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I love to add two or three of these rosebuds to New Moon Darjeeling or Twisted Green Spears. It's interesting and delicious on its own, but outstanding mixed with other tea. It may be my favorite tea buy of the year. –Kristina
This brews up a golden yellow that reminds me of Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow in its color. It smells absolutely floral and has a VERY delicate, smooth, mildly buttery floral flavor. I would recommend this brew as an iced brew because with the absolutely smallest touch of sweetener drinking this ice cold would be intensely refreshing and wonderful. I also think this makes a great buy to put the buds into other teas and make a combination all of your own.  –Umbreona
A gorgeous aromatic tea; just smelling it steeping in the pot is relaxing. Drinking it is bliss! A delicate but delicious taste that I find myself craving -- good on it's own or added to other teas. I have found my new favourite tea! –Michelle Rowsell