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I swear this tea has more of a kick than my usual cup of joe!! I skeptically picked up the yellow tin at my grocery store the other day, and was pleasantly surprised by the fun mango taste. This tea is not like any tea I’ve tried before. The flavor is intense and so yummy ☺ –Eric
I LOVE MANGO TANGO!!! It is very fruity and is my favorite tea so far =) –Cory Tanner
A fabulous fruity tea. Hot, is good, but when iced, it's somehow like a vacation in a glass. Amazing! It gives me a steady energy that breaks up my afternoons. I cannot get enough of this in the summer, though to be honest, I don't like it as much in winter. It's still fabulous and tasty! –Amy L
My favorite so far. But be careful, don't oversteep...or it will taste bitter. –Brigette Sumeraj
This is one of my favorites. I really like the flavor. It makes great ice tea also. I enjoy this enough to buy by the pound. –Barbara Whalen
Delicious! Perfect sweet/tart ratio. I love it! –Linda Povlock
Mango Tango will make you want to Dance! Tastes great on the rocks or steamy hot. The flavor is fun and fantastic. –Jody Mashensic