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Wonderful aroma and flavor. Perfect for a quiet moment. –Angel Miner
This tea is so beautiful to look at, and is the freshest and best-smelling loose leaf tea in Whole Foods. It's so great you can buy it in bulk, I already have too many pink tins. –Taylor
AMAZING flavor and aroma! I can't get enough. I, too, have a good collection of the cute pink tins! –Hannah
I love the smell of roses. When I received my tin, I was delighted by the site of the little pink buds inside and immediately loved the aroma. The brewed product is better still. Definitely my favorite tea!! Doesn't even need sugar or honey. –MariLisa
My favorite tea. I went without it for several months until I just re-ordered it again in bulk, and man, I missed it! This tea doesn't taste very flavorful until you combine it with something. The flavor of the rosebuds and jasmine doesn't really come through unless you eat it with something creamy. Whenever I have a bagel and cream cheese, I know I need this tea to complete it. –Chris Brendel
I love the Meditative Mind blend -- the beauty of the dainty little rosebuds among the leaves, the wonderful floral aroma that curls up from the cup, and the delicate flavors of the jasmine and white teas were a delight to all my senses! It is my new favorite!  –Suzanne Anthony
Visually, you’ll never find a more attractive blend, as the large white tea leaves and the pale pink rose petals really are a stunning display. The tea also has a wonderful aroma that is surprisingly sweet despite the floral overtones. –Kylie
This tea is divine! I was so surprised to open up the adorable pink tin and see real rosebuds mixed in with the beautiful white tea leaves!! I love serving this tea to my girlfriends, it’s always a huge hit with the crowd –Jaime
I love this tea! It is great tasting and the smell really calms you. You can definately drink this tea several times a day. It's a winner! –Jill Hammes
This tea is like a love poem to yourself. I get as much enjoyment brewing my tea (I use one of those clear over the cup brewers so the tea really floats and unfurls) as I do drinking it. In fact I use a double walled glass mug too and enjoy the beautiful colors of my different teas. So anyway, this tea is just lovely for all the senses. I also find it relaxing and I think the flavors are fairly well balanced - though I sometimes add some extra jasmine. –Jyl
I typically don't like teas with flowery overtones, but this tea is an exception! The taste is amazing! Definitely worth trying! –Megan Swartz
This is the second tea that I have tried here. It does smell and look incredible, but taste is unimpressive. –Allyson C
At first I didn't know what tho think about drinking rose petals. But cup after cup this is slowly becouming one of my favorite teas. From my A.D.D. standpoint, this tea helps me concentrate and maintain energy without going crazy like other teas of coffee –johnnyBIG
I love The Teaspot! A combination of Bolder Breakfast and Meditative Mind got me through law school. :) –Jen
Very nice tea. Pleasant aroma. Pretty leaves and buds. i usually don't sweeten my tea but had a sore throat so I added a little honey to my second cup and WOW! It was nice and smooth. –Stacy
Lovely to look at, delicious to taste! This is a new favorite. Your teas are exquisite...I was hooked from my first order! –Linda
i used to say i didn't like white teas, that i was strictly a black tea lover...then a friend of mine ordered this thru me while i was ordering my black teas and i had a mug of this tea and I am literally in love...it wasn't love at first smell, as i thought at first the rose smell was a turn off, but i was mistaken, it is now true love! –Nicole Kohler
This has a nice taste and is good after a long day! –Heidi Casso
I have been battling gastro intestinal issues for the past 3 years. Recently my family turned me on to drinking loose leaf tea, and I can say that I truly believe your tea has helped me battle my stomach issues. Since drinking your Earl Grey and Meditative Mind I have not only found it easier to eat food, but am regaining my appetite and putting weight back on. You have made my life better through your products. Thank you –Dan Sorenson
This tea SAVED me when I had horrible morning sickness with my last pregnancy, and now baby 2 is on the way! Thank you for such amazing tea!! (I did double check with my midwife to make sure it was okay to drink while pregnant) first –Chelsea Hallenbeck
This is my favorite tea - ever! –Danielle Housenick
way too many flower tones to this tea. If u r like me then this tea is not for you. With that said it's not a bad tea I added lemonade to make my brew drinkable for myself. –Emmanuel Bermudez
I really like this tea. It is flowery and grounding, good for the evening hours. –Christy Jenevein