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Expand your tea habits to include a daily matcha dose in its peak form - cold brewed. Research has shown that matcha delivers even more antioxidants than other forms of green tea, since you're consuming the actual tea leaves rather than just an infusion from the leaves. Additionally, the best way to extract maximum antioxidants from tea is by cold brewing it fresh - compared to hot brewed teas and pre-made bottled teas. Matcha Fitness puts optimal healthy bevies at your finger tips so you can cold brew premium Matcha in just minutes, while on-the-go. Don't settle for subpar substitutes.


Alternatively, check out our Matcha Shop. For more info on cold brewing matcha + recipes download our free e-book DIY Cold Brew Lifestyle Guide

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This is a great set of teas for keeping my appetite satisfied through the afternoon, and giving me the energy boost I need to get through my after work workouts. The cold brew is great to have a super-fresh and tasty tea in minutes. Love it!—Alexandra
Unfortunately I needed to return this item. I used the bottle for water only and when I drank from the bottle I had the same reaction I have to latex. My mouth, lips and tongue are very swollen. I have not found any disclosure as to the materials used to make this bottle or cap, only statements saying it is bpa free. My rating is the lowest possible due to my allergic reaction. —Barbara
Absolutely love this as a natural way to help sustain my energy levels throughout the day and power through my workouts. The bottle is a great size and easy to take along on hikes or simple trips out. I highly recommend this product!—Becca
The matcha tea in this bottle was not too bad, but the loose leaf didn't work at all. The leaves went everywhere, because the holes were too large. I don't feel like the cold brew worked very well. —Kristina
I love sets so when this was on sale I grabbed it up so I'd have an extra bottle and some new teas to try. I've never had mate or matcha before and now they are my all day drinks. They taste so healthy if that's even possible :). I take a bottle and my mini tins with me everywhere and can't wait for my larger tins to arrive. —Angie
I can't believe I never thought to cold brew Matcha, let alone Matcha-Mate before now... This is going to come with me on every adventure, because it gives me the get up and go I have been craving!—Elizabeth
I love my new Matcha Fitness bottle!! It goes with me everywhere, what a refreshing drink to have on these hot summer days. Personally I like Matcha better cold brewed than I do hot and this bottle does the trick!—Hannah