Rosebuds & Petals Tea

Floral & Tranquil  

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A full rosy taste and aroma match the visual beauty of these Moroccan rosebuds & petals! This soothing herbal tea consists purely of rose buds and petals. Brewing offers a flowery aroma, a light sweet taste, and a golden infusion. Roses are thought to improve digestion, blood circulation, nourish the skin, and uplift moods. This caffeine-free tea is an excellent refresher, with calming qualities to elevate your day.


  • Premium rosebuds & rose petals
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Bulk 1/8 LB ~ 40 servings
  • Bulk 1/2 LB ~ 150 servings
  • 100% Naturally Caffeine-Free

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
6-7 min
Per 8 oz. water


  • Anti-anxiety & Anti-depression Aromatherapy
  • Improves digestion
  • Aids in blood circulation
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    The roses I received were delicate and sweet smelling. They worked perfectly in a wreath I made. The tea was very good and soothing to my throat after a recent surgery. I was pleased with my purchase!—Connie
    My introduction to this tea came via Meditative Mind. Now I'm hooked on it and have a subscription. This tea presents beautifully--the look, the aroma and its incredible delicate rose taste. I usually don't add sweeteners to my tea, but I love this tea both ways. Lately, I've been adding a touch of organic agave nectar to the tea (only to the point that I can barely notice that it's been sweetened). I drink it hot.—SamuraiTeaLover
    Got this tea for a Valentines celebration with some friends. Had a very nice light floral tone with a unique light and sweet aftertaste. We prepared this hot with no sweeter which was nice, soothing. Also iced brewed it which provided a very crisp tasting floral note with a smooth finish. This would be paired very nicely with a fruity peach, or raspberry or other fruit for a warm or iced cup of tea or just by itself for a very relaxing blend. I will definitely be getting this again in the future. —Nina
    This is a lovely, aromatic tea. I particularly like it with Jasmine pearls - a great afternoon relaxing tea.—Sarah DV
    The rosebuds have a good flavor, but they're not nearly the prettiest I've ever seen. It's about half rosebuds and half flaked off, crushed pieces and bits. If you want to serve this tea on show, you can pretty easily sift out the full buds with your hands. The taste is lovely and sweet, and can be light or heavy depending on how strong you want it. I drink it plain, or blended with a simpler green tea like the Mao Jian Jade Tips (my favorite 'plain' green tea). It's a great infusion for spring and summer.—Szwik
    I gave up soda and have been looking for drink alternatives since then. I was not a big tea drinker. However, this tea smells wonderful and has a mild taste that is enjoyable. This is definitely an alternative to soda for me.—Givingupsoda
    I bought this tea on a whim because I've always enjoyed meditative mind, what an awesome whim! It took me a little while to figure out how to brew it, but it's a subtle sweet way to end my days. It doesn't speak to me as much cold as it does hot.—iswimlikeafish
    This delicate tea is nice to add to another for the aromatic and delicate flavors it adds. I have added it to peppermint and boy did it add to the flavor. Today I am trying it with Monkey Picked White. I will try it alone soon and see if I like it that way :) as I love roses. This will be one I will always have on hand —D McCraw
    I love the smell of this tea. I let my toddler try it and all she wanted to do was smell it at first! Mild, sweet, and relaxing. It's an all around pleasant experience.—Kkat
    When I need to unwind and relax this is the tea I reach for. It has mellow flavor and a mellowing effect. Puts you in the calm of a rose garden. —Ladybug
    I received this tea just the other day, I was so excited to try it that I went home for lunch to check the mail and bring the tea back to work with me! This really does the trick in a stressful environment. Soothed my nerves instantly! And it tastes great!—Sarah
    This brews up a golden yellow that reminds me of Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow in its color. It smells absolutely floral and has a VERY delicate, smooth, mildly buttery floral flavor. I would recommend this brew as an iced brew because with the absolutely smallest touch of sweetener drinking this ice cold would be intensely refreshing and wonderful. I also think this makes a great buy to put the buds into other teas and make a combination all of your own. —Umbreona
    A gorgeous aromatic tea; just smelling it steeping in the pot is relaxing. Drinking it is bliss! A delicate but delicious taste that I find myself craving -- good on it's own or added to other teas. I have found my new favourite tea!—Michelle Rowsell
    I love to add two or three of these rosebuds to New Moon Darjeeling or Twisted Green Spears. It's interesting and delicious on its own, but outstanding mixed with other tea. It may be my favorite tea buy of the year.—Kristina