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I was pleasantly surprised by this tea. I am used to matchas from Uji, so this matcha from Shizuoka was a nice change. I wasn't expecting such a pronounce sweetness but it was sweet with a full mouth feel which was nice and with a somewhat "chewy" finish. Afterwards I did experience umami which was very enjoyable. Did I like this tea, yes. Would I recommend this tea, probably not. I have to admit, there are other matchas out there that are better, especially if you are not used to preparing matcha properly or how matcha is suppose to taste. This one takes a little more effort to get the proper foam consistency. Even if you make usucha (thin tea) it's a little too thin to get the foam and if you make koicha (thick tea) it gets a little gritty with still little foam. –Richard A. Kogok
I just got this tea the other day,I have an online cupcake business and have an order for mini cupcakes for a Art reception,I use only high quality ingredients and this matcha green tea fits the bill,I did a test run of cupcakes and they turned out wonderful! I definitely would buy this tea again,it's worth the extra dollars to get a good product to infuse into my cupcakes! –Angelika (Black Tie Cupcakes) Yannuzzi
i wish i liked this matcha as i ordered the 1/2 lb size based on the mostly positive reviews. Unfortunately, it does not foam well and leaves a gritty layer in the tea bowl. very different from other matcha that i have used. disappointing. –VEA
I first was introducted to matcha via a chain tea store in the mall. Their matcha would clump up and isn't as smooth. I love the tea spot's matcha, and will continue to order their match and other products! You can tell what good quality it is when you drink it! –Emily
I don't like the taste of green tea but this matcha green tea is very good! I will be reordering. You get free samples with order too! Thank You! –Debbie Woten
This green tea powder preparation is slightly a bit more sensitive. In other words, the temperature of 155 F works well to obtain a healthy frothy breakfast drink. I usually use a tiny threaded, stainless steel strainer to the powder into a ceramic bowl. I add a few ounces of the hot water, and lightly whisk air into the mixture with the whisk. This makes larges bubbles into a froth and drink and whisk. I hope you enjoy this awesome and healthy matcha! –Mrs. Jay Schild
This matcha is very good. You can tell it's high quality based off it's scent and color. This matcha is a lovely bright green, and has a fresh almost grassy scent. My only complaint is the packaging! I lost a good amount of my matcha trying to open the tin it comes it. To be able to pull the lid off the matcha ends up flying out all over! –Holly Raiche