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Such a nifty little device. I made my first brew with Earl of Gray and it was fantastic. So convenient to have iced tea on the go and not having it spill all over my car. –Michelle B
Absolutely OBSESSED with my Steep & Go! I've been cold brewing everything in sight (whites, greens, oolongs, and herbals are best) and am having a ball. I had this with me at the farmer's market this weekend and was constantly getting stopped & asked "what IS that?!" Love, love, love it –Katie
I'd like to love it -- the concept is fantastic, and I actually ordered two the day they were made available. Unfortunately, I can't find a bottle that fits. I've tried Dasani, Fiji, and Aquafina, and the small side of the ring "sort of" screws on, but not evenly, and every time I try to take a sip, I have to put up with spilling tea down the front of my shirt.

The concept, however, is brilliant; the long steeper tube keeps the leaves from clogging up the neck of the bottle.

I'm also a little uncomfortable with buying so much bottled water. In a future incarnation, or if they ever decide to come out with alternative adapters, I hope they can make a deal with Camelback or some other sports bottle manufacturer. That would be killer. –Rae
I have been using the Steep & Go everyday for the past two weeks. I love it! I got a 1L Dasani bottle (that I wash and re-use to save resources, of course) and it works perfectly.

I have been using Organic Sencha Green Tea, Peppermint, Lemon Drop, Strawberry fields, and combinations of all those (my favorite so far is Sencha + Lemon Drop).

It makes perfectly delicious, non-bitter tea and makes it fun to stay hydrated, plus I've gotten a ton of comments on it! –Bonnie S.
I just got this. I had the same problem as Rae did. (spilling down my shirt) I review the opening again, and find that I had some tea leaves in the groove of the Dasani opening. I remove it with a paper towel, re screw the adapter to it. It fit better but find the leak to be from the upper ring not from the bottom. My hubby pushed the top up more then I did. I did not any leaks at all. Plus I can more flow while drinking. I really this due I can make cold tea for just me instead of a big pitcher. I am glad I purchase this –Marie
Anyone having trouble with the fit needs to get a Dasani bottle and problem will be solved. I love that the beauty of the tea is seen because it remains in the bottle...So far I have tried a loose tea that features Darjeeling, peach and jasmine and the flavor came out beautifully, even with the cold brewing. Great product! –Linda Povlock
I bought this for a friend who drinks a lot of loose-leaf tea. I was really excited about the product. However, we have had a hard time finding a water bottle that the adapter fits on. We spent more than ten minutes at Target trying the adapter on every water bottle we could find.
Plus, we don't buy bottled water, so she'll have to reuse a disposable bottle. I would love it if you made a reusable water bottle for this product! Or, if you partnered with an existing water bottle company to make their water bottles adaptable. Other than that, I love this product! It's such a great idea. –Katelyn
I'm not sure where some folks who commented below find Dasani bottles that don't leak, but please share. The product is a great concept, but is pretty much a waste without a bottle that won't leak. VERY dissapointed. –Jan Walsworth
I too am loving this product. I first put it on a Coke bottle and it fit well with no leaking. I would love it to fit on a non-disposable bottle as well. It would be great if this became available.... –Kristin Viren
I adore this product. I have wanted one for some time and just recently got it. You do need to use a pretty good amount of loose tea in the bottle, but I can get 3-4 bottles of tea from each tablespoon of loose tea. I do wish this fit on a reuseable water bottle. It does not fit on the one I have now, but I am going to keep looking. –Danielle Housenick
My health conscious and environmentally responsible son would love this product. However, i dont buy bottled water, as we use non-disposable, reusable water bottles. i agree with the suggestions to make a reusable (& BPA free) bottle to pair with this prodict. When/If that becomes available, I'll place an order for two. Seems most customers want that, so im hopeful that you'll be able to make that a reality in the near future. –Mary Albrecht