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Getting up and back to school can be as challenging as it is exciting, but good news! We're here to help with a three-tea set designed to motivate, energize, and calm the jitters – for 12% off their individual prices.

Get back on routine with Climber’s High, a chai-like blend of herbs and spices that promotes alertness and focus – just the kick in the pants you might need to start the day (and the semester) off right.

Feeling stressed? Nothing soothes the mind and body like Red Rocks, our unique blend of rooibos, vanilla and almond. With a honey-like liquor and essential vitamins and minerals, Red Rocks is a sure-fire way to recharge your batteries.

When the work is done, a cup of calorie-free Chocolate Cherry Bomb! makes a perfect palate-pleasing reward. Turn off the brain, turn on the senses, and treat yourself to the flavor of rich, chocolate covered cherries. You deserve it!

These 3 mini tins come with an easy to clean Tuffy Steeper in the color of your choice, designed to fit with almost all mugs.


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I got this as a gift for my birthday, and I am in love with it. The teas are delicious, and I love the steeper. It is super nice to have for travel.—Kimberly
I was greatly surprised at the wonderful tastes that I received in my gift sample. Luv them all but my favorite is "Chocolate Cherry Bomb!" I am sending a set to a friend.—Dahlia
I had tried another site for loose leaf tea, and was quite disappointed. When I came across this sight, I said I would try again. What a wonderful experience. Every last tea was tasty, and well packed, labeled and the free sample was a very nice surprise. The high content caffeine in one of the teas, was just enough. I will be ordering again soon, and have told my friends about this too. —MeShall
I've had this set for a few days now, and have tried all of the teas a few times. The Red Rocks is sweet and strong at the same time. I can enjoy it with or without milk and sugar. The Climber's High is a great way to wake up with it's high caffeine level. It is spicy and very chai-like. The Chocolate Cherry Bomb smells and tastes just like the actual chocolate cherries. I recommend a sugar cube in a cup, because it is a little bitter before the sweetness happens.—Phantom
Purchased the starter kit to start my loose-leaf journey. New to this and do not yet know how to do this, so I thought the starter kit would be a perfect introduction. Absolutely LOVE the Chocolate Cherry Bomb. It is a non-guilty pleasure that I a enjoying as we speak! The Tuffy is such a Great idea! Love my purple one! Looking forward to trying the other two in the next few evenings, and many more other teas in the future! Tea nervana! —Sandilo
Gave this to my niece when she left for college. She absolutely loved it. I think I've got her hooked on premium teas now. [insert maniacal laughter...]—Jujubean