3 PM Flat Belly

Sweet & Zero Cal  

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Slim waistlines are all about maintaining wellness, achieving moderation, curbing cravings, and staying active. When you're thinking thin, deliciously mouthwatering 3 PM Flat Belly is perfect for you—caffeine-free with no calories, sweeteners, or flavorings. The fluid balancing of hibiscus helps keep things flowing, while peppermint is thought to be a craving crusher, and fennel helps with bloating.* Fennel seeds and licorice root also impart a natural sweetness, satisfying any afternoon urge to splurge. This gentle herbal indulgence has a full body flavor that not only makes you feel thin, but inspires you to get into those skinny jeans.


  • 3-oz = 30-Day Supply of flat tummy tea
  • Naturally Caffeine-Free
  • No sweeteners, preservatives, or flavoring
  • Gluten-free & Sugar-free

Ingredients: hibiscus, peppermint, licorice root, fennel

Alternatively, try our 3pm Flat Belly Sachets.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
6-7 min
Per 8 oz. water
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This tea surprised me. Tangy and sweet. Very good.—Sarah
I wasn't sure what to expect from this tea and I've been delightfully surprised with how effective it is for appetite control, a nice treat, and for slimming down that extra bloat!—JJPLUS5
I like this tea hot or cold. The mix of flavors is pleasant. I do recommend this one.—Tracy
I enjoyed it, but it just didn't keep me enthralled.—Raven
You can definitely taste the hibiscus in this, and it has a bit of tartness to it. I often forget to drink it, but do enjoy it when I remember. As soon as it warms up, I'm looking forward to trying it cold. I tend to like tea iced rather than hot.—Gopete
This tea would've been better if it had a great scent, but unfortunately, it doesn't. It had an overpowering fennel scent, kinda earthy. It was hard to drink it because of the scent. However, it does quickly gets rid of your gas and bloating---that is the good thing about this tea. It would probably taste good cold with honey, but not hot (certainly not for me). I just wish Tea Spot could come up with a pleasing aroma, non bloating tea.—Celeste
great tea—allie