What to get Mom: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Edge - April 29,2008

If mom prefers yoga to bars, Pilates to princess cuts, how about a spot of tea? The new "it" drink of the season (and most popular drink in the history of man), tea has taken off for its taste, numerous health benefits, and for many, the ritual of preparing and drinking it.

Brewing tea can be a challenge for some (i.e. me); who knows how long it’s supposed to steep? What do you do with the leaves when it’s ready? How long has it actually been sitting there? Busy moms will appreciate the Steepware teapot by Tea Spot, because it takes all the guesswork out of the picture. Simply put the tea in the tea basket at the top of the pot, add hot (not boiling) water, and turn the dial to black, green, or herbal depending on the tea used. When it’s ready, you’ll hear a ,"ding," the leaves will be removed from the water, and your tea is ready– picture perfect every time.

Steepware keeps tea warm longer than most ceramic teapots, and the elegant black design fits in with modern décor, making tea time that much nicer! Available for about $70 at www.the–teaspot.com

— Jason Salzenstein
EDGE National Style & Travel Editor