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Our English Breakfast tea combines four gorgeous, full leaf, black teas from three different countries, resulting in a deep, rich, well-balanced liquor. This British tea favorite is fit for the Queen, but lighthearted enough for Austin Powers. And its black tea caffeine kick will help jump-start your morning mojo!

We originally developed this breakfast blend for a local Boulder restaurant, Foolish Craigs, which lead to its original name, Foolish Breakfast. The tea became such a hit around our office that we decided to offer it to everyone, with a cheeky new name. Around here we drink it straight up, but it's full-bodied and robust enough to stand up to milk or lemon and sugar, if that's your persuasion. We think it's smashing! After you give it a shot, go to the "reviews" tab here and tell us what you think.


  • Premium English Breakfast Tea
  • Origins: India, Sri Lanka, China
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Bulk 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • Bulk 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Caffeine: High

Ingredients: four full leaf black teas

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
3-5 mins.
Per 8 oz. water

Black Tea

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free
  • Black Tea is known to banish fatigue, stimulate mental powers, and raise energy levels. It has been shown to reduce stress hormone levels and acts as a nerve sedative, frequently relieving headaches. Black tea contains a number of vitamins considered essential for maintaining health, including Carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, has antioxidant and protective properties, Vitamin B1 and Panothenic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

    Black Tea also contains antioxidants which may help to protect your body from the ravages of aging and environmental effects. Because they are allowed to ferment completely before drying, most black teas are especially rich in those polyphenols which have been shown to be effective against dementia in aging as well as AIDS related dementia. These compounds penetrate the blood brain barrier and have also been found to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

    Black tea is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can be topically applied to cuts, bruises and burns, and is famous for its sunburn relief and has been shown to have a positive effect on preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    I got this tea as a free sample in a recent order. Although I usually prefer flavored blends, this is a nice balanced straight black tea, not too bitter.—Johanna
    It wasn't until this tea that I became a fan of black tea. This is a great morning tea and has given me confidence to try more black brews.—Emmanuel Bermudez
    I absolutely love this tea! I drink a cup of strong coffee in the morning and then tea all the rest of the day, and I have been searching for something that was smooth and strong and flavorful that I could drink with milk and sugar...this is it! I have tried several English breakfast teas, and this one is the best by far. It tastes delicious, a caramel undertones and not too malty but still very flavorful. I would recommend this tea for anyone looking to replace their coffee. Try it, you will love it!—Indy
    I do not drink that much Black tea anymore, but when I do it is this one. Best tasting Black Tea out there. My late husband like this one also!—vc
    I set out to replace my coffee habit and I tried a lot of teas. Though I found many that I like, this is the one that has replaced my 3 cups of coffee. I originally tried the Boulder Breakfast but I prefer this one as I don't like to drink flavored teas all the time. I'm not a tea expert, but I suppose I'd describe this as smooth and just slightly sweet. I take mine with a small splash of milk. —Fit mom
    Not as full bodied as I prefer my black morning tea to have but not bad. For those who don't take milk or honey it's probably about right.—Adrenn
    Being a brand new customer I ordered several different teas, SHAGADELIC ENGLISH BREAKFAST being one of them. We had it last night and it was actually just perfect. A beautiful black tea that will be ordered over and over again.—Sandy
    Shagadelic Englishs Breakfast Tea is fabulous! It's full-bodied and delicious. I especially love tea that doesn't get bitter as it cools and this one fits the bill perfectly.—Janice
    Great breakfast tea with a very developed taste that puts other breakfast brands to shame. I don't like flavored blends so much so a real black tea is a delight to wake up to.—Tea Rex
    I received this as a free sample in one of my recent orders. It's a very good, standard English breakfast. Full bodied and not bitter, you have zero complaints from me! :)—J
    I also got this tea as a free sample. It is both mild and flavorful. It is great to start the day with a tea that invigorates but is just the right-powered blend that leaves a pleasant taste in your palate.—Katie S
    Although this has a lovely taste with lots of tones in it I didn't fancy it for a breakfast tea. I like my breakfast tea to be a little more stout so I think I'll go back to my Irish tea. This one will be for after lunch when I want a black tea that's a little lighter.—Janice
    Very smooth, no bitterness at all. Tasty!—Julie
    A nice enough black tea. Not as robust as I prefer most of the time but enjoyable.—Gloria
    Great flavor, one you would expect from a breakfast tea. —Rebecca
    I received this tea as a birthday gift from my aunt who knows my affinity for loose leaf. Now I'm addicted! I brew a pot of this every morning before work, I've completely given up coffee and I feel like it gets me started on the right foot.—Amy
    I love a good breakfast black tea, and this one is my new favorite. Its got a great flavor, I should have gotten a bigger tin lol—Randi
    This is a great breakfast tea. Love it!—Angie
    This tea is a terrific black blend - the flavors and aromas are complex, yet clean. Beware - this is not a weak black tea! It is perfect with milk and honey, or if you want a strong iced tea!—Mel
    Yeah, baby! This tea is fab, it's switched on, it's a bit of all right! Malty overtones balance with the tannins to make this more mellow than some English breakfasts. I could see myself brewing a pot of this for one of those "it's a cold winter's day so I'm going to read in front of the fire" days.—Jonathan Reid
    I enjoy this tea quite a bit. It's not the strongest or the maltiest, but if you let it steep for about five or six minutes, it has a nice, robust flavor. I'm a huge fan of Boulder Breakfast, but sometimes I like to mix these teas together to create a slightly less chocolatey blend.—Kristen Osborne
    This is good tea. Shagadelic English Breakfast is the first of Tea Spot's teas that I have tried and I find it to be mellow and robust simultaneously. I have gotten 3 cups from 2 tsps of Shagadelic.—anne delano
    It has a smooth black tea flavor. I enjoy it is a hot beverage, but it freakin' rocks as an iced tea! Mix it with lemonade (to make an Arnold Palmer) and woo-hoo! If you drink this tea hot with a tea wand, it tends to get a tad bitter toward the bottom, but it is still drinkable.—Cay