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Borosilicate Glass & Freezer Core  

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A necessity for iced tea lovers year-round, this iced tea maker allows you to make and serve fresh, premium iced tea without diluting its flavor. The modern iced-tea pitcher features a borosilicate glass body, large-volume loose leaf infuser, and a solid ice freezer core. You can now make gourmet iced tea with ease. After refrigerating the fresh tea in the same pitcher, its solid ice tube freezer core keeps beverages cold for hours without diluting them. The Steep & Chill makes 1 quart (32 oz) of gourmet iced tea. Also perfect for making cold brew teas and spa water infused with fruits and herbs.


  • Borosilicate glass iced tea pitcher
  • Large volume loose leaf infuser
  • Solid ice tube freezer core
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Makes 1 quart (32 oz) iced tea

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Learn how to cold brew tea.

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I love my new Steep & Chill, with Red Rocks and a little honey its the best iced tea I've ever drank. Just wanted to say thanks for the great steep ware & tea.—Scott Cooper
Ideal for steeping (as recommended) over night. My favorite to date is strawberry tea, made extra strong, then mixed with lemonade the next day. Perfect summer drink that's not too sweet.—Mallow
I purchased one of these (orange) many years ago. I think when it was invented! Still going strong, I've never had a problem with the container, even after hundreds of uses. I don't own a dishwasher, but hand-washing does a good job. Sometimes cleaning out the tea cylinder, all the tea doesn't rinse out, but getting a bottle brush that fits, helps much. I like brewing a blend of scant amount of Blood Orange Smoothie, majority of Keep Fit (lemongrass ingredient, so I don't need to add lemon) & 7AM, with Moroccan Mint. Some particles float into the glass, but so what - your guests know they are getting the real thing and not some commercial mix...I haven't croaked yet!—TOM
I absolutely love this Steep & Chill. I looked for months to make sure I was getting the best product. I read the previous reviews about the holes being too big for the loose leaf tea. However, there was a review that said use tea bags. So, I ordered the big tea bags and I love it. No mess and can use my bag at least twice. I only need to use 1 tea bag each time. It's a great product. I would highly recommend!—Cyn
It has been so warm lately where I live and Steep and Chill is a life save.I can make the tea the night before and have a cool glass when I wake up,so perfect.—DangerousReader23
I love my Steep & Chill and use it almost daily. However, it does come with one flaw and it is that the infusers holes are too large for most loose leaf teas. However, there are workarounds. I usually steep the tea in the kettle with a floating infuser and then pour the finished product into the pitcher to cool. Defeats the "Steep" part of Steep & Chill, but it's still a very stylish iced-tea pitcher, especially at this price.—CToT
There is a flaw in the design of this decanter. The tea infuser has holes large enough to go right through it. The iced tea was a mess with floating tea leaves. I might as well poured the leaves right into the water. This flaw results in having to strain your tea after steaping it, causing you to use two pitchers, this one and the one you need to pour into. I'm very upset I paid so much money for a plain pitcher.—Sc
I love the Steep & Chill, it is the perfect size and makes great tasting ice tea. Kimberly—Kimberly
wow, what a disappointment the steep and chill is. for starters, made my first rooibois iced tea -- and most of the tea came out into the brew. it was not contained by the leaf infuser. i may as well throw tea leaves into my pyrex and strain them out by hand. also, i have a normal-sized dishwasher. this doesn't fit on the top rack, and it feels far too delicate to put on the bottom rack, so for all intents and purposes, this is a handwash only item, not a dishwasher safe item. for the same amount of money, i could buy a french press and essentially make tea with less fuss and mess than this colossal waste of money. VERY DISAPPOINTED.—sher
I love my steep & chill. Just wish it cane in a bigger size! —Angie
For the ice core, I've been crushing ice from our fridge's dispenser, to load up the core. That way, I can make multiple pots in a day (usually two). I, too, would like to see a 2-quart version of this product at some point, since I almost always go through that much tea in a day, for my household. It would help if we could buy extra cores to actually freeze and keep on hand. That way, I could get the full benefit of the solidly-frozen ice, over the crushed ice, which melts down faster--losing its cooling qualities just that fast. My pot never makes it to the fridge before the ice goes in. However, it sits in front of the window AC, which cools it down enough that adding the ice core is pretty efficient. Then I serve the tea over ice (or in my case, over plastic ice cubes fresh from the freezer, since our water is too full of manganese to work well for regular ice cubes in drinks--yuck). At any rate, I gave the product an EXCELLENT rating. It's the handiest tea maker I've ever had, and I love it!—Linda Wingfield
Absolutely love love love this product!!! Again, the only downfall to it is that it's not a gallon or two bigger :) I have used it mostly for Blood Orange Smoothie, and since it does have tiny pieces in it, they do sometimes escape into the tea. But, this is quickly remedied by the strainer that is also built into the lid - it keeps most of the small pieces out of the cup. I haven't had to use the ice core yet, just because I keep it in the fridge all the time. My 5 year old daughter loves the tea, and she likes to help me make it to put in the pitcher. It's nice having something to get her excited about drinking tea that's actually good for her! Also, when I have company, bringing out my steep & chill is a good conversation piece - especially after they taste the tea!—Katrena
Great product - you can read my detailed review here. —April Hargraves
First, for those who wonder you steep the hot water and tea inside the Steep & Chill and then once it cools a bit you put it into the fridge. The Steep & Chill looks absolutely lovely. It is a work of art which will impress your guests and wow your friends when you bring it out. Its internal ice core is simple with no chemicals and works perfectly to keep your tea cold without diluting it. The glass main body is fairly strong and does not shatter due to temperature changes. The ONLY thing bad about this little beauty is that it only holds around 32 oz. or so. I wish it was bigger because the only way to make this better is to have more of it. In short: It works wonderfully, is pretty tough, looks beautiful, and does not taint any of your tea.—Umbreona
Really great iced tea - so agree it would be nice if it were larger. Great for full leaf teas, but Boulder Blue pieces go through the holes in the steeping cone.—Jan Walsworth
Iced Mango Tango is the most refreshing iced tea I've ever had!—Jenny