Mao Jian Jade Tips, Organic

Buttery & Umami  

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A phenomenal single-origin, organic green tea from northern China - this Mao Jian is smooth, rich, and absolutely lovely. It's grown in high-altitude cloud forests where the unique microclimate keeps the soil highly fertile. The dark green tippy leaves are twisted into thin pointed spindles that unfurl in your cup, revealing delicate young tea buds. These jade tips steep into a vibrant green infusion with notes of artichoke hearts and buttery Chardonnay, imparting a richness best described as umami.


  • Organic Chinese Green Tea
  • Origin: Henan Province, China
  • Sample = 5 8-oz Servings
  • 1 LB Bulk = $0.29 / Serving
  • Gluten-free & Sugar-free

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
2-3 min
Per 8 oz. water

Green Tea

  • Uplifiting, Increases Mental Awareness and Focus
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Increases Endurance
  • Increases Metabolism and Helps with Weight Loss
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Very Low in caffeine
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free
  • Gluten-free
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Tried this one on a whim because I liked the description. It's light, very subtle, a great tea for the evening, when you don't want something strong. It has a very pleasant, delicate flavor, a bit lighter than Dragonwell, but equally satisfying. If you like green and white teas, this one should satisfy.—Simon
    I love this simple yet complicated green tea. Umami rules the taste, so simple but so satisfying and exactly what a tea drinker needs. Worth a splurge.—Cynthia
    I love this green tea! The smokiness is just right, starts my morning off perfectly. I rebrew later in the day and have the same great taste. Very light and fluffy so you get a lot of tea for your money.—Cynthia
    I enjoyed drinking this tea. I used 3 grams in a tea bag at 180deg water. Steeped it for 1min in 2/3 cup of water. Taste was fresh, slightly nutty and some what of a semi thick body. Previous reviewer mentioned light on the stomach I found that to be true. Lasted three good infusions. Good stuff guys. :) —Y.
    Such a fresh and delicate flavor. A truly refined cup of tea.—gina
    This is my go-to green tea. It has an ever-so-slight rich, nutty flavor to it (my old go-to had quite a rich nutty flavor, but it was discontinued). It's very lightly sweet, and blends fantastically with other teas or herbals. I get 2-3 steeps out of these leaves, and never regret it. I would recommend though using a generous 1 tsp (more like 1.5 tsp per cup), and only steeping it for about 45 seconds. If you prefer it a little more bitter, you can steep it for the recommended 2-3 minutes, but for me, 45 seconds is the sweet spot for this tea. If you don't like bitter, but do like a stronger, more powerful green tea, I'd recommend Dragonwell or Gunpowder.—Szwik
    Another one of my favorite green teas. It is so smooth and refreshing but it's hard to find anywhere. So I'm glad when you have it in stock. I wish it came in the sachets so I could easily take it to go.—Gayle
    Absolutely delightful. Jade Tips Mao Jian is clean-sipping, silky smooth, and umami with, yes, those notes of artichoke and chardonnay alluded to in the Company's "Tasting Notes." Some teas you sip appreciatively, meditatively; others you guzzle. This, in my opinion, is a guzzler. It is so refreshingly, satisfyingly GOOD. I like to have it first thing in the morning because it has some "fortify-your-soul" heft, yet is light on the stomach. The second infusion, unlike most of the Tea Spot teas I've tried so far, does retain the essential character of the first. An excellent tea.—Sophie
    I liked this tea very much, but I just love Clouds and Mist more. Definitely recommend—Michelle
    WOW! I decided to try a sample of this tea and I was not disappointed. It's rich and delicious, not at all bitter. I ordered a bulk bag because it was so awesome. I like to brew it in my clay teapot and serve in small cups to really appreciate the flavor and aroma. Be careful not to oversteep, though, as it becomes way too strong. —Kyra
    This tea is stronger than some of the other milder teas. I would recommend brewing it a little less time. Maybe 2 mins max, unless you like really strong green tea. Which I love, but some other or new tea drinkers may think this a little too heavy. I loved it though. Chinese tea is particularly good for you and beneficial in many ways. —Liz H.
    This tea is truly amazing. It is so smooth and buttery with none of the bitter taste that some green teas can have. Very high quality!—Kristin Vye
    Everything about this tea screams high quality- from the look of the leaves, to the aroma, and most certainly to the brew. It leaves me feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you're looking for a "kick in the face" kind of green tea experience or flavor this is definitely not your match. These jade tips are fantastically subtle, smooth and delicate, meant to be slowly sipped and revered.—Tom
    Among the finest, most delicious teas I have ever had—R Weidman
    "umami" is right! OMG! Incredible green tea, hands down the highest quality green tea I've ever had. Thank you!—Holly