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The GOING GONGFU tea set has everything you need to create a transformative tea experience. The set includes an artisanal teapot with built in strainer, a decanter, and a pair of tasting cups—perfect for savoring fragrant tastes of every infusion. Each handcrafted ceramic piece is variegated cobalt blue, glazed at very high temperatures using ancient techniques.

The literal translation for “Gongfu” is: a discipline or skill that requires patience, energy, and practice to achieve. “Gongfu Cha” is the traditional Chinese way of making tea. The intention of Gongfu Cha is to produce a drink that’s satisfying to the soul as well as all of your senses.


  • 8-oz ceramic gongfu teapot
  • 8-oz ceramic tea pitcher
  • 1.5-oz ceramic tea cups (2 cups)
  • Ti Kuan Yin oolong sample included
  • Instructions on how to make gongfu tea
  • Classy gift-ready packaging

Learn How To Make Gongfu Tea with our easy step-by-step guide.

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I love this set. It's nice to sit down and try several brews of the same tea and taste how it changes with each brewing. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys tea!—Coral
So zen. Beautifully glazed Chinese tea set. It brings me back to wonderful times spent in San Francisco's Chinatown. Now I just need to stock up on an array of oolong and puer teas and invite friends over for an authentic tea party! —Ellen Stephens
Tea set just arrived, and I'm using it here at my work table while working on a passion project. What a lovely physical embodiment of "hurry up and slow down" for me. I'm really looking forward to having this with my guests coming over tomorrow. I've fallen out of love with alcohol (seems to separate us from each other a big) and want this as a nice joining beverage for some time together. Bonus: it's the exact tea set used at Camp Grounded, so is a trigger for me of being present, grounded, richly connecting to myself and connecting with others. Thank you for teaching me this, enriching my life!—Sparkle E. Living