Mountain Tea Tumbler

Rugged & Insulated  

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Take your tea on any adventure with this stainless steel tea tumbler. Iced or hot, its double-walled insulation will keep your tea fresh for hours. The ultra-fine stainless steel filter is large enough to allow for loose tea leaves of all sizes. Try adding fruits and herbs for a spa water experience. This rugged design is durable as well as beautiful — ready to keep you hydrated on every expedition!


  • 16 oz Loose Leaf Tea Tumbler
  • Double-walled Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Steel Infuser
  • Insulative for Hot or Cold Beverages
  • Hand wash with hot soapy water
  • NOT Microwave-safe
  • Lead-free, Cadmium-free, BPA-free

Alternatively, check out our glass Urban Tea Tumbler.

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Price: $32.95

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I love this tumbler. It keeps my tea cold for a long time. Haven't tried it out in the winter yet. I love the durability and that the color doesn't flake off like on some other bottles. —Shannon
This is a terrific Steepware bottle, and it does a good job of keeping cold tea cool. Gone are those worries of banging or dropping a glass bottle! And the carrying loop can be clipped to a carabiner. I'm always afraid the Urban's cork loop will be fragile, so I've never used it for carrying that tumbler. There are a couple of differences from the Urban borosilicate Steepware bottle to keep in mind: 1. It's harder to fill because you can't see when you're getting near the top. Solution: fill it before you put the infuser in place, then top it off (just 'til the water shows above the screen). 2. The double-walled construction means it's not hot to the touch when filled with hot water. I always knew when my hot tea was cool enough to drink, when the glass bottle no longer burned me. This is insulated, so impatience is rewarded with a burned tongue! 3. The infuser is not in the bottom of the water, so infusion really only continues until you drink half the tea. If you're not used to sipping for hours, and expecting infusion to continue for all that time, then no worries. (Make cold infusions and let them steep overnight, then drink up!) I've found that I prefer the Mountain Tea Tumbler for cold teas, and the Urban Tea Tumbler for hot teas, for these reasons.—Chris
I absolutely LOVE this tumbler. I am very picky about the mouth piece and this has my favorite style. Great handle for carrying. Keeps hot for a long time. Filter is large for fruit infusions yet the mesh is small enough that the loose tea doesn't slip through. This has become my very favorite!!!—Chrystal
This is a super-rugged tumbler you can take anywhere without worrying about it. Nice large tea filter, which you can also fill with lemon pieces to make infused water, or a lemony iced tea. Good product.—Sal