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The emperor of green teas, hand picked, deep steamed, and carefully dried right after harvesting, in traditional Japanese style. This organic sencha tea will make any day feel like a beautiful spring day. A delicately sweet, herbaceous aroma emanates from the long, flat, naturally dark emerald tea leaves. The medium-light body of its infusion results in a slightly sweet flavor that endures long after you’re done sipping the tea. It is subtly balanced, sweet and salty, with a flavor profile reminiscent of fresh cut grass and seaweed. Sencha is a steamed tea, made from freshly picked leaves, and is therefore rich in Vitamin C. This is a perfect green tea to drink in the afternoon, as the tasting experience will make you feel simultaneously relaxed and refreshed. For added value and enjoyment, the flavor profile remains consistent for three infusions.


  • 100% Organic Sencha Green Tea
  • Origin: China (Japanese style)
  • Sample ~ 5 servings
  • Tin 2.75 oz ~ 35 servings
  • Bulk 1/4 LB ~ 50 servings
  • Bulk 1 LB ~ 220 servings
  • Caffeine: Medium

Alternatively, try our Sencha tea sachets.

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Steeping Guide
1 tsp
2-3 min
Per 8 oz. water

Green Tea

  • Uplifiting, Increases Mental Awareness and Focus
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Increases Endurance
  • Increases Metabolism and Helps with Weight Loss
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free

  • Green tea is rich in powerful antioxidants, and has been known to fight viruses and slow aging. Green tea aids in weight loss, reduces "bad" cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and is also associated with the prevention of cancer. Green tea is widely used as a natural preservative in food and cosmetics. It even looks fresh and healthy! Green helps overweight people shed excess fat without side effects. It may help modulate calorie and fat burning through the sympathetic nervous system, the adrenal glands and specific nerve chemicals. Green tea shows fat-burning properties beyond those explained by its caffeine content.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Love the fresh taste and aroma of Organic Sencha Green. Most times I mix it with Ginger leaf tea, peppermint and other flavors.—Green Sllencha
    I use this as my everyday tea. I prefer its grassy fragrance to the other greens, and it's quite affordable given the high quality. I sometimes add other teas to it as "accents" - iron goddess, pu ehr, genmaicha. —dale
    My husband's favorite. He's been drinking it for years. We are always impressed with the quality and freshness of every order. Excellent tea! Definitely grassy and a true "green" flavor.—Nan
    Method: Brewed and steeped using tap water and heated using a Bonavita electric tea kettle. Water temperature was just at boiling around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in ceramic 12 ounce coffee cup. One heaping teaspoon of tea leaves were steeped using a metal, mesh tea infuser and the hot water was poured around the tea leaves in a circular path around the sides of the tea infuser. Tea leaves (not rinsed) were brewed for approximately four minutes. No sugar, lemon, cream, or alternative sweeteners were added to hot tea after the steeping (not needed and not preferred by me). Brewed tea was not filtered after steeping. Appearance: Tea leaves unfurled beautifully and elegantly in the cup. Some bubbles seen, but nothing foamy. Color was a green-yellow with more emphasis on the yellow side of the spectrum. Clarity was translucent with some particulate. Turbidity was light. Overall a pleasing, spring like appearance to finished tea brew. Aroma: A light vegetal aroma starts the nose with a crescendo of unripe lemon to citrus pith following immediately. Towards the end of the nose, a departing nuttiness and a passing creaminess ended the experience. The nut/cream aroma was similar to macadamia nuts. Tea leaf aroma was earthy. Overall the aroma was reminiscent of the spring season transitioning to summer and brightened my cool, winter evening. Taste: Grassy, earthy, with a touch of citrus were evident on the palette. Body of tea was medium. Due to an extended brew time, the tea had a roughness (dryness), yet this did not debilitate the tea. Instead the roughness provided some structure to an otherwise average cup of tea. Pairings for this tea with food include: green onion broth with udon noodles, roasted green bell pepper pesto with chicken, or kiwi-honeydew melon sorbet. Overall: This particular Sencha Organic green tea is better than the boxed and bagged stuff at the store due to its depth of brewed character. The tea's aroma especially emphasizes this as well as the apparent yellowish-green hue of the tea. Taste is slightly above average with an assist by the lemongrass tasting notes. If you are introducing yourself into the world of loose-leaf green teas, this Sencha is a good start as the the tea is neither too intimidating or subtle in introducing new tea aromas, colors, or tastes.—Trent
    I have a lot of flavored green teas and was looking for an unflavored variety. I tried the Organic Green Tea Sampler and really liked the smooth, light flavor of this Sencha. I steep for 3 minutes at 175 degrees. There is no bitterness and I can steep several times.—Debbie
    Now that I have taken up the civilized art of brewing loose leaf Green Tea--in the process of finally transitioning from espresso coffee to tea--I am pleased to have found The Tea Spot! Their organic Sencha and Gyokuro teas are surprisingly inexpensive, especially considering their excellent taste and color. I have just placed my second order for both Sencha (for everyday) and Gyokuro (for afternoon breaks in the easy chair) and expect to purchase all my tea from The Tea Spot. BTW, shipping is quick, and if you have any questions, they email back almost immediately. Good show!—Saul
    I have been a Sencha tea drinker for years and years. My favorite Sencha is sometimes called "premium". As Sunchas go, it is fairly expensive. Most good Senchas available are not even close in flavor. They are good, but not excellent. This Sencha, to me, is excellent. It is greener, cut longer and has excellent flavor. I tried "The Tea Spot's" version on a lark as my Premium tea is no longer available. I am now a convert. This tea, as I said, is excellent and is sold at a very fair price. I highly recommend it.—Dave Wolff
    I recently got this in the Green Tea Sampler set. This is another one of the set that I will be ordering again! I love the grassy scent and smooth flavor. This will become my morning tea!—Kathy
    Absolutely love the grassy scent and mostly smooth flavor of this tea. I pair it with the rose buds and it adds a wonderful relaxing scent. I had purchased the combination originally from a Chinese store in Canada and longed for a replacement I could readily order without having to physically visit a store and found the Sencha and the rose buds at The Tea Spot. I will be ordering more soon! Have steeped multiple times so that works out VERY well for me. First steep is at ~175 degrees, for approx 1 minute. Second at ~200 degrees for ~1.5 to 2 minutes. Third at ~200 degrees for 2 minutes, etc. Great flavor and strength even at third steep and after.—Sencha
    Very smooth. I steep for 4 minutes and still get 2 cups out of the leaves. This has become my Saturday morning fave! —Jprice
    This tea has a lovely aroma and nicely balanced flavor. —Sailtracysail
    I've had sencha in bags before and wasn't so sure about it, but getting this loose leaf sencha was a whole different story! It grew on me over time and now I can't do without it. Very refreshing, nice taste. Good tea to drink while working.—Sam
    Staple tea that brews cold or hot equally perfect. Mix with a hint of jasmine petals to get the best brew ever. An equalizer of mind & body.—Kindness
    I fiddled and fiddled with this tea for months, trying to make it work to my taste (bred on my second home, Seattle's, great Asian greasy spoon sushi and teriyaki joints, where the sencha is very hot, vibrantly grassy, fresh, and alive. Perhaps you just get fresher product at Asian establishments that can speak the language, know their sources, and don't worry about the organic part of it. I was initially very disappointed with this tea, but didn't want to write a bad review. So I kept plodding along with it, tweaking what variables I could to see if I could make the drinking of it not such a chore. For my rural peasant taste, I have found that using twice the recommended amount and brewing for longer time periods does help. Of course there's a fine line between the sweeter notes you get from longer brewing time and bitterness. If you can hit it just right, this tea is pleasant enough. It is smooth and unassuming. It does its job and no more. I miss the full-on grassy vitality I expect of fresh sencha but I'm okay with this version. The second infusion is all right but I wouldn't bother with a third. For a more satisfying "basic" organic green drinking tea, I would recommend the Tea Spot's Jade Tips Mao Jian. —Sophie
    This tea was wonderful. I drink it hot and it is one I will definitely order again. Love that it is organic and well-priced. Highly recommend!—Michelle
    My first impression with this tea is that is smells like fresh cut alfalfa hay. The flavor is very fresh, light and perfect. A great quality tea—Monica
    An excellent quality sencha for the price.—J.Kilde
    Love the undertones in this tea. The level of sweetness is ever so subtle and sipping it can definitely allow you take a deep breath and just relax. I prefer most green teas hot, so that's definitely what I recommend here. Just fantastic!—Randi
    I didn't think of myself as a fan of green tea but Sencha has changed my mind. Right now I am enjoying it iced in the morning. I put two heaping tsp in my Tea Spot steeping mug and then I pour into a large 24 oz container filled with ice. It's the perfect bitterness, ice cold, and smooth. This is a tea I will order again.—Janice
    Very nice full body tea goes well with just about anything!!—TeaMan
    I like this tea, it has a very light refreshing taste.—Irv
    I have to always keep this tea on hand to make with dinner or afternoon snacks. It's flavor is almost umami, and it goes amazing with stirfry or miso potato soup. When I want an unflavored green tea, this is what I drink.—Kyra
    This is THEE green tea IMHO. Straight up green, no extra flavors. It's been very consistent from The Tea Spot and priced well. I've been purchasing it for a good 4 or 5 years now. Occasionally I shop around both within The Tea Spot and outside... I've always come back to this classic perfect green tea. Thanks!! —TombTea
    I love sencha tea, but I found this to be far too mild to the point of bland. The dragonwell and Mao Jian Jade tips are much more flavorful. —Corey
    I liked this. Nice alternative to the tea produced in Japan. A bit milder from what I recall but nice. Will order this one again.—Joseph C Rogers Rogers
    Sencha tends to be a very delicious tea with a wonderful fragrance and wonderfully sweet aftertaste. This Sencha is top of the line. It smells absolutely wonderful from the moment you open the package to the last drop in your cup. It has a nice green flavor in the body which is strong but not overpowering and a very sweet and refreshing aftertaste. If you like Green Tea I highly recommend you make this your new staple.—Umbreona
    This is the first time I've ordered Sencha from The Tea Spot. It is fantastic. Has a great vegetal aroma, and the taste holds easily after steeping two or three times. The flavor is a bit more sweet than others I've tried, and doesn't have the bitterness. I highly recommend this Sencha. I have a new favorite.—David LoConto
    Since sencha was my first love with green teas over 12 years ago, I'm always excited to try new varieties. This lived up to my expectations... grassy, bright, light texture, with a sweet after taste. You've got a new fan!—Jillian Pratt
    This makes the perfect cold-brewed iced tea. I put 4 TBS of the leaves into a quart pitcher with mineral water. Let it stand @ room temp overnight. Then chill for 2+ hours. Clear, beautiful green color. And... best of all, it's totally delicious.—Boulderbikerchick