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I love all teas from the teaspot but this one. It taste as if someone put out a fire with water and used that water to drink. Smells like smoke. And taste like it too. –Melissa Valentin
Wen I opened this tea, I knew it was for me. The first smell reminds me of taking a sauna. The smokiness is the perfect balance with the lapsang. It has a wonderful mellow smoke that lingers in your mouth and just a hint of a good burn on the way down. If you enjoy the smell of campfire, outdoors and boldness of a tea, this is for you. I absolutely enjoy this cup! –Nick Johnson
I received this as a sample after correctly answering a Tea Trivia question on Facebook. I love the smoky smell it has as you open it, and drinking it really reminds me of sitting by a wood-fire on cold winter mornings in the mountains. Though, I'm in Iowa, far away from anything resembling a mountain. Anyway, it is PERFECT to wake up with! –Lara Shema