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Wonderfully deep, rich, and earthy. Our organic black pu'erh leaves infuse strong for 3-4 infusions. Recently entering the international market with a most unique style and flavor, pu-erh tea is now revered by tea lovers from around the world. Aged and fermented pu-erh enjoys the good reputation of weight-loss tea and heart-health tea as it cuts through fat and decreases cholesterol, earning the name "Happy Heart Pu'erh".*


  • Premium Organic Black Pu'erh Tea
  • Origin: China, Yunnan Province
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Tin 2.5 oz ~ 33 servings
  • Bulk 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • Bulk 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Caffeine: Very High

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
3-5 min
Per 8 oz. water

Pu'erh Tea

  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Hangover Relief
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    There isn't really anything else that tastes like puerh. It's one of those teas I think you'll either like, or not really. I don't mind some now and then, but it's not one I keep in stock.—Moodleminski
    This is the black tea I have been looking for. Don't let the name or the fact it is fermented throw you off. It's my new standard in black tea! Great for you and great for the palette. It's full-bodied and satisfying when you drink it straight.—Amanda
    No more coffee for me after discovering Pu erh tea! If the taste doesn't happen to thrill you blend it with Blk. Assam organic like I do(nice pinch of Dk.Rst.Oolng too). Wakes you without jitters.—Gina
    Was reading through the reviews and was a little disappointed with the information. My first experience with pu-erh was somewhat similar to the common reviews in here but after much research and my budgetary abilities, i have found a way to thoroughly enjoy pu-erh. For the fishy smell, i purchased some purple mason jars and placed the tea in it for about a month. In that month, I would open the container shake it up to move the tea around to let it breathe then close the lid (not tightly)--suggested container for continued aging is purple clay pots...those are expensive. When I went to steep a cup the fishy smell was virtually gone. If you are a first time pu-erh drinker and are working with a tea like this, pair it off with something citrusy like The Tea Spot's Blood Orange Smoothie. Once acclimated to the flavor of the pu-erh then attempt the plain pu-erh. You won't regret it. IT'S WONDERFUL!!!! It's a smooth and earthy flavor. Also a key factor to the flavor is making sure not to use water that is hotter than recommended, it does create a different flavor. Hope this information is helpful! I know this means waiting and a little work but it is well worth it. I use a rotation of 3 jars, 2 stored and one in use all dated so I know how long I've had the tea.—tris
    Upon opening the package, I noticed the fishy smell that some reviewers mentioned. When I read other reviews that it could taste like chocolate, I made a cup after a few days. The fishy smell had dissipated, and I definitely perceived chocolate while drinking. I read online that fishy leaves may be due to their being young leaves, and to pour the dry leaves into a paper bag, and let it "age" some more, which may remove any fishy smell. Update: In order to get the chocolate notes, I add sweetener and milk.—MC
    I constantly come back to this Puerh tea - its flavor is almost like chocolate in its richness, with none of the bitterness that you find in a dark chocolate. It's amazing for warming up (and waking up) on a chilly autumn or winter day.—Emily
    This is one of my favorite go to morning teas, I have two others I switch between but this in my #1 Choice! Holds up nice to a little creamer too. —Barb S
    I blend this with other teas for a real boost any time of day.—gina
    A surprisingly sedate, smooth tea with the classic pu'erh tapestry of flavors: autumn leaves, moist earth, dark chocolate, woodpile, caramel, new leather, mushroom, forest floor. Complex? You bet. Pu'erh is wonderful first thing in the morning before breakfast, drunk straight, nothing added, a meal in and of itself. Wakes you up and keeps you humming all day. This version brews up midnight-dark, slightly more viscous than regular black tea, yet is clean-tasting, light on the palate, and in the drinking leaves no aftertaste. Its earthy sweetness is even more pronounced in the second infusion. Though I noticed a "nose" of ammonia that hadn't been present at the first brewing, the accompanying flavor spike was not unpleasant and added an additional note of interest. I found the third infusion yielded deep color but little flavor. No worries. Two good infusions is enough. This is a fine tea. —Sophie
    This Pu'erh in deed does have a strong fishy presence to it. It's what is called a ripe Pu'erh meaning it's cooked to age instead of natural fermentation. I'll try aging in a paper bag or box and see if I can work the flavors out of it. If buying for the first time beware the smell of a young Shou Pu'erh can be really off putting. —rprvw
    This tea had a horrible fishy smell. It tasted fine but I could not drink it. —buddy
    The smell was off-putting to me...like something inedible. I tried to drink it anyway, and just couldn't get past the smell. After reading such varied reviews, I feel maybe it was a bad batch? I'm not willing to buy anymore though.—Jillsta
    This si the first time I had Pu Erh. I liked it. It was smooth yet strong. I can see mixing it with other black teas or drinking it by itself. —Kay
    I love Pu Erh with its unique and bold flavor and this is honestly a great variation of a legendary tea. I'm not sure if this particular product is artificially "Shou Cha" or is the real deal but its organic and delicious so making it a great fit! —Tea Rex
    This pu'erh tea is clearly made using the synthetic method, as it smells like fish and lacks the signature woody scent and taste. It may be organic, but it is not a good pu'erh. —pmott8
    Love this in the morning to get me going! Great flavor—vc
    Deep, earthy, and rich. Love this tea any time of the day.—Sail
    I never had pu'erh tea before, but I knew I had to try it based on its benefits. This tea tastes great! It has a deep chocolatey flavor. Strong but good.—Celeste
    This tea is rich, deep and woodsy...perfect for that a bolder cup.—Hthorn
    I'm kindof obsessed with this tea. I've started adding a pinch of this to every black tea I drink. It adds a depth that literally improves everything. Plus the added fat-burning & energy boost aren't bad side effects. =)—Lin
    What is with this tea...its smells like bad fish, had to clean out my tea maker several times to get ridge of the stench this tea left. —Terrible
    I love this tea in the morning, it has a nice mild bold taste & good with the earl grey—Irv
    This was an experiment with mixed results. I liked it, my wife felt it was a bit too much. She tends to like much more subtle flavors and is not really a fan of black teas. I, however, like s nice, rich flavor on occasion, and this one definitely delivers that. It has a light, almost chocolate sort of flavor. but is not sweet or flowery or fruity. If you like a good, strong cup of tea with lots of flavor, you will probably like this one. —Simon
    Bought a tin of this at Whole Foods trying to cut down on my carbon footprint....and I can say this tea is AWESOME!!!!! :) Love the hint of chocolate!! Very well might be my go-to pu erh!!! And since it might be good for me since my double by-pass, well, bravo tea spot!!!—Phil
    I LOVE this tea. The smell is wonderful as you sip the entire cup and adds to the flavor. If you close your eyes, you can see rich earth, walnuts and warm sunshine. Very soothing during work break time.—Rhonda
    i dont know if i got a bad batch or what, but i ordered 7 samples from teaspot, and they all ranged from good to great.. till i opened this one.. it had a "fish food" like smell, after a 3min brew it was a black as coffee, after 3 sips i tossed it out, it tasted like FISH.. i had 3 others check it as well, all said the same thing. it was so bad i had to bleach my tea pot to get the stink out of it. :(—Russ
    I've been searching online to find a good tea supplier and I'm so glad I found The Tea Spot. The Organic Puerh tea tasted really good even though it was the first time and thus I couldn't compare it to anything else. I've read some nice articles about Puerh Tea and wanted to experience it. I brewed and tasted once, and it had mushroomy smell and deep, complex, thick taste. It was quite an experience.—Jong
    I love this tea, I have been buying it from you for many years and it just makes my day, every day. yum—Pamela Pitt
    I'm new to tea, but I love this tea! I drink tea now to replace other caffeine sources (soda, pills), and I don't like coffee. Bolder Breakfast is my other favorite. Love the earthy flavor.—Luke Ewing
    I'm afraid I'm not a real fan of this tea. It's got a real earthy tone to it, kind of like mushrooms and mold! Absolutely no astringency, so in that regard it is very smooth. Not for me.—Bill Buchanan
    The smoothest loose Pu'erh I've ever tried. This tea is an amazing deal. I buy it by the pound.—Alex
    This tea initially smells rather unpleasant as if putrid but I find the flavor is not at all what your nose is warning you of. It has the smoothest flavor of anything I have tasted; tea or otherwise. It has a very light earthy flavor akin to the lightest hint of a shitake mushroom. It quickly takes on the flavor of anything you put in it and I find that mixing Honey in as the sweetener yields absolutely delicious results.—Umbreona
    Full-bodied and rich. Even though this tea is not for everyone, it's the one i drink every morning, and this is the best quality I've found at an acceptable price.—Andy
    WOW! If you are trying to kick your coffee habit like I am, this is the tea to do it. Until I found this one, I didn't think any tea could match the viscosity that I enjoy so much with coffee. And you can reuse the leaves many times and the flavor keeps hanging on. I also have a sneaky suspicion that this pu'erh might be a good hangover remedy. —Joey S.
    Great red color in the infusion... Steeps 3 times, all good. Makes a great value if you buy it by the pound!—Lacey
    This is without a doubt, one of the best teas that I have had. I love it!—Thomas Kirkman