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To celebrate the summer heat, we're offering a screaming deal on a fresh iced tea set. Get our Steep & Chill iced tea maker and our iced tea sampler set, for 33% OFF the price of the individual items!

Steep & Chill is a summertime must-have! This iced tea maker allows you to steep and serve fresh iced tea without diluting the flavor. This borosilicate glass iced tea pitcher has a large-volume loose tea infuser, great for making gourmet iced tea as well as spa water with fresh fruit or herbs.

Our Iced Tea Sampler includes 6 mini tins filled with our employee picks of our best iced teas: Mango Tango, Organic Blue Mountain Nilgiri, 3pm Flat Belly, Boulder Blues, Jasmine Petals, and Red Rocks. Each tin makes roughly 2 pitchers of iced tea in the Steep & Chill - that's 384 oz of fresh iced tea!


  • Automatic 33% OFF in this bundle!
  • Steep & Chill, iced tea maker:
  • Borosilicate glass iced tea pitcher
  • Capacity: 1 quart (32 oz)
  • Large-volume tea infuser
  • Ice tube freezer core
  • Dishwasher-safe & BPA-free
  • Iced Tea Sampler:
  • 6 mini tins of our best iced teas
  • Net weight of teas: 3 oz
  • Steeping Guide & Tasting Notes insert
  • Mason jars in picture not included

Download our Iced Tea Guide for gourmet iced tea recipes, tea brewing methods, & cool tea treats.

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Pretty pitcher. I gave it three stars because my first one shattered. Maybe and perhaps unlikely, but it did. Otherwise, light, lovely container to enjoy daily. Great color choices.—dw2662
I like the pitcher, especially because it is glass. So far I have only brewed with hot water in it. I find that too many leaves escape through the infuser so I strain the tea after brewing into a large bowl and then pour the tea back in to the pitcher. It seems this would be more efficient with a mesh infuser. The plastic one just lets too much through. The ice tube freezer core is handy. This is a nice set which I do not regret purchasing. I am taking away one star for the infuser. —Janice
This is a great way to brew tea. Perfect every time!—Ann
I picked up my pitcher and six teas this afternoon and came home immediately and made a pitcher of the green jasmine petal tea. It was 92 degrees outside but I was chillin with a glass of this great tea! I can't wait to make another blend tomorrow. Thanks Tea Spot for a great intro to more of your wonderful teas!—TeaGirl
Got this as a grad gift from my aunt who lives in Boulder. I never write reviews, but I'm stoked on this set and wanted to say THANK YOU to my auntie and to Tea Spot. I'm powering through these teas and will be back for more soon. I can't get enough of the iced jasmine tea. It's changed my life! LOL—Sumati Gupta
I got this for Father's Day and have been an iced tea maniac ever since! I've tried all the teas and like the variety of flavors and caffeine- will definitely be back for the nilgiri tea, that is one of the best black teas I've ever had. Also like the large volume of this pitcher, great for making tea for the whole family... or a ton of tea just for daddy-o. Thanks!—Paul M.