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This collection makes a great gourmet tea gift for the health-conscious. Each flavor is packed in an air-tight tin, with an inner lid to keep them fresh. My favorite one is the Coconut Cabana Oolong, which I reach for every time Iím seeking a moment of peace for myself. It can truly transform the moment for me in a busy household. Thank you Tea Spot! –Bethany Thompson
When I first got this beautifully packaged sampler, I was a bit disappointed with the Breakfast tea and the Earl Grey, because the flavors were quite different than what I expected. But once I let go of what I thought those teas should taste like, I began to truly enjoy the experience. The leaves and the flavors are all beautiful. I donít think iíll ever buy tea bags again. And besides, refilling these tins is even cheaper. –Sarah Nevins
If you canít decide which Tea Spot tin to buy, get this collection. All the colors and designs look so good together, and the variety of tea types and range of tastes are great! For the lighter tasting teas like Meditative Mind and Boulder Blues, filtered water is a must. This is THE perfect gift for any tea drinker - any time of year! –Amy B.