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Wake up and feel empowered with this high energy blend of loose leaf yerba mate, EGCG antioxidant-rich matcha green tea, and kola nut. Energy Boost was formulated to help stimulate the body and fire up your internal engine naturally. Our yerba mate comes from Brazil in its freshest green form, neither aged nor roasted. The kola nut belongs to the cocoa family, and is native to forested tropical regions where it’s used to boost energy, reduce hunger sensations, and help support digestive system function. Energy Boost is the perfect morning jump start to support a healthy metabolism.


  • No sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Bulk 3.0 oz ~ 50 servings
  • Bulk 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Caffeine: High

Ingredients: yerba mate, matcha green tea, kola nut

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
2-3 min
Per 8 oz. water
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Refreshing and clean taste. Love it as a morning drink.—Kathy
A nice, clean, earthy taste. I sweetened mine with a little bit of honey. Gave me a little extra pep in the morning. —Lauren
I love it straight. It's got a nutty full taste. I don't drink anything other than this and water.—J Jam
Several months ago, I had a medical emergency that put me down to the point where I could not consume coffee for a while. Oh, the headache I had! Two weeks into the medical situation, I realized that I had not had any coffee but longed for something hot. This began the start of my early morning tea experience. I tried many different teas to satisfy what I was looking for in this new replacement of coffee, and 7 AM Energy Boost fit the bill! I hot brew it in my Tervis in the morning, leaving the loose leaf bag I use in the cup, adding cold water through out the day. I actually just purchased a tumbler from The Tea Spot so that I can cold brew it all day without the paper tea bag. So glad I found this tea.—Lisa
I absolutely love this tea. I have replaced coffee with it and it feels so good.—GodsHoneybadger
drink it every morning!—donna
This is one of my favorites. I love this cold brewed and drink it all day. It has such a great flavor that I like, kind of an earthy, grassy sort of taste but very mild. I Love this tea❤—Kelli
Alone, I find it ok, but I added it to another morning caffeinated blend, and it's an added plus. Just the way I like to enjoy it.—dw2662
I would never have even thought to combine Macha and Mate but here it is. The Tea Spot always amazes me with how they come up with great combinations and this is another one that really hits it out of the park. The flavors of the teas really compliment each other very well. The Mate seems to rid the Macha of its more bitter notes and the Macha gives the Mate a much more bold and delicious aftertaste. It is like they were meant to be together. Another winner for the mix masters from the Spot.—Umbreona
This tea really gets you going in the morning! I've never really reacted to tea caffeine, unless it's some super strong sweet TX tea right before bed, but this stuff works! I'm a baker and have to wake up at obscene hours and I have never been so non-jittery alert on my 2 am morning drive. It kicks in fast and lasts for at least 4-6 hours. I miss coffee that early in the morning but this makes giving it up easy. I mix in a little half-n-half and the little bit of match makes it taste like a hot matcha latte. Very clean and easy to drink.—Evil
I have had this tea for 2 straight weeks in the morning and missed it ONE day and noticed the difference. This is the perfect start to a productive day. I felt the difference when I missed the tea because I lacked the natural energy I have found from starting my day with this tea. The taste is light and needs no sweetener for me. I cold brew it and take it with me daily to work. I can't recommend this enough! —Asheley
I love this tea in the morning. Keeps me alert and calm while driving to work. Sometimes I mix it with Pu-erh organic!! Tastes great!—vc
I quit drinking my morning coffee when I found this tea. It's has great, light flavor and not heavy like coffee. —Carolynn
This is a nice tea, no outstanding flavors, just calm and good. I love drinking this on my way to work and as I start my day.—GoPete