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Full bodied and smooth with overtones of almond. Excellent for any time of day. –Valerie
This tea is great for allergies, or whenever you're feeling a touch under the weather - it'll make you feel cozy and less congested. –Alissa
The thought of spending valuable tea drinking time on a non-caffeinated drink didn't appeal to me until a co-worker peer pressured me into it. What a treat it turned out to be. I was surprised how sweet it was. And perfect for my busy work environment because I have a habit of oversteeping my tea. Don't have to worry about that with this one! Just like the description states - "the longer the better."  –Martha Kensington
So sweet and creamy in flavor... My favorite night-time tea! –Maria
I had a terrible cold last week. No Nyquil or OTC cold medicine could help. This tea knocked it right out of my system. 5 stars!! –Andrew
I have two girls ages 4 and 2 and they like this tea. It is caffeine free so they can drink it anytime. Not to mention the health benefits it provides them! And its great for me to drink before bedtime. –Jill Hammes
I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your tea! It is so fresh and flavorful. I gave a tin of the Red Rocks, my favorite, to my daughter-in-law. She is Russian, and drinks only Russian tea that her mother sends her from Moscow. She turns up her nose at teabags. Well. She is going back to Moscow to visit this summer, and plans to take several tins of Red Rocks for gifts for her mother and friends! –Teri Lefever
We just returned home to Nashville from vacationing in Williamsburg, VA. While there, we purchased some of your Roches Rouges loose tea in the 100g tin at The Cheese Shop in Old Williamsburg. Fabulous! We have been drinking cups and cups of it morning and evening since we got back home! Best rooibos blend my husband and I have ever tried. Thanks! Now that we know about you, we'll be looking for your products at Whole Foods here in the Nashville area. –Lori Bynes
I had previously tried a Rooibos tea before and I did NOT like it at all!! A friend told me to try this tea and I love it! Its good tea, super smooth and not at all bitter even if you double steep :) –Lauren
This has quickly become my favorite tea, hands down. I drink tea all day long, and this is most often my choice. It smells very much like sweet pipe tobacco, and tastes very smooth. I don't ever want to run out of this tea. –Kristina
It smells like "drugstore" black cherrry tobacco. Very manly. However, the taste has a slight cherry kick, but is very mild. A good nighty-nightht tea. –Cay
I really like this tea. The longer you let it steep the better it gets. Good hot or cold. I agree with the other reviews, it smells a lot like cherry pipe tobacco. It tastes very mellow and smooth, you can definitely taste the vanilla and almonds. If you've never had a rooibos tea this is a good one to try. –Jonathan Reid
This may sound crazy, but this reminds me of cream soda - now grant I have Celiac Disease so my taste is slanted. My favorite tea-I brew it, then stick it in the refrigerator for iced tea - yummy. –Tamara Reeger
I received a sample when I ordered the Tuffy Tea Steeper...so different, so delicious. It is officially added to my list! –Linda Povlock
This is a favorite tea of mine. Especially with hot cinnamon rolls, fresh out of the oven. –Kristina Rhodes
I have tried a lot of different Roobios teas. This honestly has to be the worst tea I have ever tried. –Dennis McCoy
this now one of my favorites. they sent me a free sample, noe I am ordering it. Smells as greatas it taste. –Susan Samuelson