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If you love a fruity tea with a major kick, then you will love this tea. i love the ginger flavor, it is really intense which i love, but if you are not a fan of ginger then this tea would not be for you. this is a flavor you will not find anywhere else except for here at the tea spot!!! this is one of my favorites! –Nicole Kohler
This is an interesting tea that I had to try. I ordered a sample and now that I have tasted it I can say that it is pretty good. The flavor is rather spicy as you would expect from Ginger and rather Peachy. The black tea enhances the flavors instead of adding itself to them. You literally do not taste the black tea itself. I would say it is like drinking a really good Peach Pie more than drinking tea. So if you want a nice fruity blend to give you some kick, help digestion, and satisfy a sweet tooth without adding tons of calories then this could be ideal.  –Umbreona
This tea is good as a sweet summer iced tea!! if flavor is what you're looking for, this tea has it all, not to be guzzled, only sipped sitting in the sun!! –Katherine Jester
This is a tea where less is better. I have a habit of adding just a little more than what is called for when measuring out my loose tea. I did that with this one and I really didn't care for it that much. Then one day I measured out two perfect teaspoons for a 16 oz. cup, and it was absolutely perfect. I also add some lemon to this, as well as some raw honey. Delicious!! –Brigette Sumeraj