carole Blaney
While I think it tastes fine, it really isn't too 'Earl Grey' to me because of the overpowering vanilla. –Margaret Halloran
This Earl Grey blew my socks off! It's so amazingly well balanced and blended. Nothing but smooth flavor and aroma. –Mandy L
If you love bergamot (as I do), you will love this tea, no matter what it is called. It has a distinctive flavor to round out your tea collection. –Kristina
I stopped drinking coffee because this tea is so good. I actually prefer Lady Grey over traditional Earl Grey (Lady Grey is basically Earl Grey with citrus added in case you haven't tried it), so the Tea Spot's version of Earl Grey with citrus and vanilla was straight up my alley. I especially like it with a touch of milk or cream. I don't always drink Earl Grey, but when I do, I prefer The Tea Spot's Earl Grey. –Christopher Kennel
Really the most disappointing Earl Grey experience I have ever had. Vanilla has no place in this blend. I tried to learn to appreciate it for the first 1/4 of the tin but failed. I retired the last 3/4 of the tin and went back to another brand. –Lee
This is the most intoxicating tea I've ever experienced! I am totally hooked!! –Wendy
The bergamot ruined this one for me. Reminds me of a very old perfume. If it was the orange flavor alone, I think I would enjoy it. –Brigette Sumeraj
I have never liked Earl Grey tea - could not stand the taste, but tried out the sampler, and was surprised at how good this tea is! It is my favorite go to tea in the morning!!! LOVE IT!!! –Marie Levesque
My husband hates Earl Grey tea, so I brewed him some of this without telling him what it was. Later I asked him if he liked it and he responded "yes". I haven't told him what he was drinking yet but will when I brew him another cup. Thanks Tea Spot, for the suggestion! The Assam tea is good also. –Patricia
My favorite tea ever. So smooth and delicious, and just the right amount of caffeine! –Bonnie
I love this tea whether it's like the "original" Earl Grey or not. The flavors help get me started in the morning which says a lot to a confirmed night owl. –Nedra
Earl Grey is my favorite tea and this is the best I've ever had. The Tea Spot has a new loyal customer. –Audra Sparks
You won't find a more distinct variety of Earl of grey, sweet interesting flavors...you can not put it into words but you MUST try it! it will not dissapoint! –Nicole Kohler
I have been battling gastro intestinal issues for the past 3 years. Recently my family turned me on to drinking loose leaf tea, and I can say that I truly believe your tea has helped me battle my stomach issues. Since drinking your Earl Grey and Meditative Mind I have not only found it easier to eat food, but am regaining my appetite and putting weight back on. You have made my life better through your products. Thank you –Dan Sorenson
I am going to have to mix in some Earl Grey from another tea store to make this usable. Too much cream and not enough tea! –Catherine Cissell
How have I been missing out on this for so long? I always thought I knew what Earl Grey was, but this is as if it was brought to Earth by an alien race....other worldly! The tin aroma is intoxicating, and those 3 minutes of brew time seem an eternity. I scald my mouth every time as I cannot even wait for it to cool enough before putting its splending flavor to my lips. A++++ fantastic!! –Robert McGrady
I just received my sample for this, oh my goodness, I am in heaven! It smelled so delicious steeping I could hardly wait 5 minutes for it to be ready. My new favorite tea! I'm ordering more right now! –Rhaya Johnson