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The TeaSpot's Rooibos is the best! I love both this and the Red Rocks. Also makes the best decaf chai! –Erika H
Awesome tea...the best flavor in any rooibos I've tried. –Louisa
Super-smooth flavor, and so healthy. I miss it when i don't have any :( –Masha
This is the best tea. Really love it. Please keep stocking this tea. Wonderful smooth flavor tea. –Perry Trueax
This Rooibos is a little bit weaker in flavor than what I am used to but that can easily be solved by just using a little more in the infuser. It brews up with that beautiful red color I expect of a top quality Rooibos and the smell is so wonderful I could use it as an Air Freshener. It smells and tastes like Cherry Wood to me and is very pleasant. No bitterness at all so for anyone looking for a relaxing way to end a day that tastes good and does not hype you up this Rooibos can be the perfect brew. I also like the fact that it is a solid Organic product giving it that little extra added value. –Umbreona
Write a review... –John Wilson