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I got a sample of this & a few other black teas in my order from the Tea Spot, & it won’t last long! I drank a cup this morning, complete with re-steeps, & I don’t know how to describe it! ~ The aroma & taste remind me somewhat of a Keemun, in that there is a little of that (very light) smoke & brown sugar essence. ~ The mouth feel is ridiculously smooth & creamy, almost like I’m drinking goatmilk, but thinner, like the purest water ever. ~ It’s bold, with almost a coffee-like background, a little chocolaty, mouth watering, & did I mention ‘smooth’? It’s as smooth as silk! Next time I get the tin…  –Terri
Received this one as a sample. Not a favorite. It's not as smooth as I was anticipated, and seemed overall weak. I much prefer the Tea Spot's Assam black. –Tami Hannon