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An earthy and bold flavor with a surprisingly subtle sweet aftertaste...Although the first steeping was a little too strong, the second and third steeping were perfectly balanced yet complex...Making this tea iced and keeping it in my water bottle on long hikes keeps me going... –Leslie H.
We tried this loose tea in the Keurig filter cup and it works pretty well. I would imagine it is not quite as potent as steeped tea, but this machine is quick and wonderful! We loaded the filter and used it for three large mugs of tea, and it was good. I would say you can recommend your teas for this machine - as I said, probably not quite as strong, but definitely tasty. The great thing about the Keurig is the water heats in a flash, and the beverage (you can make tea, coffee, and hot chocolate) stays hot. –Laura
This tea is amazing. I have at least a glass a day and the taste is wonderful. Top notch for sure. Each steep and sip are as amazing as the first. although I must say it tasted the best when I had it with water from my cabin, because it is untainted pure mountain river water. The flavor was stronger and more crisp. Either way it is amazing. –Preston
This is a truly unique Green Tea experience. It tastes like a rather Bold Green tea in its body and packs a nice punch compared to other teas. It almost has a slight Jade Oolong flavor to its main body. Its aftertaste is quite a surprise. It is not as sweet as some other Green Teas and honestly does have a smokey character to it. It would go great with smoke cheeses or meats. It is just strong enough that it can satisfy a coffee drinker's tough pallet but just light enough not to scare away a Green Tea drinker. It is definitely is worth a sampling if it is peaking your interest and it makes a great day starter. –Umbreona
I don't usually gravitate towards green teas, but I tried this one to expand my horizons. I love it. It has a nice balanced flavored without having too much of that earthy/grass tones that I usually taste in a green tea. Wonderful product! –Tami Hannon