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Our beloved blend of pure Chinese white tea, rosebuds and jasmine pearls creates an experience of aromatherapy that sharpens the mind and arouses the senses. The exotic floral scent of night–blooming Jasmine is uplifting and soothing, and is used as an anti-depressant in herbal medicine. Rosebuds are used to ease nervous tension and stress, and have a calming effect on the mind. This combination works together to enhance the light, subtle flavor of the white tea leaves. This tea brews into a golden liquor with a very soothing fragrance, and is perfect before, during, or after a stressful day.


  • White tea is loaded with antioxidants
  • Jasmine & rosebuds help with relaxation
  • White tea origin: Fujian, China
  • Mind+Body white & green tea experience
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Tin 1.5 oz ~ 21 servings
  • Bulk 2.0 oz ~ 28 servings
  • Bulk 1/2 LB ~ 110 servings
  • AND leaves can be re-infused 2-3 times!
  • Caffeine: Low

Ingredients: organic white tea, organic jasmine pearls, organic rose petals

Alternatively, try our Meditative Mind tea sachets.

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
2-3 min
Per 8 oz. water

White Tea

  • Increases Mental Awareness and Focus, Calming
  • Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free, Extremely low in caffeine
  • Green Tea

  • Uplifiting, Increases Mental Awareness and Focus
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Increases Endurance
  • Increases Metabolism and Helps with Weight Loss
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free
  • Jasmine & Rosebuds

  • Aromatherapeutic, calming effects
  • Tea infused from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant is the world’s most popular beverage after water. The darker the tea, the more processing it has undergone, and the more processing, the more antioxidants are lost. White teas are made from buds and young leaves, which are steamed or fired, and then dried. The closest thing to fresh tea leaves, white tea retains the highest concentrations of catechin polyphenols, which research shows may help prevent cancer, lower blood cholesterol, and control high blood pressure.

    Green tea is rich in powerful antioxidants, and has been known to fight viruses and slow aging. Green tea aids in weight loss, reduces "bad" cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and is also associated with the prevention of cancer. Green tea is widely used as a natural preservative in food and cosmetics. It even looks fresh and healthy! Green helps overweight people shed excess fat without side effects. It may help modulate calorie and fat burning through the sympathetic nervous system, the adrenal glands and specific nerve chemicals. Green tea shows fat-burning properties beyond those explained by its caffeine content.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    White tea latte
    This is a most soothing & calming drink. White tea is very high in antioxidant content and very low in caffeine, making this a delightful and healthful indulgence! Steep 8 oz. MEDITATIVE MIND using 3 tsp tea leaves and water at 160°F for 3 minutes. Steam or Froth 4 oz. milk to twice its volume. Add tea concentrate to milk, and sweeten as desired. Makes two lattes.

    Meditative Creme Brulée
    This MEDITATIVE MIND–infused crème brulee is very delicate and aromatic treat. In the afternoon, it pairs well with MEDITATIVE MIND tea or Champagne. In the evening, it is wonderful with a sweet white Bordeaux, like Sauternes or Barsac.
    INGREDIENTS: 3 cups heavy cream; 6 TBS sugar; 6 egg yolks; ¼ cup MEDITATIVE MIND tea concentrate (steep 2 TBS MEDITATIVE MIND loose leaves in ¼ cup boiling water for 5 minutes); ½ cup light brown sugar.
    PREPARATION: Preheat oven to 325° F. Heat the cream in the top of a double boiler and stir in the sugar. Beat the egg yolks until light and very gradually pour the hot cream over them, stirring all the while. Stir in the tea concentrate. Pour the mixture into six ½ cup baking dishes. Place the dishes into a large pan filled to 1 inch height with hot water. Bake for about 35 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center of the crèmes comes out clean. Do not over-bake, as the crèmes will continue to cook themselves from retained heat after you remove them from the oven. Chill overnight. Before serving, cover the surface of each dish lightly with brown sugar. Set the dishes into the large pan again, this time filled with iced water and broil for less than a minute, just until the sugar is brown and melted. Serves: 6.

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    This is a nice bright, floral tea that is wonderful to drink when the sun is shining. A great way to start your day. No honey needed for a full flavor and balanced notes!—Taylor
    This is a great every day tea. It smells like spring and helps curb my appetite. I steep it an extra few minutes for more of the lovely taste in each sip.—Kkat
    The aroma of this tea is incredible, with the fragrance of light, bright rose and a hint of jasmine. I like to drink it in the afternoon, and it works great to quell my mid-afternoon hunger pangs!—Teresa
    Just like the title says, this tea is perfect for when you want to sit, sip and let your mind go. It is light enough to drink anytime of day especially when you need to take that quiet reflective moment To yourself. —TR TLover
    This tea is a wonderful afternoon pick up. It helps clear the mind and center the spirit. It tastes and feels like a mini meditation session.—Sandi
    I simply cannot say enough good things about this tea. The aroma is beautiful with a hint of jasmine and rose behind the white tea while it steeps. The liquor is a lovely amber color and continues to give off a pleasing aroma. The taste is simply sublime. I taste the jasmine first, but not because it is overpowering, just because it is a favorite of mine. Then the subtle rose essence appears in equal measure. The white tea is delicate and lively on the tongue and a perfectly balanced compliment to the other flavors. The whole melange made me feel like the tea was literally dancing on my tongue. Not a foot-stomping square dance, but more like a beautiful ballet. Happy and lively yet delicate and romantic. This is a perfect tea for a quiet moment of contemplation at the end of the day, and the name Meditative Mind could not be more appropriate. It held up well to a second steeping, with the subtle addition of something akin to sweet hay in the taste and aroma. Very pleasing. I look forward to enjoying more of this tea at my earliest opportunity, along with a good book and a cashmere throw. —Dstarr333
    This was the first Tea Spot tea I ever tried -- the lucky accident of someone re-gifting a gift they couldn't use. What was in that tin was good enough to get me searching online to find where I could order more. The blend has every luscious element a sensualist could want: rose petals, jasmine, tea leaves both green and white. Visually it's one of the most beautiful teas the Tea Spot offers -- chock full of extravagantly large and lavishly lovely pieces of stuff, one of those teas that could make you go out and buy a glass pot just for the visuals... That said, I don't think Meditative Mind is quite as successful on the whole as the parts would make you think. I'm not sure why. This does not stop me from drinking plenty of it (usually when I'm feeling mindless) but I think I drink it more for what it could be than for what it is. Meditative Mind is good enough to be an everyday tea -- to drink without thinking too hard. I can get a serviceable third infusion, suffering no bitterness, if I start with more leaves (and buds) in the pot. Addendum: Halfway through my [pound] bag, I finally made a pot worth raving about. The one thing I noticed particularly was that I was measuring out more white needles and more Jasmine Pearls, less of the bigger twiggy pieces. I think what I really want out of this tea is more tea, less of the leafy other stuff which, though lovely, messes with the message. I also find that adding one whole Damascan rose bud brings the rose flavor forward in a way that's very much needed. —Sophie
    A few months back I received a free sample of Meditative Mind in the mail with our tea order. It turned out to be one of me and my wife's favorites. —mtnjak
    This is by far one of the best teas I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It is a relaxing and smooth addition to my evening wind down routine with a dreamy and rich scent.—Rai
    I love the soft floral taste of this wonderful tea. When I first held it up to take a sip I clearly smelled roses.—Debbie
    This tea is a great way to end the day. The notes are relaxing and there is a subtle floral component from the rosebuds and jasmine. I drink this tea after meditating to keep my intentions. —Alyssa
    This and the Monkey Picked White are my morning combo. Since this one is stronger, I use about 1/4 of the amount that I do the MPW. Makes a nice brew to start the day. I'll also run the leaves through a second time and use that for iced tea later.—chili cooker
    This has always been my favorite tea. It used to be so beautiful. I just received my bulk order and have zero actual rose buds! So dissappointing. —Mbl607
    I received this teas as a sample and it is great! Clean fresh flavor. I ordered 1/2 lb. of it. —Tea4me
    As I've gotten older, I am not able to handle as much coffee as I used to, so these days, I limit my coffee intake to a couple of cups in the morning. After that, I switch to tea. My wife and I both really liked this one. I was concerned that the rosebuds and jasmine might make it a bit too aromatic and floral, but no. It's balanced very well and neither the aroma nor the flavor overwhelms. This is a really pleasant, all day tea that I will keep in stock.—Simon
    I purchased the sample size first, normally I am a black tea and chai consumer. I brewed this tea for a late night cup. Beautiful fragrance each time I put my nose to the cup. No sweetener needed, beautifully light and great for an evening cup.!—Cheri
    I liked this one, it would be nice when you just want to relax. I wonder how much caffeine is in this?—Kris
    This has a very subtle & delicate rose scent but what I taste most is the jasmine. I was always curious about this one. So glad I got a sample of this in my last order. —Eileen
    This was exactly what i was looking for, i have tried several tea's but this unique blend is hands down my favorite. It' a sweet floral taste, that i cant get out of my mind! Truly loving every sip! —jade
    This tea is so soothing to me. I first received it as a free sample then bought it loose and love it before or after my yoga session. Really keeps my mind right and I feel this sense of balance when I drink it from the floral flavor!—Yogi girl
    I got this tea as a sample in my last order, and it is hands down, my new number 1 favorite tea EVER! It has a wonderful and calming fragrance, and a light floral flavor. I will most definitely be buying this in a bulk quantity in my next order. So in love with this tea! <3 —adrianne_m_vt
    Had this tea before bed tonight! The smell and taste were relaxing and helped me to distress after a stressful day!—Kathy
    I tried this yesterday for an afternoon tea....and it has become my new favorite for a spot of tea in the afternoon!—Missy
    This tea has a beautiful aroma and tastes great! I received this tea with the Colorado set and it is my absolute favorite. I drink it a couple times a day and re-infused it tastes so good. Tip: sniff in the aroma as you sip. It increases the flavor so much!—Katy
    This tea is very pretty! I have never had a tea with roses in it before. I was little afraid that it might have a strong flower flavor...but it does not! I enjoy the flavor and look forward to having a steaming cup right before bed! —Till
    The rosebuds in this tea aromatically tell you that you are going to be in for a surprise! I was amazed at how fragrant the tea was. As well as how all the different flavors come through. Definitely relaxing!—Shelby E.
    I love this tea and find it very relaxing. Its soft overtone of rosebuds / petals is delightful and reminds me of the fragrant roses growing at my childhood home.—Kari
    I thought it was good, but all I could taste was the jasmine pearls. A good winding down tea though. —Patrick
    Tried this tea last night for the first time. The taste is addictive, it tastes so good, when I got to the bottom of the cup, I wanted more. Very pleased with my order. Will be ordering more. Such a delicate flavored tea. Fabulous!! Try it, you will be happy you did.—Seren
    If you like rose flavored tea, you'll love this. If you don't then don't buy it. To me it's ok, but the rose flavoring seems to overpower any other flavor.—Moodleminski
    Love the smell, love the taste of it. Put a little sugar in it and it made it taste a lil sweeter but also love it with out sugar. But deffently getting this again—Tea lover
    Love the smell, love the taste of it. Put a little sugar in it and it made it taste a lil sweeter but also love it with out sugar. But deffently getting this again—Tea lover
    This is such a lovely and mellow tea! It has subtle flavors of jasmine and rose- and it smells wonderful. For me, it actually tastes better as it cools down. The flavors really come through. I only purchased a sample, but I will defiantly be getting a tin on my next order. This is a lovely way to relax at the end of the day.—KCMama
    This is a great tea to relax with.—Linda
    I just received this tea. I opened the packet and this tea is so beautiful to just look at. It smells wonderful. I prepared per directions on the package. It is lovely. Beautiful golden liquor, a very light tea with a wonderful aroma. Very relaxing and calming. This was my first order from The Tea Spot and I am definitely ordering more. —New2tea
    I'm not usually a fan of floral tea, however this one won me over! It was love at first steep!! The whole rose buds are simply lovely. Has a very mild and satisfying drinking experience without being overly floral in flavor. —~Bree
    A beautiful tea, in flavor and in the tin. Perfect at any time of the day. —Lynette
    Perfect mix of fragrant rose and jasmine in a mild white tea base. The heavenly fragrance and mixture relaxes me.—SamuraiTeaLover
    I absolutely love to relax with a cup of this tea. Meditative Minds envelops you with its' luxurious aroma and calming effect.—Janice
    I'm more of a dark drinker (with coffee, teas, pop, etc.) but this tea is so pretty and calming, I've found myself drinking when I'm feeling like I need a pick-me-up. I live in Alaska, and when the darkness is getting to my hubby, he makes a cup of this and just relaxes. I really do think it "creates an experience of aromatherapy" and calmness. Good job, Tea Spot!—Joy
    Currently my favorite white tea blend that's not fruity. The rosebuds add a soft sweetness to the brew, so no honey or sugar seem to be needed. It's good both hot and cold, though I prefer it hot -- the smells that come out of the mug are very relaxing.—isiwmlikeafish
    This tea smells amazing! I love the fragrance, the taste and the look of it. I have sampled about 10 teas from this site and this one is on my top 3 list. I must admit I didn't like a lot of the teas until I learned how to steep them properly. My suggestion is DO NOT FOLLOW the instructions on the packet. I made a great cup of tea by using smaller portions and using water ran through my coffee maker instead of boiled on a stove top. Came out perfect. I didn't like any tea I purchased until I changed my steeping method!—Ritta A.
    I fell in love with this tea and its gentle but distinctly floral taste! I simply cannot go a full day without at least one cup of it!—Coral
    I love the scent of this and can't stop drinking it.—Julie
    The tea is so beautiful and smells amazing. The flavor is light and appealing. I could drink it everyday! I was attempting to no caffeine but decided the best I could do was low caffeine, I just couldn't fall in love with the herbal teas as I have this one. —Renee
    I'm not really into rose teas, but gave this a try after raves from a friend. The combination of rose, jasmine, and white tea really works beautifully together. It's not overly floral, but it has much better flavor than typical jasmine teas. One of my favorite teas. Perfect all by itself, and what I reach for when I want to be soothed.—Jessica
    love this tea so much hope you do to :)—allie
    I love this tea in the afternoons when I'm still hard at work and starting to drag. There's something magical about it, with its golden color and variety of floral aromas. Every sip feels like an extravagant luxury - I'm drinking rosebuds! In reality, though, it's very affordable, because it can be steeped multiple times with great flavor. —Kearah
    I saw this tea tin on the shelf at the store and just knew I had to try it. It's one of my favorite blended white teas. When I'm having a stressful time, this is the tea I grab. It takes me to a calm place. And it tastes great too! You can't go wrong with this one!—Bobbi
    This tea is fantastic. I received a sample of it about a year ago and finally tried it recently. I have recommended this tea to everyone I know. Totally worth the money and the wait!—Kelsey
    This is my favorite tea from The Tea Spot. The combination of jasmine and rose smells and tastes wonderful. —Cheri
    This tea tasted as described, has a lovely calming aroma and a mild taste. Was able to steep multiply times. —kat
    This tea is amazing! I love it and nothing I have tried compares! You will agree once you try this delicious tea.—Lynn
    This is one of my favorite blends. I love to throw some in my cold brew bottle and refill it throughout the day. One serving provides a ton of infusions. This tea is well balanced, with no one flavor taking over.Even my friends that don't like rose flavor enjoy this tea.—Kyra
    I like this blend, I do feel like I have to brew it a little longer to coax out the flavor, but it is a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day.—Amy
    Although I'm not normally keen on florals, the rosebuds and jasmine paired so beautifully with the white tea (which is my favourite kind of tea) that I'm hooked on it! It really was like having a relaxing spa break. The light and delicate aroma was a delight to the senses, and sipping on this wonderful tea combination put me in a very contemplative mood. So relaxing, and a great tasting tea. A wonderful way to have a time out. I could imagine soaking in the bath with some candles and a cup of this tea. A definite winner from the Tea Spot.—Tracy
    I absolutely adore this tea, in my opinion, it's simply the best white tea blend around!! It's light, & beautiful. The color, aroma, & flavor puts my mind at ease, even after the most stressful day! If you are looking for a delightful tea-give Meditative Mind a try, you won't be sorry, especially if you're in love with jasmine like me!! -Katie—Katie
    I suppose when a tea is the very first one that you run out of, it must be your favorite. I am a jasmine tea lover. As a matter of fact, I stumbled across The Tea Spot in a search for jasmine teas. I purchased a sample of this tea along with jasmine pearls and jasmine petals teas. Meditative Mind won my vote, hands down! The green tea based jasmines are fantastic, but this white tea has all of the beautiful floral nose of the jasmine tea with the delicate white tea flavor. A truly beautiful tea.—CJ
    Sipping on this, I noticed the subtle hints of rosebud and jasmine, but they don't overpower the great taste of the tea. Its more of a undertone. Perfect for winding down, and its incredibly soothing. A must have for any one who meditates, this tea is the one for relaxing the body and mind before meditation.—Radi
    I love lighter teas, fragranced or straight. The three separate components are fantastic on their own, and I love a good rose-green blend, or a jasmine green, or a jasmine white, or- you get the idea- all three flavors together are a bit too much for one cup, and you could barely taste the one for another. I enjoyed my sample, but I won't be buying it again. —Szwik
    To be honest I'm not a light tea drinker preferring black, pu'erh, etc. teas. I read all the reviews and I thought I'd give Meditative Mind a try, and I'm so very glad I did! I'm a diabetic and I hardly ever put anything in my tea to sweeten it, and this tea is perfect as is. Very smooth and yes, calming. I absolutely love it and I'm ordering more! Martha—MarthaACH
    This is one of my all time favorite teas. It's a wonderful pick-me-up in the afternoon, without giving me caffeine jitters that would keep me awake at night. And it tastes so good! Highly recommended.—Dakshina
    I was first given this tea as a sample. I had ordered some green tea and some black tea and in a little pouch was given two to three cups of this delicious amazing aromatic feel good tea. With one sample pack I was hooked and I've ordered it consecutively for the last 2 years. I highly recommend it if you like aromatic, fragrant, sweet smelling teas. Plus it tastes amazing too! Good for any time of the day. —Liz H
    I love the aroma of this tea. I brew some up in the afternoon when I need some calm in my day—Caroline
    This tea reminds me of a warm summer night, the roses are not overpowering but make the tea over the top soothing, beautiful, and delicious. A real treat. I like to drink it in the evening.—Corey
    I really like this tea. It is very relaxing and fragrant, without any hint of bitterness. If you like this, you will probably like their White Wedding blend as well. —Jen
    Nicely balanced with subtle flavors. My husband likes it so much, he was being territorial over the tin of it!!!—Gail and Carl
    This is the prettiest tea. Almost too pretty to brew. The flavor is great. Not overwhelming as I first suspected it would be.—Angie
    This is the prettiest tea. Almost too pretty to brew. The flavor is great. Not overwhelming as I first suspected it would be.—Angie
    I love this tea! It's delicate and subtle, and perfect for a light afternoon pick-me-up. The combination of jasmine and rose are amazingly fragrant without being overpowering!—Mel
    I love The Teaspot! A combination of Bolder Breakfast and Meditative Mind got me through law school. :)—Jen
    Very nice tea. Pleasant aroma. Pretty leaves and buds. i usually don't sweeten my tea but had a sore throat so I added a little honey to my second cup and WOW! It was nice and smooth.—Stacy
    Lovely to look at, delicious to taste! This is a new favorite. Your teas are exquisite...I was hooked from my first order!—Linda
    i used to say i didn't like white teas, that i was strictly a black tea lover...then a friend of mine ordered this thru me while i was ordering my black teas and i had a mug of this tea and I am literally in wasn't love at first smell, as i thought at first the rose smell was a turn off, but i was mistaken, it is now true love!—Nicole Kohler
    This has a nice taste and is good after a long day!—Heidi Casso
    I have been battling gastro intestinal issues for the past 3 years. Recently my family turned me on to drinking loose leaf tea, and I can say that I truly believe your tea has helped me battle my stomach issues. Since drinking your Earl Grey and Meditative Mind I have not only found it easier to eat food, but am regaining my appetite and putting weight back on. You have made my life better through your products. Thank you—Dan Sorenson
    This tea SAVED me when I had horrible morning sickness with my last pregnancy, and now baby 2 is on the way! Thank you for such amazing tea!! (I did double check with my midwife to make sure it was okay to drink while pregnant) first—Chelsea Hallenbeck
    This is my favorite tea - ever!—Danielle Housenick
    way too many flower tones to this tea. If u r like me then this tea is not for you. With that said it's not a bad tea I added lemonade to make my brew drinkable for myself.—Emmanuel Bermudez
    I really like this tea. It is flowery and grounding, good for the evening hours.—Christy Jenevein
    I love the Meditative Mind blend -- the beauty of the dainty little rosebuds among the leaves, the wonderful floral aroma that curls up from the cup, and the delicate flavors of the jasmine and white teas were a delight to all my senses! It is my new favorite! —Suzanne Anthony
    Visually, you’ll never find a more attractive blend, as the large white tea leaves and the pale pink rose petals really are a stunning display. The tea also has a wonderful aroma that is surprisingly sweet despite the floral overtones.—Kylie
    This tea is divine! I was so surprised to open up the adorable pink tin and see real rosebuds mixed in with the beautiful white tea leaves!! I love serving this tea to my girlfriends, it’s always a huge hit with the crowd—Jaime
    I love this tea! It is great tasting and the smell really calms you. You can definately drink this tea several times a day. It's a winner!—Jill Hammes
    This tea is like a love poem to yourself. I get as much enjoyment brewing my tea (I use one of those clear over the cup brewers so the tea really floats and unfurls) as I do drinking it. In fact I use a double walled glass mug too and enjoy the beautiful colors of my different teas. So anyway, this tea is just lovely for all the senses. I also find it relaxing and I think the flavors are fairly well balanced - though I sometimes add some extra jasmine.—Jyl
    I typically don't like teas with flowery overtones, but this tea is an exception! The taste is amazing! Definitely worth trying!—Megan Swartz
    This is the second tea that I have tried here. It does smell and look incredible, but taste is unimpressive.—Allyson C
    At first I didn't know what tho think about drinking rose petals. But cup after cup this is slowly becouming one of my favorite teas. From my A.D.D. standpoint, this tea helps me concentrate and maintain energy without going crazy like other teas of coffee—johnnyBIG
    Wonderful aroma and flavor. Perfect for a quiet moment.—Angel Miner
    This tea is so beautiful to look at, and is the freshest and best-smelling loose leaf tea in Whole Foods. It's so great you can buy it in bulk, I already have too many pink tins.—Taylor
    AMAZING flavor and aroma! I can't get enough. I, too, have a good collection of the cute pink tins!—Hannah
    I love the smell of roses. When I received my tin, I was delighted by the site of the little pink buds inside and immediately loved the aroma. The brewed product is better still. Definitely my favorite tea!! Doesn't even need sugar or honey.—MariLisa
    My favorite tea. I went without it for several months until I just re-ordered it again in bulk, and man, I missed it! This tea doesn't taste very flavorful until you combine it with something. The flavor of the rosebuds and jasmine doesn't really come through unless you eat it with something creamy. Whenever I have a bagel and cream cheese, I know I need this tea to complete it.—Chris Brendel