Showing off, naturally: 30 local companies pack up for Natural Products Expo

Daily Camera - March 9,2007

Known in Boulder for its tea house and its line of loose–leaf teas, the TeaSpot is hoping to gain a lot of traction with a bigger launch of its patented Steepware products. The TeaSpot crew got a bit of a chance at the recent Fancy Food Show to tout the goods, but hopes to make a bigger splash at this event, said Karen Harbour, a co-founder. "The natural foods industry is a great place to start," she said. "Our first customer was Whole Foods." This won’t be the first expo for the TeaSpot, as the company exhibited its tinned teas at the show two years ago. The plan was to hibernate last year and come out swinging this time around with a bigger focus on the product launch and the rebranding efforts. The hope is to increase brand awareness, gain new accounts, connect with the existing broker network, build relationships in the industry and look for an investor, Harbour said. "This year's going to be a big year," she said. There’s also the curiosity aspect of the event, so Harbour expects to spend a little time walking the exhibit hall floors and scoping out the competition.

– Alicia Wallace