Connoisseur Tea Sampler

Refined & Transcendent  

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Let your mind wander to the far edges of the world as your palate explores each rare and limited tea in this collection. The diverse flavors, aromas, and appearance of the leaves will amaze you. Each sip will transport you to the tea gardens, from the southernmost island of Japan to Sri Lanka, then to China's Yunnan and Fujian Provinces, where the craft of tea has been perfected for thousands of years.


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Per 8 oz. water
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I got this sampler to try a little of everything. I really enjoy the Black Pearls and Golden Pu'reh, as I tend to prefer strong tea with a good flavor that can stand on its own in place of coffee. I wasn't as impressed with the Silver Needle or 88th Night for these reasons, but this could be simply the nature of the tea itself and my personal taste for teas. Great sampler for trying several different teas.—Casey