Tea Spot Debuts Tough Steeper for Travel, Cooking

World Tea News - February 9,2009

Taking one for the road may be easier for on-the-go tea lovers with the Tea Spot’s latest innovative product: the Tuffy Steeper.

These reusable, collapsible silicone steeping baskets are compatible with most traditional cups, mugs and teapots. Tuffy Steepers are durable and dishwasher safe, as well as heat and odor resistant. When tea is done steeping, the Tuffy Steeper’s lid doubles as a saucer that holds the tea until disposal or re-steeping.

According to the Tea Spot, the steeper can also aid chefs in tea-related cooking by straining tea leaves, herbs or spices without creating a mess.

The Tuffy Steeper has an MSRP of $8.95 and comes in four colors: violet, olive, charcoal and blueberry. Wholesale information is available.

The Tea Spot, based in Boulder, Colo., is a woman-owned and operated company founded in 2003. A portion of sales from all products is donated to cancer research and wellness organizations.