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I just tried this and I love it!! I wasn't sure how to describe it, but after reading the "taste notes," I totally agree that it IS a cup of pure romance. Definitely delectable! –Samantha
One sip of this tea and I was hooked. This is a very impressive oolong--it is full bodied and sweet, just slightly floral, and like all great oolongs, it only seems to get better with a second infusion. Oolong lovers rejoice, we have a mind blowing tie guan yin on our hands! –DJ New Moon
I mixed this tea with dark roast organic and the pu'erh and achieved a luscious tea that is sweet and aromatic. It can be steeped 3 or 4 times. –Patricia
This is a rather remarkable tea. It has a pleasant scent while it brews and a bold sweet body rich with a very agreeable flavor almost like a BOLD green tea. Its aftertaste comes off the tiniest bit bitter giving a subtle nod to black tea and helping to balance out the entire flavor. If you like Oolong then you will NOT be dissapointed by a cup of this and if you are new to tea drinking this may be a nice middle of the road flavor to get you hooked. –Umbreona
WOW! I had tried Oolong tea before and was unimpressed. I received a sample with my order of Boulder Breakfast and decided to give it a try and now I am hooked! The taste is very floral, it reminds me of honeysuckle. –anne delano
Tea is excellent lov it –David McNabb
This is one of my favorite oblongs. It has a delicious taste and I would definitely put it on as one of my favorites! –Heidi Casso
This excellent Iron Goddess tea is quite fragrant. It is both lighter and more aromatic than many of the varieties commonly sold in teahouses and supermarkets in southern China, but its taste is clean, without off-notes, and enjoyable. The leaves are easily usable at least two (and possibly three) times. I would highly recommend it. –Brant Goble
A shining example of an oolong tea. Smooth, with that great taste that is uniquely oolong. Highly recommend. –Tami Hannon
I've never had Oolong tea before, but I am really enjoying the nice flavor. hot or cold ;) i will be ordering more for sure!!!! I especially like that I can steep it multiple times and the flavor just keeps on coming. –Michael Harshman