"Celebration of Mommyhood" Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mommy Daddy Blog - May 3,2008

Mommy has been a mommy for six days now, and here is what she has to say about her newfound "mommyhood":

I’m loving mommyhood! I feel refreshed and confident. I’m experiencing changes in my body that I never knew could happen until now. The simple and maybe disgusting things like Jayden pooting and pooping out what resembles Grey Poupon excites me. Let’s me know that our bodies are getting along. I love ALL of his little sounds. I don’t mind his loud cries, I guess it’s a first time parent thing. He makes the cutest high pitched coo (Daddy mentioned it already!) when I bring him to the boobie bar. He gets so excited and starts snorting. I love it!

So, in light of Mommy’s recent official becoming of a mommy, we’re throwing a Mother’s Day giveaway to celebrate the joys of being a mommy with other mommies, new and seasoned, across the blogosphere! We’d like to call it, "Celebration of Mommyhood"!

The Prizes

We have a total of EIGHT gift packages to be won by EIGHT lucky winners! Take a peek at what there is to be won:

ONE winner will receive a PeaceLoveMom Drawstring Cotton Bag, a Baby Gizmo Buying Guide, a Dream With Me Tonight Volume 2 CD, and a 3–Way Life Pad!

ONE winner will receive a Peppermint Pattie Pedi kit!

ONE winner will receive a momAgenda Desktop (lime), an Adult Classic Seaband (malibu stripe), and a Toddler Classic Seaband (pink doggy paw)!

ONE winner will receive a momAgenda Desktop (lime) and an Onni Red Crown Handbag!

FOUR winners will receive a Steeping Cup with Meditative Mind Tea, and a 3–Way Life Pad!

And we’re also going to throw in a surprise "goodie" in every package! If you’d like a specific gift package, please specify which one you’d like in the comments. Otherwise, a gift package will be chosen at random if you win. We hope that we can make this Mother’s Day a little bit more special for eight mommies out there enjoying mommyhood!