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This spicy chai infusion kicks the cold away with the aromatic harmony: red rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chai spices and a kiss of vanilla come together in this complex yet balanced herbal chai tea. Naturally caffeine-free and high in antioxidants and minerals, Red Hot Chai's rooibos base provides health benefits and a mild honey sweetness to compliment the bold flavors of a traditional masala chai. Absolutely decadent when made with steamed milk as a chai tea latte, Red Hot Chai is sure to bring you comfort and cozy any time of day.


  • Premium Herbal Chai
  • Rooibos Origin: South Africa
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Mini Tin 1.1 oz ~ 15 servings
  • Bulk 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • Bulk 1/2 LB ~ 220 servings
  • 100% Naturally Caffeine-Free

Ingredients: rooibos, black pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon chips, cardamom, vanilla and chai spice flavoring

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
6-7 min
Per 8 oz. water

Rooibos, South African Herbal Red "Tea"

  • Caffeine-free
  • Very Calming
  • Rehydrating
  • Restorative, Rich in Minerals
  • Anti-Allergy
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • With its many positive attributes, Rooibos tea is a great choice of drink for health conscious people. Rooibos tea contains no colors, additives or preservatives, making it a natural beverage. It contains no caffeine. According to studies conducted in South Africa and Japan, Rooibos has been shown to aid in health problems such as insomnia, irritability, headaches, nervous tension, and hypertension. Studies also show that this tea relieves anti spasmodic agents, which can relieve stomach cramping and colic in infants. In South Africa, Rooibos has been used to treat allergies such as hay fever, asthma and eczema very effectively . It is also used to treat irritated skin. Rooibos is brewed and placed directly on infected areas. Rooibos contains antioxidants which can help slow the aging process and boost the immune system. Rooibos is a great thirst quencher and is an excellent beverage for active people, including children. Most kids will drink Rooibos without added sugar or sweeteners. This tea contains almost no oxalic acid, making it a good beverage for people prone to kidney stones. Rooibos contains the following minerals: copper, iron and potassium, calcium, fluoride, zinc, manganese, alpha- hydroxy (for healthy skin) and magnesium (for the nervous system) are also components of this tea. In South Africa pregnant women and nursing mothers drink Rooibos because it contains no caffeine.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Chai Tea Latte (Makes 2 drinks)
    Steep 2 heaping tsp Red Hot Chai in boiling water for seven minutes, to make the tea base. While tea is steeping, heat 1/4 cup milk, either with an automatic whisk, or a milk steamer or foamer. Spoon the hot foamed milk, dividing evenly, into two 10–12 oz mugs. Pour the ready Red Hot Chai over the foamed milk in each mug and serve immediately. Sweeten with honey, if desired. A soothing spiced chai tea favorite!

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    If you love Red Rocks and Chai, you will love this tea. Trust me. After tasting the sample I received, I logged on just to rate it. Great blend, Tea Spot!—Kristina
    If you like red hot candies you'll love this chai. For me, the red hot flavor was a little overpowering but I am not a big fan of red hot candies so it makes sense that I don't like it. My husband on the other hand (a red hot candy lover) was happy with this tea. We both prefer climbers high chai but we were looking for a caffeine free alternative. I think we'll explore other rooibos chais before coming back to this one, but I don't think it's the fault of the tea, just our flavor preference.—Sarah
    Chai tea is not my favorite. Upon first smell, this tea is packed full of spice, but this tea is actually very smooth. I make a concentrated pot and top it off with steamed coconut milk. It tastes so good! Red hot chai is definitely my favorite chai.—Stephanie
    This beautiful tea with fabulous masala like flavorings is wonderful to sip in the afternoons!—Sailtracysail
    I was skeptical when my first herbal club shipment contained just rooibos teas, but Red Hot Chai has completely won me over. It's a nice, spicy tea - cinnamon and cloves, mmm. Perfect for a chilly morning or evening. It gets a little bitter if I let it get cold, but hot it's delicious. I usually drink my tea "black", but have discovered that this chai is simply scrumptious with a bit of cream added - almost like a dessert!—Mandie
    The Red Hot name is no mistake, this tastes just like the candy of the same name from my childhood. I'm not sure I would call it a chai, exactly, but it is spicy with the cinnamon and yet sweet with a little kick. This makes a great evening tea because it has no caffeine but you feel like you're drinking a 'real' tea that's not too dessert-like. I made a batch with one part water to two parts almond milk and it kept it's chai-like taste very nicely. I got this as a sample with my recent order and the bulk size is on my wishlist for my next order. This was a lovely surprise for a decaffeinated chai.—Janice
    Chai is my go to flavor, and this one is added to my fav's! Cinnamon with the hint of vanila...YUM!—Lonnie
    I received a sample of this tea with a prior order. I tried it hot and didn't really care for it. It sat in my cabinet for awhile and then I grabbed it on a whim for iced tea, wow! I'm addicted. Definitely try it iced.—Happycamper
    This herbal chai is decadent and delicious. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves chai, and/or anyone interested in sampling a new tea. —ohm
    Of all the teas I have tried so far from The Tea Spot, this one is my favorite. It is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet for ice tea. I took it on a picnic and my friends enjoyed it, too. I also love that it is caffeine free. I like finding teas I can drink after noon which will not keep me awake at night. The only thing which would make this better is if it was organic. I want to stick with organic teas but this one is too good to pass by...—Janice
    If you like chia and love cinnamon, this is the tea for you!!! I found it very good and it's aroma basically took over the whole house. It smelled like the holidays! Very strong flavor, but can be easily defused with a little additional hot water, shorter steeping time or perhaps a splash of the milk of your choice. —Liz H.
    Such a comforting cup of tea. Reminds me of my grandfathers pipe. :)—Sarah
    I received this as a sample while on the hunt for a good Earl Grey for my husband. Because of the title, I would not have tried this, but the sample was so good, I came back and ordered a tin. It was like The Tea Spot knew what I would like—Inner Sun Soap
    Let me start by saying that I dislike the flavor of plain rooibus. I thought this would be considerably spicier and have more notes of cinnamon and cardamom, based on the name, but you can hardly taste the spices at all. —Jen
    This is a wonderful flavor with lots of kick, but not like something that is too spicy. I was a little worried at the name and got it as a sample and really love it.—Go
    I was surprised how much I liked this. Dee[ flavors, rich tasting, my new favorite.—queennae
    When I thought a red couldn't get better than Red Rocks. I love this one equally the same, but when I'm in the mood for a spicier flavor, this one rocks as well!!—Gail
    SO flavorful and delicious, with a nice warm glow from the spices. Attractive looking, too. Well done, Tea Spot folks...another spot-on blend!—Linda Lunbeck