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Since sencha was my first love with green teas over 12 years ago, I'm always excited to try new varieties. This lived up to my expectations... grassy, bright, light texture, with a sweet after taste. You've got a new fan! –Jillian Pratt
This makes the perfect cold-brewed iced tea. I put 4 TBS of the leaves into a quart pitcher with mineral water. Let it stand @ room temp overnight. Then chill for 2+ hours. Clear, beautiful green color. And... best of all, it's totally delicious. –Boulderbikerchick
Sencha tends to be a very delicious tea with a wonderful fragrance and wonderfully sweet aftertaste. This Sencha is top of the line. It smells absolutely wonderful from the moment you open the package to the last drop in your cup. It has a nice green flavor in the body which is strong but not overpowering and a very sweet and refreshing aftertaste. If you like Green Tea I highly recommend you make this your new staple. –Umbreona
This is the first time I've ordered Sencha from The Tea Spot. It is fantastic. Has a great vegetal aroma, and the taste holds easily after steeping two or three times. The flavor is a bit more sweet than others I've tried, and doesn't have the bitterness. I highly recommend this Sencha. I have a new favorite. –David LoConto
I liked this. Nice alternative to the tea produced in Japan. A bit milder from what I recall but nice. Will order this one again. –Joseph C Rogers Rogers